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Serial: Is Adnan Syed Truly Guilty?

Click Serial- Is Syed Guilty? to view my opinion on whether or not Adnan Syed is truly guilty in the podcast series Serial. 

Simply open the link and press play from beginning. 71 fler ord

E' inutile "spaventarsi" dell'invasione se poi si supporta il governo che la fa.

Il Giornale di Sallusti sembra il Giornale di uno squilibrato: ci sono in continuazione articoli sull'”invasione”, i migranti cui Sala vuole dare i lavori del Comune di Milano invece che agli Italiani, la Kyenge che spaventa tutti, Il Ministero degli Interni che vuole regalare studi universitari ai migranti e poi per gli Italiani la stangata autunnale. 566 fler ord


PNWA Conference Report

From Thursday, July 20th through Sunday, July 23rd, I attended the 2017 Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association’s conference. It was a meeting of writers of all genres, from memoir to middle grade to fantasy. 286 fler ord

Bipolar Parent


Internasjonaliseringen splitter akademia – med god grunn.

Norske samfunnsforhold reduseres til en obskur forskningsinteresse. Formidling i offentligheten nedprioriteres til fordel for internasjonale tidsskrifter. Utlendinger utkonkurrerer norske forskere. 525 fler ord


Cloud-based Video Conferencing Market Ride on the BYOD Wave

​The implementation of Video Conferencing Market in any enterprise significantly improves the rate and clarity of communication between employees across the hierarchy. This applies a great deal more to globally spread out companies, as the use of video conferencing can help them cut costs in operations management, training, and recruitment. 748 fler ord


Podcast roundup v.1

I’m a neophyte podcast listener. I don’t know why I shrugged podcasts off as unnecessary noise I didn’t want clouding my already full auditory field for so long, especially considering my love of NPR. 251 fler ord

Digital Connection