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Francis MacDonald - Hamilton Mausoleum Suite

Fellow fashion victim Francis MacDonald has a new classical piece coming out very soon and here he is on the front of the Arts section of The Herald last Saturday…there is a picture not dissimilar to this on Francis’ blog (linked from here under ”Cool Stuff” below.  143 fler ord


White House Correspondent April Ryan Reveals She’s Received Death Threats Over White House Coverage

On Sunday, veteran journalist April Ryan revealed on CNN that she, along with other White House press reporters, have received death threats.

While speaking to host… 316 fler ord

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Women's March 2018 and the Absence of Media Coverage

Saturday marked the second annual Women’s March, held in nearly every major US city and hundreds of small towns across the country. By Monday, the event was scrubbed from news pages as the media’s collective focus fixated on the government shutdown. 888 fler ord


Naveen Stone of In Loving Memory talks music, EP's, and being an underdog

This week we got to sit down and talk with Naveen Stone lead singer of In Loving Memory. Here’s our full interview!

Ryan: This is a question I do not like to ask, however I feel like it’s needed. 829 fler ord

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Bob Costas No Longer on NBC's Super Bowl Coverage Months After Saying Football "Destroys People's Brains"

NBC today announced its on-air team for Super Bowl LII and Bob Costas’ name is nowhere to be found. When the longtime broadcaster stepped down as host of the Olympics last February, … 347 fler ord


Rupert Murdoch wants Facebook to pay for the news


Rupert Murdoch, the executive chairman of News Corporation, today issued a statement calling for Facebook and Google to subsidize the news traveling through their platforms. 1 229 fler ord