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Life on the Jewish Side of Jerusalem

Vida en Jerusalén en el lado judío :

En general la vida en Jerusalén no se diferencia
demasiado de la que podríamos vivir en España, excepto desde el punto de vista… 240 fler ord

USA veto on UN to protect Israeli War Crimes


Use of the Veto on
United Nations Resolutions
by the USA

Year Resolution Vetoed by the USA If Multiple
Resolutions Voting Figures
For-Against … 1 915 fler ord

Humans Rights

Jewish settlers attack photographers

I couldnt find the video i saw on the news… sorry

The text is from Jerusalem Post:

Settlers attacked a Palestinian photographer who was taking pictures of Palestinian farmers picking olives in the West Bank on Saturday.

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Humans Rights

More NaZionist actions in Acre

Israeli army respond to the Zionist riots against Palestinian Arabs (Muslims and Christians) by:

– Arresting some protesters and then release them

– Search all Arabs and take the change to beat a few of them… 27 fler ord

Humans Rights

Israeli racist license plates

This article is also a response to a comment in this blog in the article ”Israel 60 years of…” made someone who call himself Mohammad. 20 fler ord


Palestinian Youth Shot by Israeli Military

First of all the youthman didnt made any crime, he was just in his country with the flg of his country.

Then soldiers arrest him and with him blindfold they shoot him in the leg, maybe for pleasure… 23 fler ord

Humans Rights