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Paper Light

Loreen’s new single has grown on me after a few weeks…


Happy Birthday Eurovision

How many times do we win and lose?

Less than a month to go until the most important event of the year, so get in the mood guys! 64 fler ord

Witnessed Up Close

Loreen: Stats so far

Loreen has performed consistently well so far in our Best Eurovision Song Ever polls. In her heat (heat 1) she topped the poll with 47% of the vote. 110 fler ord


The Many Looks of Loreen

As we honour Loreen, we take a look back over some of her interesting looks and attire that she has chosen over the past few years. 100 fler ord


Video: We Got the Power

Following a triumphant win at 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen returned with new material the following year when her home country Sweden hosted proceedings. The new single she chose to showcase a new album with was ”We Got the Power”. Watch the video here.


Video: Paperlights (Higher)

As we wait in anticipation for Loreen’s new album, the Swedish singer treated us to a performance of the lead single ”Paperlights (Higher)” at this year’s Melodifestivalen. 23 fler ord


Video: Crying Out Your Name

We are well and truly into the proceedings celebrating the career of Loreen. Time now for another video and this time it’s for ”Crying Out Your Name”.