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A Quick Rest At Bright Lotus Guesthouse

I didn’t see it coming. I was in Saigon and it turned out that I need to leave a day earlier. I got no place to stay since the reservation I had with another hotel was good for the next day. 513 fler ord


Kampot: After dark


After a very cramped and stuffy two hour minivan journey we arrived at Kampot. Before we headed to our guesthouse we got some tasty streetfood for 50p a plate, it looked a bit like worms but at that price who’s complaining! 1 243 fler ord

Non-Guidebook Phnom Penh, Part II

Unlike the Wat Prayuvong area — explored in my previous post — the dilapidated 300 meter long, 3-story apartment building known as ”The White Building” is… 633 fler ord

Jeff Clay