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We are fanning the flames of terror

Just before the Republican convention,  our attention shifted from police brutality—and the brutalization of policemen—back to terror.  Glued to our TV sets, we watch as bombs blast and trucks slam viciously into strolling French families.  926 fler ord

Politics And Psychology

Normal service will be resumed...maybe

This weekend my university is doing essential upgrading work and so my access to the database of newspapers I use to create this blog is disrupted. 515 fler ord

The French football team and immigration

This election year, immigration has been one of the most discussed issues. From Donald Trump’s wall to Nigel Farage’s Brexit, we’ve heard a lot about immigration. 832 fler ord

So what does Angela Merkel think?

In our post-Brexit world, there are some key figures that will strongly influence the outcome of the negotiations. One of them is Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the EU Commission, a seasoned EU-politician who made us laugh earlier this week when he asked… 884 fler ord

Brexit and left wing politics

I am rather sick of reading the Guardian newspaper. Almost on a daily basis , the newspaper keeps dragging up the same old arguments to the surface regarding the issue of Brexit. 720 fler ord

The News

(Emmanuel) Macron proposed a solution that sounded revelatory in the context of the myopia of the political class: a conversation. “That’s what politics is,” he said.

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On the same side as Matteo Salvini now.

I am not very good at voting these days. All I can say is thank goodness John Finnie is an MSP or my track record would be very poor indeed. 408 fler ord

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