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Brand New Apartment, Brand New Life

New Apartment

This is a big step, for me, for him, for us. It’s extremely cliché; I know it. We signed a lease together and I’m going to write this post even though he’ll probably be embarrassed. 443 fler ord

San Francisco

21. Watch Julie and Julia

Disclaimer: This isn’t really much of a chef skill or recipe, but it’s on the list so here it is, in all it’s cheesy glory. 965 fler ord

Braised Cucumbers

Eeeyyyy and we continue with the J&J references. Made these tonight.

Actually, these are super easy to make and extremely tasty. Recipe is Julia Child’s. 110 fler ord

Julia Child

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce is like mayonnaise’s cousin, except you never see tubs of it in the supermarket. (Why???)

It’s actually simple to make, if you’re alright with the microwave version instead of Julia Child’s recipe. 367 fler ord

Julia Child

The Omelette Show

So, as I said in the previous post, I started watching Julia Child’s show ”The French Chef” after having seen Julie & Julia about 25 times in the past week. 636 fler ord

Julia Child

Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons

Without a hobby, I’m the most boring person on the planet. While I consider going to concerts and reading about UFO sightings as my ”hobbies”, that’s not really what they are. 749 fler ord

Julia Child

Book Impressions: Julia Child's "My Life in France"

Julia Child’s ”My Life in France” is a colloborative autobiography published posthumously in 2006. It is a recollection of her time in Europe and the United States as she moved around with her husband, Paul Cushing Child, while nourishing her passion for French cuisine and the culinary arts. 181 fler ord

Book Impressions