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Don't do the Pim Fortuyn's error: do not shy away when they associate you with other Right Wingers. We must exit totally the area of influence of the Psychology of the Left. The Left does not give us our values.

If you feel offended or emotionally scared of being associated with other Right Wingers who mainly think the same things as you do, you are still somewhat in the area of psychological influence of the Left. 863 fler ord


Moderates are losing the fight to save Islam from racists and extremists

The alarming exploitation of the Brussels attacks for political purposes shows how urgent it is to take back the discourse around Islam and Muslims from racists and extremist populists like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen. 161 fler ord

Pourquoi les Américains? Allow Me To Explain...

Turnaround is fair play! For years, American musical theatre goers have been singing, ”I Don’t Understand the Parisiens”. Here’s the adorable Leslie Caron as Gigi: 590 fler ord


The winners and losers of Post-Paris

After the dust has settled, a pattern of winners and losers are starting to appear as a result of the Paris attacks and their aftermath. 1 538 fler ord

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Le Pens become targets

As the French political establishment continues to reel over the strong support for the right-of-centre National Front in recent elections, a French financial body has alerted prosecutors to ‘undervalued assets’ belonging to National Front leader Marine Le Pen and her father Jean-Marie. 229 fler ord