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Kino Isadora version

So I booked a dongle from the loan shop so that I can save my project on Isadora. I really wanted to try to make another version of my Kino project. 90 fler ord


Review: IsaDora Eye Shadow Quartet

Is it fair enough to have too many eye shadow palettes? If you ask me, I would say, it is a girl’s dream albeit and my heart always starts pounding when I see those luscious, eye-catching hues and if you have followed me for a while, then you might have known that I’m always on a hunt for new brands that are quality wise, in par with high end and money wise, budget friendly at the same time and viola! 530 fler ord


Tech Workshop 2: Derek

Tech Workshop 2: Derek Richards

Derek Richards from Hyper Jam came to talk to us about the use of Isadora and video for instillations. With clips from previous projects that he had, we learnt about superimposing one video clip on top of another to create a whole image. 96 fler ord

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