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Julie & Julia and Finding a Passion

Sometimes it’s easier to answer the question ”Who am I not?” than ”Who am I?”. I’m employed, but I do not have a career. I like to dabble on this blog, but I’m not a writer. 866 fler ord


Julia Child's Provence home will become a cooking and yoga retreat

Back in November, Julia and Paul Child’s Provence home, which they nicknamed La Pitchoune (the little one), went on the market, and for a brief moment, countless Julia fans day dreamed about moving to the house where Julia’s kitchen is still fully intact—tall cabinets, pegboard-covered wall and all. 220 fler ord

Buy And Sell


I have a confession, I enjoy binge watching cooking shows and food related TV like there is no tomorrow. There, I said it. I suppose that wasn’t much of a confession and if you’re reading this blog then you can probably relate! 260 fler ord

Further French forays, a food faux pas or five, and fresh fritters ...

… following a fraught fortnight.

Maggie and I have just been through two weeks of anxiety and stress involving a health scare. Thankfully, an investigative procedure has found no evidence of anything life-threatening and, as of Saturday evening, we have stopped stress-eating and have resumed normal programming in our kitchen. 1 170 fler ord

Cooking At Home

Crêpes Diem

The secrets to a good crêpe are a good batter (with some nice flavouring) and a great pan. Julia Child is my batter whisperer and a wonderful houseguest provided the pan: The Rock made by Starfrit. 413 fler ord

My Foodie Inspiration!

A base of green leaves;

Chicken salad mound amid

A circling of eggs.


Okay, so it isn’t my FIRST foodie inspiration.  I love to cook, and every so often I try something new. 269 fler ord


Holism, Reductionism, and Combos® baked snacks

Many, many years ago — when I was 23 — I saw a very compelling episode of the public television show Nova called “How to Create a Junk Food.” This was a documentary from Britain’s Channel 4 that was given a new voice-over by the producers of… 873 fler ord