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Coconut Rice

Some people have asked me for my coconut rice recipe. For any rice cooking instructions, I refer to Julia Child’s cookbook – it has a chart, spanning over 5 pages, of cooking instructions on all different types of grains & rice. 217 fler ord


What a Difference a Recipe Makes!

Bagel success! Yesterday evening I switched gears and picked up Julia Child’s Cookbook and began mixing up her bagel recipe. Because it was late, I followed her instructions about refrigerating it overnight and finishing the baking this morning. 342 fler ord

Boeuf Bourguignon - Pressure Cooker Style!!!

I have previously posted a recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon that was inspired by Julia Child. It is delicious! In the past I have slow cooked it, but I thought I would try making this in my pressure cooker and voila, a delicious and quick meal is born! 403 fler ord


4 indispensable cooking lessons from Julia Child's "My Life in France"

It’s impossible not to feel an affectionate warmth towards Julia Child while reading My Life In France, an autobiography co-written with her husband’s grand-nephew, Alex Prud’homme. 767 fler ord

One Taste At A Time

Julia's French Puff Pastry

For our meatless Friday I decided to make some cheese pie. To make it Lenten, I decided to make my own French Puff Pastry…

You see, I’ve made it once before, and though it was well worth the work… it took A LOT of work! 98 fler ord


beef bourguignon

based on a cooks illustrated recipe with a few changes.
pretty much as good as julia childs famous recipe with a lot less work
1/2 lb salt pork or pork belly cut into 1/4″ pieces… 423 fler ord


French Cuisine!

A culinary dominant country, France is home to many world-renowned chefs and traditional cooking techniques that have shaped the culinary world for millennia.


Although it may seem odd, having snails as an appetizer is a classic French tradition. 521 fler ord