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Exit Fillon?

It is not just the Trump government, administration, hangers-on, advisors, friends, former election campaign leaders, supporters and others, which are all under some Russian cloud. 466 fler ord


These Charts Say We May Be Long Overdue For A "Flight To Safety" Episode

As explained in these pages exhaustively, last month’s ”Holy Schatz” moment that saw the front end of the German curve richen dramatically was probably due more to the ECB buying below the depo rate than it was to a flight-to-safety bid associated with rising Dutch and French election risk. 872 fler ord

S&P 500

Why exactly did Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen waste so much time talking about the burkini?

Not the EU, not the eurozone crisis, not working with Trump or handling Brexit, but two political powerhouses trading blows over a swimsuit. Is this really the pinnacle of political debate in a country on the verge of an election that could prove defining in its cultural and geopolitical future? 221 fler ord

The Muslim Times

Mordrons à l’hameçon et acceptons cet être imaginaire, cette ‘femme de paille’ qui s’appelle ‘Sandra’. En plus, laissons à coté le fait que les étrangers font environs 10% de ceux qui sont dans un logement sociale. 143 fler ord

Thoughts On The First French Presidential Debate

With the best candidate in the swamps, caricatures of the political landscape have risen to the top and are dominating discourse. Admit it though, President Le Pen sounds way cooler than President Macron. 552 fler ord

Marine Le Pen

Meanwhile, "Lunatic Le Pen Odds" Fall Sharply

Meanwhile, in ”odds lunatic becomes French president, triggers largest sovereign default in the history of the world” land….


As a reminder, for those who missed it early this morning… 251 fler ord


Euro Jumps To 6-Week High After Lunatic Loses Key Debate

We start Tuesday in Europe in the aftermath of the closely watched presidential debate at which Marine Le Pen had the following message for Donald Trump: ”I see your travel ban and border wall, and I’ll raise you one ban on… 939 fler ord