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Louis Philippe Rose

This rose bush was just a stick when given to me by a lovely lady at the Mandarin Garden Club. 10 fler ord

Just A Photo

Nick Cave and Jonny Greenwood randomly run into each other in New York City -- photo

In a city of eight million people, you never know who you’re going to run into on any given day. Once while walking down 2nd Avenue, I walked into David Levinson himself, Jeff Goldblum, who for some reason was wearing a cape. 89 fler ord


Morning Glory

I am not a fan of morning glory vines because they are invasive. I took this photo in early June of last year when I was visiting Lam. 51 fler ord


Raspberry Swirls in My Garden

To capture the loveliness of this flower in my concrete backyard. Sometimes a photo is all you need. 10 fler ord