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Drawing on Images

Drawing on images creates an intersection between reality and the imaginative reality of artists. The results of mixing drawn images and photos provides the viewer with insight into a creative, unseen world, and can either be a light-hearted and fun addition to an image, or an elegant touch. 54 fler ord


Put your head down...

And grind it out! Any obstacle that’s in your way or bothering you… I know you can get through it.

It’s hard to do it alone.  25 fler ord


Simply the Vessel

I am simply the vessel

Which holds and releases the living water.

I am not the water

Nor do I have the ability to

Quench thirsty souls. 136 fler ord


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Photography Logo

I think this is a fantastic logo! It’s creative but has a really clean, even look to it. I really like the complimenting color scheme, and that the colors aren’t all over the place. 73 fler ord



This image expressed the feeling of colors. This image looks very harmonious. The designer only used 8 basic colors to make it. I love the colors in sky-red, pink and orange. 60 fler ord


Reflection- KyleZima

A reflection of the poem ‘Murderer by J. Cassidy’ which throughout represents the emotion of guilt and fear as a mere temporary state. 

The feeling of guilt portrayed by the criminal Celeste’s father is one represented by ‘expression’, however Celeste does not nurture hatred for her father and his criminal actions but rather, she feels sympathetic and that’s why during this small segment we understand that the system ‘KyleZima’ is rather less crucial than death itself.  197 fler ord