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More and more 'Reform'

‘Reform’ of asylum and immigration laws

It comes with the territory that Interior Ministers have a tendency to hardness.

In France the tendency is for Interior Ministers to be hard men (Michèle Alliot-Marie, 2007-09, the sole woman; before, she’d been the first female Defence Minister). 2 519 fler ord


Jean-Marie Le Pen fined 30,000 euros for saying that Holocaust was a "detail" of WW2.

Since WW2, France, a historically Catholic nation, has been under Jewish occupation.  As a result, there are Anti-Semitic laws galore that French citizens must tip-toe around in their everyday lives.  187 fler ord

Revisiting Populism; A Case Study

In light of Doug Ford’s recent win of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s nomination, it is important that we reexamine the influence and force of the populist movement within our politics. 578 fler ord

Current Affairs

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world (W.B. Yeats)

‘History is on our side’ (Steve Bannon, Trump’s ex-Head of Strategy)

Bannon (on a European tour promoting ‘economic nationalism’) was surprise speaker at this weekend’s Front National Congress, in Lille. 1 238 fler ord

Le Pen

National Affront

The FN can alter its name/

And dump Jean-Marie out of shame/

But isn’t it strange,/

The more racists change/

The more they remain just the same. 40 fler ord

Marine Le Pen and the Logic of Censorship

Marine Le Pen is threatened by a prison sentence of up to three years for posting IS propaganda. Her crime: she was tweeting about the activities of the Islamic state to expose them. 45 fler ord

Civil Liberties

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Brings Welcome Dose of Reaction to CPAC

Be still, my beating heart. It was a truly wonderful sight to see the beautiful Marion Maréchal-Le Pen at CPAC on Thursday morning. Times they certainly are a’changing. 589 fler ord

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