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Daily Punch 3-21-17 |_(_)(|<`/! Matrix Edge for Shadowrun 5e

Ok, one more quick Shadowrun idea for today.

|_(_)(|<`/! (LUCKY!)

Not everyone on the net is a L337 hacker, but you’e lucky.  A character can spend a point of Edge to remove up to 4 points worth of penalties from a Hack on the Fly or Brute Force hacking attempt.



Natural Negative Perspective 2

Click on the image up to 3 times for increasing levels of detail.

Nature Photography

A Glitch in the Matrix?

Or did I shift universes?

Arrived at work this morning like every other morning for the past 2 years.   Got to the turnstiles and looked at the keypad, entered my code and BEEEEP.   232 fler ord


Natural Negative Perspective 1

Click on the image up to 3 times for increasing levels of detail.

Nature Photography

Indirect Realism

You aren’t reading this poem.

You are just a Solipsistic

Little brain in a jar.

Is this even a poem?

Or is this just a marred illusion… 78 fler ord

My Poetry

Matrix Falling Code Effects - Notepad Trick

>This trick is an awesome, look like real matrix. It’s inspired by the matrix movie, this is known as falling code trick and it’s extremely popular on social networking websites.

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Computer Tricks

Crazy Podcast Returns!

The Crazy 4 Comic Con podcast is back after a long break- this time, better than ever! Now, the new C4CC team will be covering the latest pop culture happenings as well as give updates on WonderCon and Comic-Con. 102 fler ord