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Living Tiny: concept to reality

This 160 square feet tiny house was created by Getaway for folks looking to escape the digital grind and test-drive tiny house living.

Founded by the  131 fler ord


Heart of the SoMoToHo - The Kitchen - Part One of Many

Historically, fire considerations dictated that the kitchen be separated from living quarters. The picture above shows cooking facilities in the Valley of the Kings, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. 548 fler ord



“ ….it was a dark and stormy night 

the wind it was a blowing, 

the witches were abroad with 

their knowledge and their knowing…….” 

OK., so it’s not that scary a story, but potential designers in Australia need to take heed of a report that first came to light in a discussion paper by the industrial and graphic designer David Robertson LFDIA. 402 fler ord