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Bon Appetit Julia Child!

Probably it was 2 years ago when I first discover movie entitled ‘Julie and Julia’. That day I was on Youtube, watching videos on movie trailer. 600 fler ord

Bon Appetit

It's French tonight - Coq Au Vin

I am thinking to cook something French tonight, it’s because I am going to have this dinner party / house warming for our new home soon. 871 fler ord


Place and Food, Genius Loci and Terroir

Genius Loci*

1. The prevailing character or atmosphere of a place.
1.1 The presiding god or spirit of a place.

~ Oxford English Dictionary

Years ago, psychologist Jon Kabat-Zinn published a book titled… 1 469 fler ord


"Vegetable" Studio City, CA Serves Up Comfort In Style!

by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural


Studio City, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/12/17 – Summer is HERE and we can all relax and break out of the box on vacation.  511 fler ord


Five Hundred Years of The Kitchen Cat — Katzenworld

Minette, Julia Child’s first kitchen cat “Cats gravitate to kitchens like rocks gravitate to gravity.” – Terry Pratchett For as long as there have been kitchens, there have been kitchen cats: rodent hunters, defenders of the pantry, guardians of the warmest spot by the hearth, always on the look out for a stray piece of…

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Getting trolleyed in London - the return of old school dining

Order a dish or a drink at some of London’s most fashionable restaurants and rather than a waiter put it down in front of you, don’t be surprised if you see your order making a stately progress from the kitchen on wheels. 963 fler ord


Celebrating Julia & French food

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child

Bonjour people!!

Cooking is just not my hobby or passion but it enlightens me and gives me a sense of self-indulgence.

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