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Welcome to Kampuchea: Koh Kong, Life on the Border...

…any border, is weird, by definition, sample TJ (Tijuana), TG (Tangier), TK (Tachilek) and TU (Tecun Uman) for starters, and a few thousand others, where cultures clash and vehicles collide and the simple act of of ‘crossing over’ takes on new meaning, not to mention the modern airline-hub Big Meta-Border cities, e.g. 981 fler ord

End of PST and Swearing-In

I have flung around a lot of guff about how difficult PST can be. I need to be honest now about how goddanged silly it can be at times. 891 fler ord

Peace Corps

What is Phnom Penh like for tourists?

Join me on a ride through modern day Phnom Penh as I ride through Sisowath Quay. This is the central tourist area in Cambodia and full of tourists from all over the world.

Beginning of the Fall

Cambodia is a small democratic kingdom which is located in the almost southern-peak of Southeast-Asia. With the population of fourteen million citizen; Cambodia is regarded as a country with a smaller popular. 397 fler ord