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The Trump Phenomenon: What America Can Learn From Europe's History

He promises to stop illegal immigration, to refuse to observe political correctness, to restore his country’s greatness, he uses crude, provocative expressions that make him sound like an ordinary guy and pretend to be the best opponent to “the system” or the “political etablishment”, even though he’s a millionaire. 973 fler ord


Calais comes home: UKIP rejoice!

Foreign Ministries across Europe were today stunned by news that France will, with immediate effect, hand Calais back to the United Kingdom.

This appears to be a response to the latest random outburst from UKIP MEP and professional bigot, Roger Helmer, who tweeted: “Calais was British until 1558. 277 fler ord

Le Pen in Moscow for high level talks

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Western world’s strongest nationalist movement (the National Front), was in Moscow today to meet with high ranking government officials. 72 fler ord


Lapin? No, Le Pen!

Without fail, one hour of my week consists of me yelling at a chubby middle-aged French man. And I so look forward to it. To be clear, this isn’t a random stranger I found on the streets of Paris on whom to unleash my frustrations, but rather my French tutor, Prosper. 803 fler ord

¿Y si Francia acaba con dos partidos de extrema derecha... liderados por dos Le Pen?

La indignación con la política está de moda. El partido de Pablo Iglesias, Podemos, recoge a los ciudadanos indignados con los actores y las gestiones de la política tradicional; el de Albert Rivera, Ciudadanos, lo hace con los indignados de la derecha española… y… 503 fler ord


Marion Le Pen seins nus sur un cheval baptisé Dior

Marion Maréchal Le Pen qui cours nue sur une plage, poursuivie par son grand-père Jean-Marie Le Pen, nu lui aussi.
Florian Philippot fait parfois de drôles de rêves….
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French Family Tells Grandpa to Shut Up

Nanterre, France –

Yesterday afternoon in Nanterre, France a very influential political family told their grandfather to, “please, shut up.”

After decades of bashing immigrants, considering the holocaust a “minor detail of history”, and branding his politics in the most nationalist sense imaginable, the family of this elder statesmen of French politics sought to squelch his increasingly incoherent ramblings. 407 fler ord