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Just some facts about AGILE

Thanks to my friend Kalos, who write a great article ( in Italian ), I decide write an article about AGILE and describe some of my ideas and opinions about this.  619 fler ord


"Build the right software” with the “Need for speed” and “Do it the right way”.

I have always asked myself during the period of my studies: Are agile methodologies good for software projects? My answer is “Yes”, they are good but not enough. 748 fler ord

Project Management

Agility - Beyond Software Development

The digital technology industry has been moving in a very fast pace over the last decades. Companies that are unable to adapt have been left behind (Nokia, Kodak, etc.). 1 627 fler ord


The Power of Pull

An idea pushed to people is less successful in terms of its appreciation compared to an idea pulled in by the people. Example: a speaker who is simply dumping information to the audience is less successful compared to a speaker who is stirring the audiences’ curiosity… … 117 fler ord


Episode 2: Kanban and Flow with Colm Ó hEocha

Today I’ll be speaking to Colm O Heocha, an Agile Transformation consultant and trainer. This episode’s topic is Kanban and Flow. Colm and I start off with talking about the nuts and bolts of what Kanban and Flow are. 115 fler ord

Agile Atelier

TODO list - functionaility now finished and checked into development branch

Branch :

The last few days have been spent writing a simple Todo list functionality for IronText while at first glance the Todo functionality clashes with the Ideas list, they are actually two different areas of functionality. 123 fler ord


Current Project Management view for IronText

I currently have a lose kanban style todo board set up using Vivifyscrum, i will keep adding to the requirements but to give a picture of were the IronText is heading in the near future here is a snapshot of the top level items: … 17 fler ord