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Fast Bali handmade elephant mandala circle sarong wall decor tapestry

At SaveOnTapestries, you can find an exclusive collection of Belgian tapestries including Bayeux Tapestry, Medieval Tapestry, Renaissance Tapestry, Landscape Tapestry, William Moris, and more. Based on your home d… 260 fler ord

Bali handmade Blue Hippie Paisley circle mandala tapestry wall

If you wish to enhance the beauty of your home or office interiors, buy Belgian tapestry. Considered as luxury art form, Belgian tapestry would add opulent charm to your living space. 246 fler ord


Book of Souls

Book of Souls is the latest Iron Maiden album, my man is a huge fan!  Speaking of him, his pixels are looking mighty fine with a couple of finds from the ”Men Only Monthly”.  151 fler ord


Daily Digital Mandala 607

”There is nothing so pitiful as a young cynic because he has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing.”

~Maya Angelou


Self-Care and Dreams


Yesterday wasn’t quite as relaxing as I hoped….I was irritable and it is hard to relax when you are irritable!  That said, dh and I went out for breakfast and shared raspberry oatmeal pancakes with lemon curd sauce (Yum!) while we chatted about this and that.  720 fler ord