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Pie Crust 101

I was tasked with pies (apple and pecan!) for our big Thanksgiving gathering, which reminded me I keep planning to post this you-can-make-pie-crust-too pep talk.  You really can! 1 175 fler ord


Apple custard tart

So, I’ve seen Julie and Julia. We all have, or we wouldn’t be reading and writing food blogs, right? I had the book of… 499 fler ord


The Bowker Collection of Money

Less than a mile away from the Vermeer exhibit, in the Numismatics Room of the Museum of American History, we find the Bowker collection of money: 52 fler ord

Enchanted Broccoli Forest

Julia Child, Crescent Dragonwagon and Betty Crocker

I bought junk food today: pizza rolls, frozen pizza and hot dogs with white buns. Other than the occasional can of refried beans and tortilla chips, I’m a real food person. 251 fler ord

Cooking For Kids

Julia Child: Photo portrait of a cook

This is a review of a book review (?!) jampacked with 1950s Paris culture and glamour, culinary groundbreaking history, Julia Child, romance and gorgeous photography. 597 fler ord


Surf and turf with snow peas and hollandaise sauce

A Julia Child top secret sauce recipe!

Julia Child was much more than just a bestseller author or simply a fantastic chef, for me, she was the culinary Wonder Woman. 473 fler ord

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