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Sill, sill och sill.

Sill! Det svenskaste vi har på bordet och äter det vid dom största högtiderna vi har. Jul, påsk och midsommar. Samma
mat och samma dryck. Eller? 45 fler ord


Mathaller og torg

I am completely fond of markets. Food markets are my favourite, I never miss a chance to visit them in any city, I remember them in details from Lisbon, Venice, Paris, Grenoble, Valencia. 664 fler ord

Best Meals Budapest

Thursday June 21 2018

Musli (muesli) 61g = 226 calories

Lättfil 140g (fermented milk) = 56 calories

Falafel 91g = 229 calories

Vitlöksdressing 50g (garlic dressing) = 125 calories… 41 fler ord


A case for CSR and MAT levies on imports.

A case for MAT and CSR levies on imports

V Kumaraswamy

Sec 135 of the Companies Act 2013, enjoins companies meeting some criteria to spend at least 2 % of their average (of preceding 3 years) PAT on social projects. 829 fler ord

Wednesday June 20 2018

Musli 60g (muesli) = 222 calories

Lättfil 100g (fermented milk) = 40 calories

Halloumi 100g = 330 calories

Äpple (apple) = 72 calories

Noblesse 150 (chocolate) = 840 calories… 29 fler ord


Tuesday June 19 2018

In the app Lifesum I use the snacks are listed last. As I copy what it says on there all of the snacks go last despite me eating them at different times during the day. 81 fler ord


Monday June 18 2018

10 mandlar (almonds) = 60 calories

Musli 45g (muesli) = 167 calories

Banan (banana) = 125 calories

Lättfil (light fermented milk) 100g = 40 calories… 46 fler ord