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ICON OF EVIL: IslamoNazi Mufti al-Husseini

ICON OF EVIL: Islamo Nazi pan-Arab pan-Islam leader, the MUFTI, al Husseini

  • Number 1 Islamo-Arab leader
    Supreme Islam leader in palestine, Haj Amin al-Husseini Grand Mufti, pan-Arab, pan-Islam leader…
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Pat Condell is NOT a Free-Farter!

I admire Mr. Condell not for his atheism, but for his rationality.

Pat Condell is right in calling the ”turban” totalitarian ideology ”islamonazism” instead of islamofascism.

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Current Events

Islamists Murder Muslims

The Islamists who are committing genocide in Darfur are now starting violence in Chad -and they are now murdering Muslims. This story by Merideth Viera documents the recent violence which includes Islamist murdering Muslims. 91 fler ord



Here is a video documenting similarities between Nazi Propaganda and Islamist propaganda. This video covers in particular the indoctrination of children.


The Islamic Mein Kampf

The following flash video by The Terrorism Awareness Project documents links between Nazism and Islamism. This video focuses on the shared antisemitism of Nazis and Islamists

The Islamic Mein Kampf


Christian Islamists

There is a difference between Islam and Islamism. Islamism is a political movement that purports to impose Islamic law upon the world. In reality Islamism is actually western style totalitarianism dressed as Islam. 51 fler ord