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Spencer Pratt Says Heidi Montag's Pregnancy Is 'Way More Exciting Than Banana Bread!’

Spencer Pratt got the best news of his life, but it won’t fill his stomach with banana-y goodness.

Pratt, 33, rolled out of bed to find his wife — and former ”Hills” co-star — Heidi Montag totally glowing.  455 fler ord


Heidi and Spencer Return To 'Celebrity Big Brother' — And Fellow Houseguest Ray J Brags About Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!

Over in the U.K., a new season of ”Celebrity Big Brother” has just kicked off, with this ”all-star” edition featuring such blast-from-the-past stars as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (a.k.a. 206 fler ord


Kim Kardashian Was Almost On 'The Hills'

Before she was ”Keeping Up,” Kim Kardashian was making a run for ”The Hills”!

On Tuesday’s retrospective special, ”The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now,” Lauren Conrad revisited her MTV heyday to mark the tenth anniversary of the reality series’ premiere. 301 fler ord


Spencer Pratt Goes On Huge Twitter Rant Over ‘The Hills’ Reunion Show

“The Hills” reunion is missing a member and he is not too thrilled.

Spencer Pratt took has been very vocal on Twitter, addressing the fact that he is not a part of “The Hills” special airing tonight. 162 fler ord


Heidi Montag Opens Up About Infamous Plastic Surgeries: ‘I Was In Way Over My Head’

Former “The Hills” star Heidi Pratt made national headlines after she underwent a whopping 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day – a decision she regrets. 242 fler ord


Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag Reveal They Blew Their Fortunes: ‘We Had Nothing To Show For What We’d Done’

Spencer and Heidi Pratt were once at the top of “The Hills”, but now find themselves looking up.

The reality stars were raking in over $2 million a year for their work on “The Hills”, plus other paid appearances, but they could not manage their spending. 311 fler ord