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My Floral Affair by Rachel Ashwell

CICO Books sent me a copy of My Floral Affair in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and from the heart. 

If we ever have a backyard where we can actually grow anything, I would love to plant a lush cutting garden and create fanciful arrangements of fresh flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes (especially fluffy peonies, also said to be Meghan Markle’s favourite) for every room of the house. 238 fler ord

Book Reviews

Week 1

It’s been a wild, emotional, wet, moldy week in Friendswood.  The beginning is always hard.  It’s dirty and messy and man, in this case, it smells really bad too.  40 fler ord


Uniquely Converted Homes

You’ve heard the saying, home is where the heart is. Well, I’m sure that you’d easily agree that one definition of home, is that it’s what you make of it. 308 fler ord


Apartment Tour

Hello there!

I get so many questions regarding my apartment decor that I figured it was time to do a full-blown apartment tour with shoppable links when possible. 597 fler ord


Fun Fireplace

How gorgeous is this fireplace hearth set in aqua tile?

Interior Decorating


Title: Dalmatian

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 22cm x 30cm

Artist: Iasonas Bakas

Unique Number: 02321121701


Art is more fun when you meet the artists themselves. 15 fler ord