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You can do something to stop Le Pen: Change your profile photo

Probably the smallest gesture you can make in the attempt to change the world for the better (or stop is getting worse) is to change your profile picture on social media to reflect your concern about an issue. 468 fler ord


Marine ala Trump

Sarkozy promising he would do this and that, he wound up achieving zilch. Hollande has been a complete nonentity. Macron is just more of these two. 27 fler ord

General Newsview

Day 10 - Blue is the colour of my ...

… candidates’ posters

Le Figaro has produced an enjoyable analysis of the Round 2 posters (non-francophones will enjoy the pictures … be patient to get past some annoying ads). 1 607 fler ord

Le Pen

Marine Le Pen and women’s rights: a personal opinion

By Elise Lauriot Prevost, a second year Undergraduate studying International Relations at King’s College London.

Women’s rights have not been central in the French elections, as they are not in most elections. 882 fler ord


Backlash against Nationalism

I saw this interesting article on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog about nationalism and its connection to the Nazis and also Le Pen. It was interesting, so enjoy! 13 fler ord

Le Pen truly isn't far-right as the media claims.

I saw this article on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog, and particularly if you examine the chart, you realize that it would be false to call Le Pen a ”far right” candidate. 6 fler ord

International reaction to the presidential election: is it a French revolution?

This Sunday 23rd April, French citizens voted in the first round of the presidential election. The very anticipated results were followed closely by media around the world.  1 040 fler ord