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One of the best ways to find new songs is by listening to radio streams. When I say radio in this context, I mean internet radio and not your traditional AM/FM radio stations. 222 fler ord

Song Of The Day

Eurovision Song Contest 2015: The Aftermath

If there’s one word I could use to describe this year’s edition of the Eurovision, it is disappointing.

Sure, the national finals this year gave us a lot of great songs, but in the end, we end up with an overly predictable act as the winner. 1 451 fler ord


Sober Again!

After my Sex-on-the-Beach party yesterday I was glad to have a little time to recover. No, I did not have an excessive consume of shots but I don’t hold any alcohol… after half of my SOTB I am getting this funny feeling in my head. 446 fler ord

Song Of The Day

A message for my friends and family

Dear everyone,

I feel I should apologise for the deluge of overexcited Eurovision posts on social media over the next week. I’ve done two Facebook posts and at least a dozen tweets today already. 1 134 fler ord