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Saros Körfezi'ne Küçük bir Kaçamak, Gökçetepe Tabiat Parkı

Önemli: Vereceğim bilgiler 2016 yılının Ağustos ayına aittir. İnternetten incelediğim kadarıyla İstanbul-Keşan otobüs bileti 35 liradan 37 liraya çıkmış. Yaya gelen misafirler için çadır alanı ücreti 35 liradan 40 liraya çıkmış. 931 fler ord


Head to the Heart

As my sophomore year has begun, I’ve been reflecting a lot. I’ve reflected specifically on my freshman year and the summer. My freshman year was an incredible time of building community. 1 407 fler ord


Blog Post III - The Revolution of 'Music'

Interactive narrative plays a pivotal role within digital games, allowing for a uniquely autonomous gaming experience. The use of musical accompaniment, traditionally achieved through cinematic film-scoring techniques enriches the player’s experience by enhancing atmosphere and eliciting emotion through a personalised connection with the game itself. 449 fler ord

Blog Post

The Word Over the World

“If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king. 625 fler ord

KAA 2017

My return to writing and ...

It has been a while, since I have had the energy or the time to write on this thing.  Crazy to think of how quickly life can begin to move!   338 fler ord


Grooming Time (Again)

Seems like all the bunnies in the house are shedding—again! I groomed Piper and Archie last night so now they both look like less scruffy ladies. 116 fler ord


Lifestyles of Mature Rabbits

Both General and Archibald are mature buns, meaning that they are too grown up for ”kid stuff”. General likes her privacy and doesn’t appreciate young whippersnappers trying to invade her turf (i.e. 80 fler ord