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Tutorial - DIY Face Primer

Hello everyone 🙋 how’s your day?  Here we in Indonesia have a long holiday due two public holiday 😋

Yup, as described on the title, this post will be a tutorial one. 179 fler ord


Graduation Time

It’s mind-boggling honestly, the fact that this time four years ago, I was graduating from college! It kind of feels like just yesterday and forever ago at the same time. 893 fler ord


10 Things That Define a True Winner in Life (For Beauty, Travel, Writing Bloggers & More!)

If I’m not the best, someone else is.

Everyone talks about the importance of loving what you do, but if you’re one of a thousand doing the same thing the same way, you’re not going to love the result. 589 fler ord


I Won 3 FREE Kylie Lip Glosses!?!

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On April 23rd Patty Rivera, proud owner of Diva Couture Apparel, celebrated her stores 1 year anniversary. 428 fler ord


Announcement: Becca launching in Dubai

I have been super obsessed with my Becca products for the last few months, including the Afterglow Palette (the mineral blushes are a DREAM! 81 fler ord


Beauty products that don't test on animals and are good for your skin

If you are like me and despise animal testing on cosmetic products but can never find products that work or are within a travellers budget then this article is for you! 551 fler ord