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So I won something (for writing something)

So today hasn’t been the best of days, given my Fiancé’s dog passed away not too much earlier on. So it’s nice to end with some better news. 102 fler ord

Short Story

"71 Charger" Music Video

Loreen zaprezentowała teledysk do swojego najnowszego singla ” ‘71 Charger”.

Beata Ejzenhart

New Music Friday: The Best New Pop Singles This Week (29/09/17)

Sorry for the lateness, I’ve been ill and bed ridden all weekend and couldn’t face the brightness of my laptop screen. Fear not, it’s all here now. 552 fler ord

" '71 Charger" Loreen

Loreen zaprezentowała magnetyczny singiel zapowiadający jej najnowszą płytę.

”(…) Bite your tongue hard, keep it to yourself
Bite your tongue hard, keep it to yourself… 11 fler ord

Beata Ejzenhart

Single Review: Loreen - '71 Charger

Loreen starts over with fresh new direction
While Loreen’s fans have had to deal with quite a few delays in her releases of the past years, this time the Swedish pop artist is certainly not playing around. 262 fler ord

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