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Isadora Perfect Blush

If I had to choose a least favourite makeup item I would always say blush simply because I don’t feel like it suits me to be honest. 466 fler ord


Motion Project final

After I lost everything that I worked I started all over again. I have changed my idea since the last time. Now I have decided to cut the parts of the dancer that I liked on Premiere and to export five different versions with abstact colour experimentation. 272 fler ord

Motion Project (M102MC)

First Impression - IsaDora Nude Fluid Foundation

I’d never heard of the brand IsaDora, so when I saw a sample of their foundation available on Feel Unique, I thought I would give it a try. 359 fler ord

La Petite Preston

Dancer Isadora version

After our lecture yesterday I have decided to come to our room today to work on my 2 minutes Motion project. My laptop still don’t recognise the Isadora dongle, so the best I can do is to use one of the Macs in our room in order to save my project. 164 fler ord

Motion Project (M102MC)

Isadora session

So yesterday we had another session of Isadora software by Stefania and she explained the software deeply. It was a great session I was able to understand the software, so I played with the different effects that Stefania showed us and I managed to the all of the things that she showed us. 55 fler ord

Motion Project (M102MC)

Kino Isadora version

So I booked a dongle from the loan shop so that I can save my project on Isadora. I really wanted to try to make another version of my Kino project. 90 fler ord