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Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!  We all know those words – and if we don’t associate them with France, we associate them with Julia Child – who is French Cuisine to most Americans. 718 fler ord

Julia Child's Kitchen Via My Neighbor 

Julia Child’s Kitchen in the National Museum of American History, Washington DC as seen and photographed by my neighbor Joaquin.

When he said he’d be in DC at the Smithsonian museum, I asked if he went to see Julia Child’s Kitchen, would he please send me pics-and he did. 221 fler ord


3 Day Quote Challenge (3)

Day 3 of the 3-Day Quote Challenge!

(sorry I did not keep the 3 consecutive days in a row for quotes…life got in the way, but here is my final quote) 95 fler ord

Adventures In The Kitchen

Reading Inspired Writing

Aside from improving my photography and client relation skills, I’ve been working towards becoming a more descriptive writer. The goal is to improve my writing style and blog posts so I can start racking up paid writing assignments and spread my reach across the internet. 944 fler ord

Elle's Life

I Love Food

If there is anyone out there who doesn’t love food, feel free to message me. I have so many questions. Please. I can help you. 419 fler ord

Day 15 Ausyachallenge

Day 15 – a winter read.
I love reading about food and paris and this Julia Child book brings them together well.

Stick around…


”You can read, you can cook”

Julia Child