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A picture says it all

What has become of this world?

If a picture isn’t taken, it’s as if like the moment has never happened to you. I have read somewhere that in the best of times you forget to take pictures. 140 fler ord


Denzel Washington - Inspirational speech

I was flunking out of college.  I had a 1.7 grade point average.  I hope none of you can relate , I was seating in my mother’s beauty shop , and I am looking in the mirror and I see behind me this woman under the dryer  and every time she looked up , everytime I looked up she was looking at me , just looking at me in the eye .  459 fler ord


Positivity Press #40

link to my blog is where i post all thing lifestyle and mental health


If you want to share positivity here at The Positivity Press… 17 fler ord


Winter’s day

A great example of a late Victorian Queenslander house, nestled among palm trees.

This single storey detached timber home with corrugated iron roof has so far escaped the trend of jacking them up to provide a second story underneath, like the ones shown below.


What Comes After 'The End'?

A few weeks ago I finished a story. It ran around 7600 words and took several weeks for me to complete. At last, the job was done and I sent the finished story off to my editor. 461 fler ord