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The worst people are...

Those who were once lost and disconnected from the divine and their own soul, but found God. Once they were gifted that stability, they thought the stability was a result of some mental gymnastics that they finally succeeded at, and they look to their past self, and all who resemble them, with disgust. 282 fler ord



Disease and disconnection are the only things that spread fast, because it’s disjointed and not processed. Pathology is not rooted anywhere, and its main purpose is to spread havoc by disrupting ecosystems and harmony. 218 fler ord



Some pains you have to suffer to find release from, even if it’s not fair. The suffering of dejection and defeat is different from that of breaking free; one eats away at your light and slowly kills your soul, the other fuels your light and emboldens your soul with each pang. 188 fler ord



Between the epoch of birth and death fabricated by consciousness is what a life is. But why does it come to be when it will always be dictated to an end? 547 fler ord


I'll Sleep On It

I don’t enjoy waking up.

I love being awake (for the most part) and being alive and doing things, but waking up? That’s some trash, honestly. 389 fler ord

Existential fulfillment

I finally clocked what success means to me in regards to what I want to do in life : that my work be emotionally cathartic and healing for those it’s meant to reach and that it becomes a lasting source of clarity and stability. 313 fler ord