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The Roman Folding Chair

The roman folding stool was often made of wood but sometimes it was built with bronze. Its curved legs could be either straight or curved. Sometimes it had animal feet and sometimes it did not. 24 fler ord

Have A Seat

Geometric Whites

Today, I was inspired by one of our pieces, our Open cage metal table lamp that made me start thinking about the very popular Geometric trend.  299 fler ord

Home Decor

Main Floor Gray Paint & My Wall Of Shame

I like before pictures but I like to have an after of some sort to follow.

In my head if I have some sort of after to follow I feel relieved because… 258 fler ord



I love accent chairs. They can be quirky, colourful, oversized or sophisticated. So what is an accent chair? An accent chair is a single chair which is strategically placed to complement the existing seating. 227 fler ord

Interior Design

Interiors Colour Trends 2015: Blush Pink

The world has been in love with rose gold for a couple of years now. Where jewellery went, interiors followed and although slightly more elusive (and luxurious) than its copper counterpart, rose gold has taken centre stage. 139 fler ord