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"Ambitient" and other Intermedia Reflections

Intermedia class has been an interesting challenge, and overwhelming in a fun sort of way.

Our first study, titled ”Ambitient”, was assigned to be a digital double. 199 fler ord


Intermedia Compositions

As a class we shared what Intermedia means to us, in a few words like:
”Connections, immersive, sensory, imaginative, siborg, collaboration, something about light, something about layers, virtual, reality, expanded space, changing ideas about space and time, inclusive and almost timelss, innovative, containes multitudes, new forms of reality, where man meets machine, “the medium is the message,” toybox, AI, furutism, digital frontier, building (comma) Creation (comma) (comma) information.” 928 fler ord


Simply Lippy Challenge Day 275 | IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream in Shade 14, Loving Red

Last week I was invited along to the relaunch of IsaDora which I was very excited about as it’s been a long time since I’ve tried any IsaDora products. 296 fler ord