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Dave Grohl and Josh Homme photographed together in the studio

As we learned this evening, Dave Grohl will not be performing at next weekend’s Grammy Awards alongside A Tribe Called Quest and Anderson .Paak. He may have a good excuse though: As… 135 fler ord


Tom Hanks recreates photo of Bill Murray that people thought was him

Last month, the Internet was gripped in a controversy to rival that of The Dress of 2015. An old image of Bill Murray mimicking the crying baby in front of him surfaced, but people weren’t convinced the celeb in the picture was actually a Ghostbuster. 142 fler ord


People can't tell if this is a picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks

It’s the celebrity equivalent of the dress. Back in 2015, the Internet was trying to figure out if a random garment was blue and black or white and gold; now, it’s trying to decide if a three-year-old picture is of  209 fler ord


Hipster President Barack Obama invited Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean to White House State Dinner

President Barack Obama loves two things: his country, and Chance the Rapper. (Okay, obviously there’s more than that, but just go with it.) Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Chance’s dad, Ken Bennett, worked as Obama’s deputy assistant back when he was an Illinois senator, but POTUS can’t get enough of Lil Chano. 270 fler ord


Willie Nelson gets Virginia Governor in trouble after posing for photo with marijuana

Photo via Twitter/@BioAnnie1

There’s a pretty well-understood if unspoken rule of common sense that if you get on Willie Nelson’s tour bus, you’re going to be around some weed. 285 fler ord


Taylor Swift is the only person excited about going to jury duty

Considering she had no new album and zero nominations, it’s not a terrible surprise that Taylor Swift didn’t attend last night’s VMAs. Still, the MTV awards show is a celebration of the biggest names in pop, and even those who aren’t nominated tend to show up at least to join in the revelry and be seen. 497 fler ord