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ISADORA - Visions

Some artists just have a knack for creating an atmosphere or vibe that resonates with you; good or bad, dark or bright.

London-based ISADORA does just that with a series of knife-edge emotions on ‘ 146 fler ord



Within by nusongbird featuring Christian Dior

Christian Dior nail polish
35 CAD –

Isadora blush
41 CAD –

13 CAD –… 30 fler ord

Tavaszi énem

Szülinapi smink: (Rendes géppel is (6D, 200mm f5.6)

Az én születésnapom még csak egy hét múlva lesz, de Tomi meglepett egy tortával, hiszen ő holnap indul San Franciscoba. 30 fler ord


7 empties

Apoteket Hjärtat cream deodorant. I was quite thrilled when I found this. Cruelty free, budget friendly, available at my local drugstore. But, as it turns out, it’s not great. 227 fler ord


Belcastro & Bellissima

Beauty institute in Belgium, called Belcastro & Bellissima.
Link to their beauty institute : LINK

3 lovely girls has given the opportunity to  share their passion through people who come to their salon. 83 fler ord

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Finally talk about Tamanu Oil

I can finally write about the positive effects on to the skin of Tamanu Oil.
This is the best ingredient of all ingredients.
If you suffer from common skin conditions than why not try it for your skin. 232 fler ord

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