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Even the pure ones bleed…


*Arianna Hair by enVOGUE
*Steking Ears by MANDALA
*Rose Pasties by CUBIC CHERRY
*Eternity Wings by REMARKABLE OBLIVION… 24 fler ord


Waking up

(Since I had to blur my picture for the event I blog for since when I submit it to Flickr it won’t let me put the rating on adult, I decided to just use the picture for both blog and flickr) 64 fler ord

Second Life

Alexander McQueen

One of the artists suggested to me was Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer that won several awards for his work. It was suggested that I look to his work for inspiration on the transition of languages. 88 fler ord


More Kenny Rolands

Saw this on the web and it fascinated me.

”I fail to understand why so many think that to be dominant one must be rude, abrasive, bitchy, and without class. 264 fler ord


10. #Selfie

I really just wanted to have a bit of fun with this post, and since
Blueberry, Breathe, Just Because, Tetra, and Vinyl
were all having a 40% off sale until May 1st, it was the perfect chance to…
94 fler ord