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Maybelline Colour Tattoos

When I did my favourites post about my favourite eye shadow, I mentioned two of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I believe I was watching YouTube when I first heard of them and I really liked the formula and how they looked on the lids. 410 fler ord


Creative Blogger Award!

Wow! I just started by blog a few days ago but I’ve already been nominated for this! Thank you so much to The Rose Beauty Files for the nomination. 432 fler ord


21 days of Ulta sales & 20% sales

Here is the rest of my 21 days Ulta haul plus my 20% Ulta haul.  I decided to combine both of them because I didn’t have that much products to two.   482 fler ord


No tears here. 

Spotted at #Sephora on 42nd and Madison…love it.

Purely Boujie

A tale of two lipsticks

Though I am ”older”, in my 40s, I am not one to shy away from a nice, bright, happy lipstick. I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable at my age wearing the blues, greens and purples that are hot right now, but the pinker, brighter the red and the more orange and I’m all over it. 301 fler ord

3 Ways to Do Bold Necklaces

I love bold necklaces. Here are a few ways to do them.

The Colorful Necklace

I like to style colorful necklaces with a bold red lip, a sun-kissed blush, and light mascara. 157 fler ord