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Sunday Gratitude - August 30, 2015

My boys start school this coming Wednesday.  Can you see me dancing and whooping?  No, no, it’s not what you think.  It’s not just that they are going to be out of the house five days per week.  228 fler ord

Fun Stuff


When I wrote recently about Julia Child’s recipe for ratatouille, I reported that she suggested serving it with pot au feu. I was looking for something simple, but the recipe in… 391 fler ord


Tropical Storm Erika....

For those following along (thank you!!) TS Erika came and went with pretty much nothing to show for it. Which is both great and not so great. 341 fler ord

Just Another Day...

Julia Child's Coq Au Vin

This is one of my all time favourite meals, and although the following is not my recipe, it is  Julia Child’s, found on a site called smitten  838 fler ord


When Is Flan Not Flan? When It Is Flan. (Cherry Clafoutis)

When I first got back to the Midwest last summer after living in Boston, the first thing I noticed, after the noisome quiet of the evening, was how bright fruit tasted. 893 fler ord


Le Creuset - Say "Ler Cru-Say" -

My dear sister and brother-in-law gave me a refreshing Lime Le Creuset Round French Oven/Casserole #24 – 4.5qt / 4.3litres. It sits nicely on my stove-top and fits into my Sharp Carousel convection microwave oven. 643 fler ord