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Accept & display matrix

C program to accept & display matrix element :


void main()
int a[2][2];
int i,j;
printf(”Enter matrix element:”);
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New Courses from Online Arts Education

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Michael Jackson

The Irony of the Digital

This is our digital irony. You have a physical human wearing a contraption which allows them to see in stereo thus giving the perception of 3D who is tracked by cameras in a defined space. 1 044 fler ord


Country Matrix Sarajevo Model UN '16

United Nations Securtiy Council
2. Egypt
3. France
4. Iran (Observer)
5. Iraq (Observer)
6. Japan
7. Lebanon (Observer)
8. Malaysia
9. New Zealand… 147 fler ord


Reality Sculpting 101: II. Facing The Challenge

Reality sculpting is not the same as creating reality from nothing. It does not mean we say “behold”, wave a wand and the Hollywood effects take over. 1 087 fler ord



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高三複習, 是楷庸個人認為, 最為考驗老師的教學統整能力的時候。


Reality, what is it?

By Kyle Perkins.

I was thinking to myself today, ”why do we need sleep?” Which led me down a rabbit hole. Think about this. You go a day without sleep, you feel groggy, worn out, but what happens after that? 425 fler ord