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Habang May Buhay, May Pag-asa

Those words simply mean, ”while there is life, there is hope”.

Saw this photo published by one of our news dailies here. A touching tale of something you would love to ponder on. 18 fler ord


What it truly means to trust and obey

What could have ended in 2 weeks ended up lasting for 2 years. I liked a non believer for 2 years when really it should been clear from the start that I wasn’t going to pursue anything more with this boy. 1 749 fler ord



I’ve spent a fair few hours this evening watching drag queens get ready before they head off to perform.

by drag queenS, I mean queen… 226 fler ord

Mental Health

Coming Out Of The Darkness...Literally!

Looking back, probably the most memorable and profound experience from out trip to Puerto Rico revolved around a kayaking trip we took around the Bio Bay in a nature reserve in Fajardo. 1 205 fler ord


ITV News: Michael Palin pays tribute to Terry Jones: 'He was the 'spirit of Monty Python

Michael Palin has described former co-star Terry Jones as ”the spirit of Monty Python”, following his death on Tuesday. Actor and writer Jones died aged 77 after suffering from a rare form of dementia,

Lacey's Menagerie: The Cats

I feel like most significant section of a series shouldn’t be the first installment. But I just can’t help it! I love these kitties! They’re a huge part of my life and getting bigger and bigger every day. 759 fler ord