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Dear Europe, Trump's Just Not That Into You

Europe’s leaders, with the exception of Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, have been ridiculing and outright demonizing Trump ever since he declared his candidacy. 1 885 fler ord


Divided French left searches for presidential candidate

By Deadcentre

This weekend, France’s embattled and bitterly divided left will narrow down a candidate for this April’s presidential election.

Whoever is chosen must carve a new identity in the face of ex-President Francois Hollande’s legacy of unpopularity, whose approval ratings plummeted after his failure to restart France’s economy. 111 fler ord


Brexit may mean Brexit, but Brexit doesn't mean May's Brexit

It has been a week where what the public actually voted for in the EU referendum was finally, albeit slightly, revealed through Theresa May’s 12 point Brexit plan. 810 fler ord


Le Pen follows Trump’s lead on social media bombardment

By AFP – Jan 15,2017 – JORDAN TIMES

This file photo taken on September 3, 2016 shows French far-right party Front National (FN) president and member of the European Parliament, Marine Le Pen gesturing as she delivers a speech during a FN political rally in Brachay, northeastern France (AFP photo) 180 fler ord

The Muslim Times

Where Liberals Screwed Up

On Sunday, I said the following regarding the likely market consequences of UK PM Theresa May’s decision (communicated in a speech delivered on Tuesday) to pursue what she calls a ”clean and hard” split with the EU: 995 fler ord


Western Democracy's Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trump

I’ve long contended that Angela Merkel is the last line of defense for Western democracy which, as hyperbolic as it may sound, is under siege. 585 fler ord


View from an Irish emigrant -an open letter to An Taoiseach

Dear Taoiseach,

I am one of the many emigrants that has left Irish shores in recent years. Since arriving in France, I have watched proudly as the Irish people overwhelmingly voted in favour of equal marriage, as the voices of Irish women have grown stronger, as they continue speak out against the eighth amendment and, of course, the commemorations of the 1916 Rising that gave us the opportunity to reflect on the achievements and the failings of the state. 289 fler ord