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Daily Digital Mandala 697

”Don’t let the fear of losing be greater that the excitement of winning.”

~Robert Kiyosaki


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Not Feeling It

Not Feeling It

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving, dh, ds and I head to the tree farm and cut down our tree and decorate it.  The past few years, that tradition has slid to the wayside, partly due to my work schedule, partly due to my mood and partly due to entropy. 244 fler ord


The place where I go...

The Fantasy Collective has opened it’s doors for the November round and what a mass of delicious treats as well as pretty ones too. TFC opens at noon on the 22nd and closes on the 15th of December.   93 fler ord

Second Life

My mandala tattoo

Sometime in the next year, I want to get a mandala tattoo on my back, centered and close to the top with a quote by the mandala. 51 fler ord

Crochet, woodpeckers and frosty mornings

We’re entertaining ten visitors this weekend so it’s been a busy week, preparing enormous quantities of food and getting the house ready to sleep 13… 415 fler ord