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Isadora was sure she had nothing to hide.  But it was just too creepy to see the security camera always pointed at her.  She wasn’t sure if the food served here at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa was worth the concerns it raised on privacy issues.  13 fler ord

Isadora Body Chain

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Handmade Jewelry 20 Best Ombre Ladies Trends and Ideas Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Bonsai Pendant, Peridot & Emeralds, Handmade Jewelry… Silver wire wrapped gem with swirl, lariat necklace -Create Your Own, 15 gems to… 7 fler ord

Makeup Revolution (London) - Fixing Spray

Hi everyone! 😄

So I’ve been trying out this fixing spray from Makeup Revolution (London), you know the fairly new budget brand that has lots of praise and great criticism? 268 fler ord