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Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Workspace

Effective and Creative Ways Intranets Can Increase Productivity and Engagement

In this modern digital age
almost all of us have first-hand experience with an intranet in one form or… 948 fler ord


Pro Tier Release

Two years after initial development began on PenTest.WS, today we are officially releasing Pro Tier!

PenTest.WS Pro is an offline stand-alone version of the online web application designed to run directly inside your Kali Linux virtual machine. 279 fler ord

New Schools Hub to replace the school intranet landing page

As you might know, Council users are currently being introduced to SharePoint, a web-based platform which can be used as a collaborative workspace and document management system. 200 fler ord

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The 12 Biggest Benefits of an Intranet

With so many companies now using some flavour of Microsoft Office 365, the question of whether to make use of SharePoint Online to build a company intranet as part of your digital workspace is coming up for more and more people. 768 fler ord


Oracle: China's internet is designed more like an intranet


Oracle: China’s internet is designed more like an intranet

China’s internet could continue to operate as a national intranet in the case of a cyber-attack or foreign intervention. 802 fler ord


Highlights from the StepTwo Awards 2019

If you work in the intranet or digital workplace industry the biggest piece of advice I can give you is: be nosy. If you get the chance to see the great things that businesses are doing, then grab that chance with both hands. 2 018 fler ord