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"The evacuation and subsequent integration of war refugees and native city dwellers into the rural cooperative system was a radical step toward resolving the contradition between city and countryside, a resolution which history had made a high priority for the CPK"- Stephen R. Heder

”Emerging from such contrasting experiences, the Vietnamese and Kampuchean communist parties took power in 1975 in equally different post-revolutionary situations. The nature of the post-liberation crisis confronting each party further widened the gulf between them. 654 fler ord


NACAZAI defends the memory of the Communist Party of Kampuchea

”Most of you all have noticed, at least briefly, the UN-sponsored ‘War Crimes Tribunals’ of former Khmer Rouge leaders.

I felt like it was important to say a few words. 484 fler ord


The ultimate guide to Cambodia

Famous for the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia has a lot more to offer: unspoiled islands, bounty beaches, lost Khmer temples, delicious underrated… 72 fler ord


Week 7 Thoughts and Model School!

Week 7 of Pre-Service Training, and a week and a half left until we figure out where we are going to be placed and boy am I nervous. 643 fler ord

Hooray for Travel Insurance! Just keep traveling, fellow Americans...

Author’s Note: Medical issues of a sensitive nature discussed here…

Well, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d write a post lauding the insurance industry, but since I once wrote a ‘sh*t-list’ post on the bad ethics of bad bizniz,  948 fler ord

The revolutionary characteristics of Democratic Kampuchea

”The new Kampuchean regime has five distinctive revolutionary characteristics.

One is the continuing and substantial revolutionary secrecy. Although the Communist Party, which led the revolution, publicly revealed its existence last fall, only a small number of its leaders is known. 656 fler ord