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April 3, Ferruginous Ducks!

Driving in speed past the Kalami Marsh (W part of Messa wetland) yesterday afternoon (3/4) I noticed a compact flock of black birds. If it was winter they would be Coots and I instanlty thought they were Ferruginous Ducks. 68 fler ord

Messa Wetland

Glossy Ibises are here!

First 54 Glossy Ibisses (Plegadis flacinellus) were photographed this evening (4/3) over the area below the Kalloni Salt Pans. Two more birds were already landed in the flooded fields.

(photos by Eleftheria Pavli)

Kalloni Salt Pans

Rare bird sighting - Polichnitos Salt Pans

Lefteris Kakalis and some more observers found two COMMON CRANES this morning, 18/2 at the Polichnitos Salt Pans!

Kalloni Gulf

Urban Abstract 324

I LOVE Rough Stuff with numbers :-)
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Urban Reflections 114

Remember… This is JUST a picture :-)
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The photo challenge!

Hi Everyone , I had been nominated to participate in The black and white photo challenge that’s been going around the social media sites I am on day 5 .At first I was hesitant because I’m not one to do these kind of things but I did and I must say I have been enjoying it , it’s really kind of neat thing ,you post a black and white photo that represents your life but no humans no explanation just a photo each day and you nominate a different person everyday as well ,I have two more days left to this challenge and I wish now it could be longer then 7 Days 🙂it’s been so much fun and just a photo speaks volumes about a person. 19 fler ord