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Will 5S resist 4.0 tech?

April 2019, in the corridors of our offices I picked a statement made by a young consultant about one of his clients: ”It’s a real mess in their warehouse, they do not manage storage and have no defined storage locations. 609 fler ord


The Different Types Of Gemba

Are there different types of Gemba?  Yes!  The fundamental reasons of Gemba remain the same, but there are at least 5 different types of Gembas each serving a different purpose.  1 099 fler ord


Solving a Lean Problem versus a Six Sigma Problem:

I must confess upfront that the title of this post is misleading. Similar to the Spoon Boy in the movie, The Matrix, I will say – … 972 fler ord


Persisting to learn: persisting to practice

I’m writing this blog whilst waiting for my daughter to graduate with her next Tang Soo Do red belt stripe. I think she will then have about 3-4 more stripes, before she can try to attain her dark blue belt. 923 fler ord


LeanGrocery - A Lesson In How Not To Be Like Your IT Department

Leveraging a Lean Kanban Approach to Improving the Grocery Shopping Process with Trello

The Background

As an Enterprise Architect at Dell Technologies, I help IT organizations from the Fortune 500 navigate through their Digital Transformation Journey by helping them with their IT, Workforce, and Application Transformations. 3 901 fler ord


What is Lean and why I am so obsessed with it?

If you’ve clicked on this post, it’s likely that you’ve not heard a lot about this thing called ‘Lean’.

Lean is the nickname for the operational improvement system used by Toyota, called ‘The Toyota Production System’. 652 fler ord