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Rihanna to Release Dior Sunglass Collection

Rihanna has teamed up with Dior again to create a range of futuristic sunglasses in collection simply titled “Rihanna.” 434 fler ord


Amber's Carmelized Rose Gold

Amber’s before picture (upper left), her face when she saw her color outside (lower left) and completely dry and smooth on the right side. Her smile says it all.

Hair Salon

Day 268 - Contemplating on existence

Today I start with by my observations of my external reality and then reflecting it back to self here.

So many impressions I have every day and so many things seem so solid, blunt and direct, which is obviously the physical world we live within, the infrastructure and human system for instance – industry, development, mass traffic and transit, very simple and also highly sophisticated machinery, everything being animated with lazy precision, each part of this massive system apparently exactly knows what’s its purpose and where it is going. 3 259 fler ord

Lost in the Matrix

We are always trying to find,

The pasts we’ve left behind.

But we change every second of our lives,

It’s a constant that’s hard to realize. 61 fler ord

Great Monday Evening

Katie did Galaxy Hair in Heather & Angie did a Vanilla Mocha Color Melt on Cathy

Hair Salon

RIIAB 3x4 Matrix

Most people think its fraud.
They think it does not exist.
But opportunities are only meant for few.
It is true that there have been fake sites. 109 fler ord


NEW VIDEO: Adele - "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

She couldn’t be there in person, but no Awards show can escape the force of Adele these days. 54 fler ord