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Hooray for Travel Insurance! Just keep traveling, fellow Americans...

Author’s Note: Medical issues of a sensitive nature discussed here…

Well, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d write a post lauding the insurance industry, but since I once wrote a ‘sh*t-list’ post on the bad ethics of bad bizniz,  948 fler ord

The revolutionary characteristics of Democratic Kampuchea

”The new Kampuchean regime has five distinctive revolutionary characteristics.

One is the continuing and substantial revolutionary secrecy. Although the Communist Party, which led the revolution, publicly revealed its existence last fall, only a small number of its leaders is known. 656 fler ord


Two weeks in Kampuchea!

Monday marks two weeks since we arrived in Cambodia! I have learned so much in just 12 days: how to speak/understand basic Khmer, how to use a squatty potty (without toilet paper!), and that there are so many fruits I never knew about! 74 fler ord

Peace Corps

The bartering system in Democratic Kampuchea

”One unique feature of the new Cambodia is that money has been withdrawn from general circulation. Instead, goods are exchanged through a sophisticated barter system. 258 fler ord


Democratic Kampuchea talks about it's Foreign Policy

”Democratic Kampuchea, born after the great victory of April 17th, 1975, resolutely follows the policy of non-alignment. This is a strategical and non-occasional position, for it corresponds to the profound aspirations of our people. 847 fler ord


The Khmer Rouge talk about the struggle to liberate Kampuchea

”The people gave us support by hiding food and by hiding our guerrilla forces and cadres. This taught our cadres to be vigilant in following the party line of combining with the masses and relying upon the masses. 823 fler ord


Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. The city is buzzing all day until just around 22:00 when it feels like everyone goes to sleep. Driving in Phnom Penh is an art and we were not confident enough to get a scooter. 248 fler ord

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