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Interfaith Dialogue by Images

Before words, there are images. Before reason, there’s love and courage. Before theology, there’s faith.

Radiant autumn leaves and crisp air outside; indoors, preparations are almost finished. 486 fler ord



Doften av oljefärg och terpentin låg tung i lokalen. Aina slängde ifrån sig kolet på bordet intill och klämde ut en sträng färg ur tuben på paletten. 302 fler ord


It is really simple, really!

I love my friends, I love meeting new people, I love watching people and I love going to new places. And still, I sometimes have to force myself to go out. 66 fler ord

Comment Of The Day

Tiny details inperceptible to us decide everything.

No 34

Roger Harmar – Guitar + Synth
Nick Janczak – Original Track,Trumpet + Final Mix
L.P. Ponor – Film/Video



hund/ortos/banan Modern konst!

( installation😂 dog/leg/banana! Modern art! )