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Sweetbreads and Brains!

I remember reading ”sweetbreads and brains” out of Julia Child’s cookbook as a young girl and thinking it would make a very unique interjection, hence it became the title for this post. 133 fler ord


Meet The Chicken Sisters!

”Broiling chickens, grilling chickens, baking and brazing chickens,  barbecuing  chickens…”

Deep gasps of air…

”Meet Miss Broiler, Miss Fryer, Miss Roaster Miss Caponette, Miss Store, and Old Madam Hen. 108 fler ord

A Peep Of Chickens

French fish frolic

Our latest foray into the recipes from Mastering the art of French cooking took us into unfamiliar territory – poached fish. Not that I’ve never eaten fish that has been poached, I’ve just never thought to try it at home. 274 fler ord


Kitchen Skills: Skinning Peaches

I adore cooking and baking! Some of my happiest moments are in the kitchen; however, there are certain skills I shy away from because they scare me. 438 fler ord

Julia Child

Gentleman, Start Your Engines

Joshua knows more about cars than Julia Child knows about cooking.  If Jaguar F-Type’s were butter, he’d have made a million bries and have at least a thousand soufflés cooking in the kitchen at all times. 126 fler ord


Quotes From Foodies

What do some famous chefs and food writers have to say about cooking and food? See for yourself.

”Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard… 409 fler ord


Cooking the Books

July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day. After a few false starts—literary chickens, famous cowards—I asked a sensible person what books could possibly relate to food. 895 fler ord

A Beautiful Bowl Of Soup