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Was Lil Wayne's Tour Bus Hit by Gunfire?

TMZ is report in that Lil Wayne’s tour bus was hit by gunfire in Atlanta early Sunday morning. 75 fler ord


Is the US Becoming a Police State?

I don’t associate a police state with the kind of freedom and affluence a majority of Americans stil enjoy. Yet the mainstream and alternate media are turning up the heat by focusing on police abuses which in proportion to the number of interactions are still pretty rare. 588 fler ord


Clothes and Gadgets Block Face Recognition Technology, Confuse Drones and Make You (Digitally) Invisible

Last spring, designer Adam Harvey hosted a session on hair and makeup techniques for attendees of the 2015 FutureEverything Festival in Manchester, England. Rather than sharing innovative ways to bring out the audience’s eyes, Harvey’s CV Dazzle Anon introduced a series of styling methods designed with almost the exact opposite aim of traditional beauty tricks: … 446 fler ord


NEW MUSIC: Styles P - “Inner City Ghost” AND “Rhyme, Ghost & Forty”

Keeping it lit on Fridays, Styles P has dropped the thought provoking “Inner City Ghost” and “Rhyme, Ghost & Forty” featuring new artist Fortes.


The Wealth Of The World

We, my friends, are the wealth of the world. It’s what is inside of us that is valuable, our creative essence. We have been deceived into believing that the things outside of us are valuable, when the things outside of us are just products of what we are. 6 fler ord

Spiritual Dynamics

A Couple of Boos Can't Stop Drake

So y’all thought a couple of boos would stop the Raptors’ Ambassador? 60 fler ord


Dame Dash Sues Ex-Wife for $2.5 Million

So since Dame is an expert on being a man, do real men sue their husbands? Just wondering … Anywho … 422 fler ord