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Italians Show World How to Deflate Terror Propaganda

Corbett Report, Mar 2015

Italians take to Twitter to mercilessly mock the latest al-CIA-duh terror propaganda. This is how it’s done. Thanks to the Revelations Radio News podcast at…

Time: 03:37

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Scammers Sell Fake Drake Tickets

According to reports from TMZ and Houston’s ABC-13, a fake promotion company is running a scam and selling tickets to Drake concerts that do not exist. 279 fler ord


Eminem Releases Documentary - 'Not Afraid'

Eminem kept pretty busy (and quiet) last year with the release of his compilation album and the 15 year anniversary of his Shady Records.

This week Eminem teamed up with Complex to release his new documentary, … 39 fler ord


Education or The Matrix?

We live in a system.  It is a system which is so encompassing most people don’t even consciously, critically analyze it, as it seems like reality.  4 107 fler ord


WATCH: Future - “Just Like Bruddas”

Future continues his constant release of new music with the trailer for “Just Like Bruddas.” 36 fler ord


How luck works

You’re at the casino and you win big – a lucky fluke, divine intervention or inner smarts? The answer’s against the odds

by Carlin Flora… 776 fler ord