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Textured White Ceiling Tile

ARMSTRONG Pinehurst Textured White 12″ x 12″ Tile

Nothing quite conveys the feeling of Spanish stucco plaster like the look of the swipe of a mason’s trowel. 32 fler ord

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Circles Tin/Metal Ceiling

ARMSTRONG Circles Tin/Metal White 12″ x 12″ Tile

This 12” x 12” decorative tile is a larger version of our TinTile tile. Tin Look Circles decorative tiles create a sweeping visual of one of the most popular ceiling patterns ever. 24 fler ord

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Drop Ceiling Panels

ARMSTRONG Cascade Patterned White 2′ x 2′ Drop Ceiling Panel

This three-dimensional tile will bring your room to a whole other visual level. With its tegular edge and cascading visual, our 24″ x 24″ HomeStyle Cascade ceiling tile stands out above the rest. 9 fler ord

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Coir – fibres from the miracle coconut

People have been harvesting coir since ancient times. In days gone past, these strong fibres were the raw material for ships’ ropes across much of southern Asia. 347 fler ord

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Ceiling Plank

Country Classic Plank Wood White 6″ x 48″ Plank

The visual of our 6” X 48” HomeStyle Country Classic Ceiling Plank provides an amazing country rustic look. 36 fler ord

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I just bought a desk

Gees, I’m becoming more and more like a real grown-up! I think Tom’s proud of me – I told him I bought a desk and I got a condescending head pat; his way of saying ‘well done little one.’ I found this beaut at @Home and I’m pretty happy with it. 269 fler ord


Experiencing the Benefits That Interior Designers Manchester Have To Offer

Inhouse Interiors consist of the best Interior Designers Manchester. Therefore, if you take on their services you can look forward to a complete transformation of your home. 381 fler ord

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