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Summer is winding down, and so is our local farmers’ market. Apples and pears fill baskets of all sizes. The air is bathed with the singular smell of roasting chiles. 641 fler ord


Julia, We Miss You

I just discovered that there are tons, and tons of Julia Child videos on YouTube.  She was such an amazing source of knowledge and humor for aspiring chefs.   18 fler ord

Julie & Julia

This month marks a milestone for Cinema Sips. It has officially been 3 years since I started this blog on cocktail and movie pairings, really as a bit of a lark, but with a small shred of hope that people would actually enjoy reading it. 475 fler ord

Movie Cocktails

Julia Child's Contribution to the Popularization of French Cuisine

Jacquelyn D. Kirkland is an avid appreciator of food and the art of creating fine cuisine. Among others styles of cooking, Jacquelyn D. Kirkland finds inspiration in French Cuisine, particularly as expressed by Julia Child. 150 fler ord

Jacquelyn D Kirkland

The 'five-second rule' for eating food? Scientists just demonstrated how gross it is

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Imagine it’s lunch. You are holding a fat slice of watermelon. It looks delicious. You move in for a bite. But something goes terribly wrong. 873 fler ord


The regular guy, the acquired taste, and where we were on 9/11

Hullo, my dear doughty friends:

I am happier to be doing this again than you can imagine.

Time to time, I get tagged with being, shall we say, a mite removed from How The Real World Works. 997 fler ord

Cart Horsing

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I married into a long standing William’s family tradition of cart horsing. That is to say, putting the cart before the horse… 552 fler ord

House Projects