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The eye is not a lens

You can only see what could be when you fully see what currently is. When you try to bypass the truth of what pains you or what you fear, your perspective will always be flanked by what you dread and it will reanimate through your focus on resistance. 36 fler ord


Know Thyself 📜

Knowing thyself or myself has only stabilized me in these attacks but it has not stopped them.

I’m stuck in a matrix of lies forced to learn about these lies and hoping to find my way out. 260 fler ord

The divine tapestry

Don’t let your human limitations be a source of shame. Know that your limits are the delineation of you, the fabric that you were carved out of. 153 fler ord



The ego will only tolerate the morality of the heart as long as it’s not threatened, and the heart can’t flourish in a lack mentality like that. 183 fler ord


Do We Live in a Simulation?

Do we live in a simulation, created by an advanced civilisation, in which we are part of some sophisticated virtual reality experience? For this to be a possibility we can make the obvious assumption that sufficiently advanced civilisations will possess the requisite computing and programming power to create what philosopher Nick Bostrom termed such ‘ancestor simulations’. 751 fler ord


The good forces you to feel what's bad

I just realized that… I’ve been blaming myself for my trauma and depression, and everytime I’ve had an attack or breakdown I’d look for what I did wrong and I’d beat myself up about it. 408 fler ord


Being Eve 🍎🍏

Are you going to take the red pill or blue pill?

Tree of life or tree of knowledge?

I was deceived like Eve.

See we all sin, make mistakes, learn grow hopefully . 109 fler ord