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Sales force

Going on a small road trip today to visit a good costumer of mine. I work in sales and a large part of my work is to book meetings and visit costumers to talk about marketing and how my product can be of valuable for them. 106 fler ord


Denis Leary rips 'creepy' Matt Lauer in 'The Talk' rant

Don’t count Denis Leary among those surprised by the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against Matt Lauer.

During a Thursday appearance on The Talk, the… 164 fler ord


The Wake Up: Stephen Glover's FX Deal, 'Denture Donald' Takes Over Twitter, California Fires Enter Los Angeles

Big News

Stephen Glover—younger brother of Donald Glover and writer for Atlantahas reportedly signed an overall deal with FX. If you weren’t aware, Glover is also cooking up an animated Deadpool TV series for FXX and Marvel,  529 fler ord


5 rules of the world’s No.1 bucket-list trip

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It\u2019s difficult to speak to a safari tour operator about Africa without it seeming like they\u2019re quoting paragraphs from a particularly exotic novel, all \u201cflamboyance of flamingoes\u201d this, and \u201cconspiracy of lemurs\u201d that. 5 288 fler ord


The importance of norms and marketing (Swedish text, for @elinforsling on instagram)

I en tid med många ståndpunkter, antaganden och en växande konservativ våg är det viktigt att se effekterna av normer och marknadsföring. På bilen oven (tagen av @elinforsling på instagram) ser vi två exempel på etiskt ställningstagande i form av marknadsföring. 287 fler ord


Bitcoin Map Radar for Stockholm, by Jensa Consulting

This is our map over all business accepting Bitcoin in Stockholm area. You accepting Bitcoins but not listed? Contact us here!

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