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The Chimera Club Stories Soundtrack

At the end of every story Cybill includes a playlist, but did you know the Chimera Club Stories Soundtrack is available on iTunes? 

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Play iTunes Music on Roku Player

Roku’s refreshed the software for video streaming. Here’s the way to play iTunes music Roku from your iPhone or iPad to the wide screen. Regularly the Roku application now permits you to stream video from your phone notwithstanding iTunes music Roku. 350 fler ord


Learning iOS this and that.

I am getting used to the new iPod touch that was gifted to me. I jumped from 7.0 to 9.0 iOS. Talk about a leap. I love that I can finally use my Bible app at its current stage. 102 fler ord

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Why Amazon Music's 30-day free trial is a must-have!

Amazon launched their new music feature almost six months ago, but not many people have truly noticed how amazing it is! In recent years, most people either purchase individual songs or albums via iTunes or simply listen to music on Youtube, which is fine until you use up all your data. 197 fler ord

Amazon Music

I was having a tough time with the weird weather, lack of utility, and health issues that were giving me a roller coaster ride. Here is a paraphrase of it… 150 fler ord

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