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The Dark Triad – How Pedophiles and Psychopaths are Created

By Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer, Waking Times

There are many neurological disorders which may lead to psychopathy and pedophilia, but a vile set of characteristics which acts as the underlying psychology of a predator is known as the Dark Triad. 530 fler ord


Mark Of The Beast Is Here, And It's Super Hip!

Who would have thought that the mark of the beast would be so convenient, cool, and offer so much protection?  With the mark of the beast, you won’t have to worry about losing your children or getting locked out of your house.   551 fler ord


Big Government – The Reason You Need a License to Braid Hair

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer, Waking Times 

We live in a time when big government is such an ingrained part of our lives that it’s difficult for most people to comprehend what freedom even is. 762 fler ord


The Cost of your Hairstylist

I’m sure most of you have seen the ”yard sale” sites on Facebook with people asking for cheap people to do their hair (color, cuts, waxing, nails, etc). 607 fler ord


Color Grid as Matrix

For the Color Grid as Matrix project, it was required of me to create three different patterns using different shapes. For my project I used circles, squares, hexagons and stars. 76 fler ord


We’ve Been Sold a Lie – Time to Stop Watching the Show

by Julian Rose, Contributor, Waking Times

‘The show must go on’ as they say in the theatre. And indeed, so it would appear. Only this particular show seems to have no beginning or end. 836 fler ord


Create XYZ files from Matrix using Matlab

There are times when your software requires you to have an *.xyz data, while most of the time, we have the *.dat in a matrix form. 103 fler ord