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The Harvey’s furniture & Bensons for Beds showcase 2018

They say the average person redecorates their home every ten years, a common problem most would face is co-ordinating furniture with the new colour scheme… 580 fler ord


Using Blown-In Insulation Material In Your Home

Most brand new houses today are being built with high standards for energy efficiency. Although, it isn’t really the case for older homes. The most effective thing you’re able to do to make your home very energy efficient is to add insulation. 20 fler ord

Interior Design

Optimal skin pro cleanser granules (ESPA), teal, gold and black acrylic abstract painting

So I experimented with recycling some old ESPA Optimal skin pro cleanser as a textured base to this painting. It makes it smell of bergomot or something citrus-y.  190 fler ord

Artist Using Recycled Materials

The Characteristics You Must Possess to Succeed as a Business Coach

If you love helping others, you may want to think about becoming a business coach. It’s a business that you can run from almost anywhere, and it can be really satisfying and challenging. 30 fler ord

Interior Design

Project proposal poster

A collection of images, sections and plans to give an overall feel of the space and design of the proposed skincare brands retail store.