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Medication Assisted Treatment Programs for Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Medication Assisted Treatment Programs for Alcohol & Drug Abuse :- :- If you or a loved one is abusing alcohol and/or drugs and needs help, check out these medication assisted treatment programs that works to treat alcohol and drug abuse to detox, recover, and get sober.


Golden Pattern Yoga Mat

Strike your sun salutation in style. This yoga mat is lightweight (3.6 lbs.), yet durable. Just toss it over your shoulder with the handy carrying strap and you’re on your way. 25 fler ord


Crispy cod in browned butter with Canarian potatoes

It is time to reveal you the most amazing fish recipe we have to share! This recipe is actually Gustavs and I love it.

We have breaded cod with crisp rye-bread (but panko or other bread crumbs goes well too) which gives the fish crispiness and bit of sourness.  368 fler ord


Fangst i kald nordavind

Den har liksom ikke helt sluppet taket, denne vinteren.

Natt til mandag er temperaturen nede i skarve fire grader, og det blir ikke særlig varmere utover dagen, heller.  224 fler ord


Get back on track

I lost myself a bit over the last weeks, well even months. Under the flag of „common, let’s enjoy life“, I finally lost the connection to myself, which was so hard to build up. 213 fler ord


Life Update: Not at a crossroads

A few things that have changed since my last post in September:

  • I was accepted to a MAT/Single Subject Credential Program & will still pursue a career in teaching.
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