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Vogue - November 1966 Poster Print

by Horst P. Horst at the Condé Nast Collection

Published November 15, 1966

Horst P. Horst captures legendary model Veruschka in this photograph, which appeared the November 15, 1966, Vogue.

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100 Days: Assessing the Assessors

The Death of the Media

Let’s compare and contrast, shall we, way the press is assessing the first 100 days of Hair Führer?

First up, Mike ‘Payola’ Allen writing the morning email thingie at Axios. 711 fler ord

Hair Führer Donald Trump

The Google monopoly will destroy Local Media

Ryan Cooper of The Week states it clearly Google is dangerous monopoly, ”Google is a monopoly — and it’s crushing the internet.”  Cooper  323 fler ord

Richard Corriere

Exposure to Violence

I deeply wish that violence on TV and in video games did not affect people to become more aggressive, but it’s difficult to argue against the evidence.  588 fler ord


Tyler Hicks: Finding The Truth

The New York Times‘ ”Truth” ad campaign — launched during the Oscars — is unusual.

A variety of spots, in an array of mediums, hammer home one theme: ”The truth is hard to find.” 168 fler ord