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Fall 2017 - #ProjectPan

Have you ever felt like your beauty addiction had gone a little too far? I have. Have you ever being guilty of leaving a product ”rotting” on the shelves despite the excitement you felt buying it? 651 fler ord

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The perfect highlighter for Halloween !

You know I love a rainbow. Seeing this new highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty, I would expect no less from them. The original rainbow highlighter makers. 305 fler ord


Mini Makeup Haul

After years of impulse buying, my makeup collection is sizeable enough that I try my best to only buy the basics, and to cut costs my favourites are the drug store brands. 568 fler ord

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Fall Makeup Look

Fall is my absolute favorite season – especially for makeup! I love the deep red and orange tones, so I created this fairly simple look based around those shades. 134 fler ord


Ja, det eskalerte jo fort

I dag måtte jeg dra fra jobb tidligere for å få satt inn en GPS i bilen min (forsikringsgreier), så jeg var hjemme tidligere enn vanlig. 240 fler ord