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Joni Mitchell makes first public appearance since brain aneurysm

In Spring of 2015, Joni Mitchell spent several months in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm. Reports on her condition were sparse and contradictory, though close friends said she wasn’t able to speak. 83 fler ord



My daughter decided to take over my armchair and lapdesk to do her homework. Playing around with Silver Efex Pro 2.


The first wetland chicks | Οι πρώτοι απόγονοι στον υγρότοπο

(for English, please, scroll down)

Τα πρώτα φαλαριδάκια της χρονιάς εντόπισε ο Γιωργής Λασκαρίδης σε υγρότοπο του Κόλπου Καλλονής χθες 29 Μαρτίου. Τρία στον αριθμό. Ζεστός ο καιρός τον προηγούμενο μήνα, έκανε τη δουλειά του ώστε το ζευγάρι να πάρει τη σωστή απόφαση και να ξεκινήσει νωρίς (στα δικά μας μάτια!) το φώλιασμά του. 89 fler ord


Karate Kid

My son just got his Karate uniform and was happy enough to model for me. So thought it would be a good chance to try the flash sync speed with the Yongnuo 560Tx controller and the 560IV flash which I had covered in a… 131 fler ord


The Unhappy Apprentice

My two Padawans. One cringing at the photo he just clicked. One busy doing some post-production at the back. Start them young!