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What Does Jesus Say About Himself?

What Jesus actually said about himself, we can never be certain. The gospels, the earliest of which, the Gospel of Mark, was likely written about 35 years after the crucifixion, offer the most reliable testimony we have. 3 506 fler ord


Jesus não é o Messias #1 - Introdução

Os cristãos creem que Jesus é o Messias prometido do Tanach ou, como os cristãos dizem Velho Testamento. Eles citam varias ”profecias” que supostamente falam de Jesus, mas você verá que Jesus não é o Messias prometido nos próximos posts. Até breve.

Refutando O Cristianismo

Messianische vs. Trinitarische Juden

SchuwaLaSchoresch – Zurück zur Wurzel: Endlich eine deutschprachige Website (, endlich ein deutschsprachiges Video, welches auf liebevolle, ermahnende und lehrreiche Art erklärt, was wahre „messianische Juden“ im Gegensatz (=vs) zu „Trinitarischen Juden“ sind und das heidenchristliche Dogma der Trinität erklärt. 416 fler ord


Jesajan kirja, kuin pienoisraamattu

Jesajan kirja on yksi Raamatun Vanhan Testamentin profetaallisista kirjoista ja juutalaisten Tanakhin Nevi’imin seitsemäs kirja. Aina 1800-luvulle asti juutalainen synagooga ja kristityt pitivät Jesajan kirjaa yhtenäisenä kirjana. 1 417 fler ord


Identity Crisis - message about God's people Israel and the tribes

Pastor Jim Staley teaches on Identity Crisis.
There is a supernatural awakening happening in these last days! Christians around the world have been given a divine invitation from the Holy Spirit to come back to the roots of their faith. 183 fler ord


Must read: Background article about Messianism in the orthodox Jewish community

Waiting for the Messiah of Eastern Parkway

By Jonathan Mahler, 21 September 2003, The New York Times

The synagogue in the basement of the Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is the closest thing to holy ground for the Hasidic movement, though with its peeling paint, dirty linoleum floors, wooden benches and unidentifiable odor, it feels more like a junior-high-school cafeteria than your average Jewish sanctuary. 4 305 fler ord