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Turn Your Dreams to Reality Through Six Steps (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sam Sanderson

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Auto suggestion is a powerful principle that can be used to feed your subconscious mind with the proper fuel it needs to help you reach your greatest dreams and desires. 389 fler ord


Flying Away

From Porpoise Bay to Nanoose Bay – twenty minutes.  It would have taken us at least five hours by ferry.  Worth the extra money to arrive rested and unfrazzled, that’s for sure.

Living Simply

DRIVING LIFE: A Lesson From An Automatic Car

Did you know that we drive our lives? You should be knowing by now or you should know by the end of this article. Our lives are nothing but vehicles that we drive from a different destination to another making several decisions as we are totally in control. 404 fler ord

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The Path Unknown

The Path Unknown

There was a road I longed to tread, with

Rotten leaves and words unsaid.

Unknown to all where this path leads,

Sanguine I stay, must trust my creed. 33 fler ord

Daily Prompt

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5 foods I've banned from my life for good


While this is a required beverage for most, I find that it is not a nutrient and does not add anything to my diet. I enjoy being waking up in the morning without it and not having to rely on it. 226 fler ord



By:Ariana S.

This past weekend I took a trip to NY to celebrate my best friend’s 21st.It was honestly the best weekend I’ve had in months. 880 fler ord