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Thursday: St. Maarten, Thanksgiving and Why I’m Thankful

Greetings from sunny St. Maarten. And happy Thanksgiving to those of you who observe/celebrate it. AAC CPA and I went into town for all of 15 minutes to purchase some Belgian chocolates as a gift for our wonderful concierge, Jola. 622 fler ord


A Julia Child Thanksgiving in Her Time at Parade Magazine

Right about now everyone is peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes, or chopping onions for the stuffing, which will get prepared tomorrow with some fresh sage that is still going strong in the November garden. 154 fler ord

What Would Julia Child Do? Thanksgiving Disaster Edition — Keep Calm and Cook On

I think channeling your inner-Julia is a good idea in general, but on Thanksgiving, it’s more necessary than ever. I mean, here’s this major holiday with all these fancy, labor-intensive dishes that most of us only ever cook once a year, plus there’s the added pressure of delivering this meal to a crowd of hungry and expectant friends and family. 51 fler ord

Jose Andres

Julia Child's Way and Turkey Cake :: Thanksgiving is coming!

When Mrs. Child embraced the role of national Thanksgiving commander in chief… Thanksgiving, the Julia Child Way via The New York Times

“stress-free”/“trouble-free”/“easy” lists… 7 things to ditch from your Thanksgiving to-do list… 144 fler ord


Well Said, Julia.

On a trip to the restroom at a local sandwich shop I passed this framed quotation.


Norwegian for Leftovers?

My mother let me keep this rolling pin when I found it in one of her kitchen drawers. I assumed that it was for making egg noodles. 190 fler ord

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