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10:30 a.m.

My host brother asked me yesterday if I was homesick. I told him that I wasn’t and, riding in the car just now, one of the big reason why I don’t is that there are so many things and places here that make me feel close to home – regardless of the fact that I am just about as far as I can be from home. 193 fler ord

Peace Corps


Happy Khmer New Year! I got out of bed around 6:00 this morning, slipped into my sarong, and walked downstairs for my first bucket shower of the day. 453 fler ord

Peace Corps

Christmastime in Siem Reap (Part One)

After over 24 hours of travel and three flights, Hubs and I finally made it to Siem Reap. We both arrived delirious and had to get through two more hurdles. 652 fler ord

Cambodia to Kampuchea on a Tuk-Tuk: A Photo Story

‘A traveler sees what he sees, a tourist sees what he has come to see’

It took us some time to explain to him where we wanted to go. 310 fler ord

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Our first encounter with Cambodia was the little town of Siem Reap in the North of the country, home to the mother of all temples, the mighty Angkor Wat. 541 fler ord