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Sorgun Kampı

“Sorgun diye bir yer varmış” diye evde konusu geçince “Yine çadır mı kuruyoruz?” diye sordum babam ve anneme… “Evet” cevabımı alınca aslında çok sevinmiştim. Çünkü beraber gittiğimiz arkadaşım Kayra ile de güzel anlaştığımız için bakalım bu yeni yerde ne gibi maceralar bizi bekleyecekti… 316 fler ord

Bye-bye Brotha!

Mister Mason is going home today. For the first time this summer get a break for a few days before more bunnies come. I’m really going to miss him, but he’ll be back next month. 37 fler ord


Sneezes and Thumps

Yesterday I was sitting with Mason and, for a change, I had a sneezing fit instead if him. He looked me a little funny. I guess my sneezes are louder than his. 115 fler ord


Big Fluffy Puddle

We’re coming to the end of the week, and the end of both Douglas and Mason’s visits. There’s only a couple more days left to get couch cuddles, floor snuggles, table petting and foot dancing with these two big, beautiful boys. 60 fler ord


Refined Rabbit Palate

Mason loves to sit on the couch after I leave the pen. The couch is always furry when I come back the next day. I wish he’d sit up there with me more, but, like most rabbits, he prefers the ground for petting. 60 fler ord


Bunny Plucking Season

Mason kept sniffing me when I went to visit him last night and was periscoping up to the couch. I told him that he was more than welcome to join me, but he didn’t want to. 129 fler ord


Who's That Sleeping in Your Bed?

Yesterday Douglas decided that my foot was just as good for petting and he snuggled right under it. I obliged him, but I can’t imagine it was as good as a hand. 186 fler ord