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Democrat Hopefuls Finally United on Israel

There has been a single outlier when it came to Israel until recently, Joe Biden. Joe is now planning on touting his pressuring Israel when under President Obama. 1 144 fler ord


"Prophetic Shadows"

This word, shadow, came to me this morning and has not left but gave me many thoughts about Gods word and the many examples of things to come that relate to Yeshua. 513 fler ord


Netanyahu makes history as Israel’s longest-serving leader

As Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, he is solidifying his place as the country’s greatest political survivor and the most dominant force in Israeli politics in his generation. 304 fler ord

Benjamin Netanyahu

Der braune Rote --- Augsteins Rundumschlag gegen die Juden

Was die schreckliche Vaterschafts-Verwirrung zwischen seinem Erzeuger Martin Walser und seinem Adoptivvater Rudolf Augstein mit und aus dem kleinen Jakob gemacht hat, wird wohl nie mehr zu heilen sein. 92 fler ord


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Calling Israel an apartheid state is both racist and a lie

From Karen Harradine and Paul T Horgan in The Conservative Woman:

”This ailing black man was barred from whites’ only buses and hospitals, both amenities… 104 fler ord