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Colorful Circular Vintage Tin

Great vintage find by CoffeeSharpieAddict (10.00 USD)

143 - Playful Great Dane Mandala

I loved this delightful image of Ethel the Great Dane so much that I just had to showcase it on the MotD. Apparently National Geographic’s Your Shot… 169 fler ord


Daily Digital Mandala 508

”We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.”

~Ann Landers


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another weavesilk

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Light Box #4

12×24″ and only 1″ deep.
Lit with a single LED light bar, the same as I used for #3,
and total time, form start to finish, was just under 6 hours.


Nina's mandala by Kerfe

My dear co-blogger Kerfe is ”down the shore” as we say in New Jersey. I am fortunate to own this piece that Kerfe gave to me a few years ago. 47 fler ord