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Tech Workshop 2: Derek

Tech Workshop 2: Derek Richards

Derek Richards from Hyper Jam came to talk to us about the use of Isadora and video for instillations. With clips from previous projects that he had, we learnt about superimposing one video clip on top of another to create a whole image. 96 fler ord

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Rock On

Rock On by hairasmessyasmylife featuring short shorts

I was inspired to make this outfit as I have a gig coming up! This is what I would wear when performing! 105 fler ord


IsaDora Twist-up matt lips

With the lastest mail from IsaDora I got not only nail polish but some makeup news too, Twist-up matt lips in 67 Dark Velvet and Sculpting liner in… 154 fler ord

Press Sample

DELETE Project | Joeladria.com

Delete examines the theme of what Dzeparoski calls “the eternal immigrant”. Its story depicts a man named Konstantin attempting to come to terms with a past that haunts him during the last hours before the end of the earth. 70 fler ord