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Isadora: Perfect Moisture Lipstick (Golden Edition)

Where do I even begin?

These lipsticks are what I would call heavy weighters in the drugstore. I believe I have seen these lipsticks over the counter since at least before 2010 and they are still quite popular today. 435 fler ord


Lipliner 💋 over Lipstick 💄

When it comes to choosing what to pop on my lips after my makeup look is complete, I almost always reach for a lipstick. Lipstick for me has what I’m looking for, high pigmentation, instant colour and of course there is nothing better that using a strong lipstick for that statement look. 670 fler ord


Motion Project M102MC


The Motion project is a short four week project, collaborating with Dance students and in small groups with my course mates.

Week one consisted of researching and organizing filming  with dance students – Denica turned fixer and representative for our group, attending the meet and greet with the dancers and arranging filming sessions. 1 648 fler ord

Adobe Audition CC

Green Screen

In order to fulfil one of my goals of trying new methods and process, I’ve teamed up with fellow students Vic, Alasdair and Terry to learn about the green screen. 253 fler ord

Isadora Perfect Blush

If I had to choose a least favourite makeup item I would always say blush simply because I don’t feel like it suits me to be honest. 466 fler ord


Motion Project final

After I lost everything that I worked I started all over again. I have changed my idea since the last time. Now I have decided to cut the parts of the dancer that I liked on Premiere and to export five different versions with abstact colour experimentation. 272 fler ord

Motion Project (M102MC)