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SWEDEN : Sanna Nielsen & Friends to host 'Eurovision The Party' at the Tele 2 Arena

It’s the party to end all parties so bring so get your glad rags on!

The huge Tele 2 Arena that is right beside the Globen Arena will be the venue for the biggest Eurovision party and you’re all invited. 225 fler ord


REVIEW: Melodifestivalen final: afterparty

The greatest show on earth is over for another year. How to celebrate at our Melodifestivalen final afterparty? Our selection is unashamedly heavy on the schlager. 328 fler ord


March Feel Good Playlist

Just a bunch of awesome songs to make you feel good this month….

Dumb & Dumber – iKON
This typically YG sounding song means that you’ll be having this beat stuck in your head for days! 262 fler ord

Random Thoughts...

"Girls": A gay emergency

Stay tuned this weekend for my first take on Jessa and Adam’s ”friendship.” Briefly below, let’s recap ”Good Man” by evaluating the strained relationships of the Horvath family. 458 fler ord


Loreen drops the 'F-Bomb' on live TV at the Icelandic Eurovision National Selection

We gave up counting after the third swear word.

Loreen was a special guest at the Icelandic national final for Eurovision 2016 tonight (Congrats to Greta btw… 183 fler ord


Another Supersized Serving of Scandipop: My Top 50 Melodifestivalen Entries, 2006-2015! (#30-#11)

Hej there! With a brief break between semi allocation draws, slogan/logo (slogo?) announcements and national finals upon us, there’s finally time for me to continue the countdown of my favourite Melfest entries ever… 1 787 fler ord


Monthly Playlist: January

Happy New year guys! I hope you all have had a great couple of days and that you had nothing but love and happiness so far. 220 fler ord