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For my future... Christmas Baking!

Hey guys!

So it’s coming up to Christmas, and at this time of year I have to try my very best to resist buying all the lovely new Christmas decorations that come out, and just keep telling myself that it’s not like I’m going to use them this year, so just wait for the January sales! 249 fler ord


Oh hello marble

Isn’t it that marble is always in fashion? I remember I didn’t use to like it but boy how much I love it now! Sometimes I think it might look little cold though, but for right amounts and in right places it makes your home look elegant, fresh and bright. 71 fler ord


H&M Home Christmas Trends

With less than a month to Christmas I think it is officially okay to start decorating! I saw H&M Home stock up with their Christmas decorations already in October but I have managed to keep myself from buying anything until now when I feel that Christmas is actually almost here. 13 fler ord

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Modern Wicker

The beauty of adding a natural material like wicker into your home is the warmth and integrity it brings. The woven basket is so versatile, adding texture and that human element that can make a house a home. 167 fler ord

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Daylight has Four important facets, the illuminance, warmth, colour and the variability. Each of these becomes a key issue for… 980 fler ord

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