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Too Faced 💕 Le Grand Chateau ( reviu) 💕 Too Faced week 💜Lara ❤️

So I have great newwwss!!!! This week I’m going to post three post , all are going to be about the Christmas collection of too faced and I’m going to do three revius, today I’m going to do the reviu of Le Grand Chateau. 174 fler ord


Makeup While Wearing Glasses... Accomplished! Some Thoughts on Make-up on Women!

Hiya everyone! This is Minnie the Shoujo Nut and I am here today to announce something that probably does not matter to anyone but myself. I manage to look good in makeup with glasses! 236 fler ord

Daily Life Events

City Color City Chic Lipstick in Heartbreaker

Lots and lots of makeup brands are currently coming out of the market. And City Color is one of the brands that caught my attention and curiosity. 210 fler ord


Here's a Post just for the Mama's!: IPSY


Do You love makeup?

Do you need to treat yourself?

Do you like feeling good about yourself?

Do you like getting surprises? 447 fler ord


Kylie Jenner Lippies

Anybody else excited about these lippies? I’m on the fence about purchasing them. They are gorgeous colors and kylie is known for her amazing lippies but I still don’t know. Anybody making plans to purchase?


The Virago

Mere scratches, mere cuts constantly adorned her face.

So was the life of the Virago.

Trained from such a young age, she took no shame in waltzing with death so long as that meant justice for all those who could not fend for themselves. 596 fler ord


King Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit !

Hey beauties ♥ If you love Kylie Jenner’s flawless makeup looks, be prepared to be wowed! Her lipkit will be launching tomorrow at No details have been posted where yet but you can follow… 62 fler ord