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Review: IsaDora Stretch Lash Mascara

IsaDora is a brand that I’ve always heard good things about, but until recently, it had been a long time since I used any of their products. 401 fler ord


Simply Lippy Challenge Day 342 | IsaDora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick in Shade 66, Mulberry

Mulberry; a word that brings sweetness to my ears when it comes to lipstick! I’m sure most of my regular readers already know how much I adore a berry lip, and today’s lipstick choice is no exception. 185 fler ord


BLOGMAS #09 - anti "wishmas" beauty products

We already did our beauty wish lists earlier this week, so now it’s time to channel our inner grinches (is that really the plural form for grinch? 615 fler ord


Sipping video mapping

I am currently enrolled in a Video Mapping with Isadora workshop. Saturday, Nov 11 we spent the entire afternoon with Maz, aka Maziar Ghaderi aka… 197 fler ord


A Massive Haul Part 2 - Nail Polishes!

Hello there sweethearts!

I hope everyone of you are doing really well :)
So.. if you thought I had a lot of eye shadow stuff to show you in the first part of this massive haul just wait til you´ve reached the end of this part… I never seem to be able to get rid of my slight obsession when it comes to nail polish. 2 191 fler ord


5 empties

Let’s start with the one I genuinely hate. Because hate is fun. The Clarins Instant Light Brush on Perfector.

There is nothing I like about this. 385 fler ord