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Putting together a put together room

Putting together a room that looks well put together, takes time and skill. Anyone can go to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Ethan Allen and buy coordinating furniture for a room. 604 fler ord


Live Life in Bold

Bold colors, bold shapes, bold textures. There’s no holding back with these bold elements. Save the simple things for the rest of the crowd and take you style to a whole new level that doesn’t just make a scene but also a statement.

Interior Design

Geometric Expression

It’s time to express yourself with a little bit of geometric expression. Textures, shapes, and patterns are all the rage this season turning mundane living spaces from drab to fabulous. 16 fler ord

Interior Design

Not-So Negative Space

Turn negative space into a positive space with thought-provoking typography and signage. Uplifting, motivational, inspirational, and humor can be added to any room with just one statement making piece of art. 31 fler ord

Interior Design

Here's why Bespoke shelving is worth your time

Bespoke shelving adds character to your room and creates a distinguished flair.  Your books actually look like a serious bibliophile’s library, not an assortment thrown onto shelves and into boxes in various rooms, basements and lofts. 101 fler ord