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Iran for your true love Riminild know the demands I will protect you.

And Figold rode to the earth.

Shades of the chase.

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Exchanged👀👀Iran and U.S exchange Hostages.☕☕☕

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves Iran, U.S and hostages.

An American scholar held for three years on espionage charges in Iran has been released from prison and was flown out of the country in exchange for an Iranian biologist imprisoned in the United States, officials said early Saturday. 469 fler ord



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Memories and developments

In the last few weeks with the zigzags of international situations and the horrible nightmare circus of the Trump NO Foreign Policy, I am concerned for the safety of us all and for the stability of the World. 899 fler ord


Nine Bahais from Baharestan, Isfahan Province, bailed

Campaign for Prisoners of Conscience, December 8, 2019. –

Nine of the ten Bahais arrested in Baharestan, 20km south of Isfahan, on November 29 have been released on bail. 104 fler ord

Bahai Faith

`Ali Ahmadi sentenced to eleven years in prison

HRANA, December 4, 2019. –

Mr. `Ali Ahmadi (علی احمدی), a Bahai from Qaemshahr, has been sentenced by the Revolutionary Court of Qaemshahr to eleven years in prison for ”propaganda against the regime.” He was informed of his sentence on December 2. 130 fler ord

Bahai Faith