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Elevated Decor© w pigułce

Jak wiadomo, nic nie dzieje się bez przyczyny. Takie właśnie odnoszę wrażenie, gdy rozważam powstanie Elevated Decor©. Czy to przedsięwzięcie można zawdzięczać  jedynie mojej wieloletniej pasji do projektowania wnętrz? 288 fler ord


Workshop (part-1) : Wood

To be a successful interior designer there are many skills that one should have, which could be related to sketching, mapping, site analysis, sence of space, model making, material knowledge etc. 473 fler ord


Inspired by Charm

Former innkeeper Michael Wurm, Jr. shares lessons learned from bed and breakfast life — creative ideas for your home, delicious meals, party and holiday tips, and more.


Hide and Seek Cupboards

This is the house of Danis architect Pernille Arends. She renovated this house, built in the fifties by Flemming Lassen (brother of Mogens Lassen), faithful to its roots, as much as she could. 82 fler ord

Børge Mogensen

Dream Space

Ciao! It’s Chams. Welcome back to my blog!

Lately, I was a bit busy and wasn’t able to be on track with my blog post schedule, but I’m back since I have plenty of time off from my job (Yes! 843 fler ord