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Post a Quote Challenge ~ Day Three

And we reach the third and final day of ‘Post a Quote Challenge’! All thanks to Shamira of Smiling Notes for nominating me. Shamira, thank you for giving me this opportunity. 214 fler ord

"If You're Afraid Of Butter, Use Cream!"

As I continue my quest for that ketosis sweet spot, my greatest challenge is getting enough healthy fat each day. I’m aiming for 75% of my daily calories to come from fat. 547 fler ord


Julia Child's DC Residence Is on the Market...

…for $1,100,000.

In something of an understatement, the Agent’s Summary describes the property as  ”As-is condition, Fixer-Upper, Needs work, Rehab potential.”  And this is what it looks like: 112 fler ord


Julia Child's Banana Bread

I bought two large bananas a few weeks ago and eagerly waited for them to ripen so I could make this recipe. But by the time they had become ready for baking but I was too busy to cook. 269 fler ord

NYC is for eating

”People who love to eat are the best people”

Julia Child

In my opinion, Julia Child could not be more right.  There is something about friends (or even strangers) that love the experience of eating amazing food.  

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Maple syrup and sesame chicken

This is truly a feast. Brilliant recipes don’t need explanations.


1.9kg (4lb) large whole chicken
1 garlic bulb, halved
1 small red onion, peeled and halved… 251 fler ord


Why Women Apologize (and Should Stop)

Fantastic NY Times Opinion piece written by SLOANE CROSLEY:

Emily Flake

EVERYONE knows what dirt tastes like. Last week, I ordered a salad at a restaurant and found myself crunching on a shoddily washed leaf. 889 fler ord