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Melbourne rockers Mote release 'Samalas'

The Australian rockers Mote are releasing their Debut LP ‘Samalas’. The 4-piece has crafted a gorgeous LP ranging from alterantive rock to space rock.

‘Samalas’ is filled with great guitarwork and you can feel the passion and hard work that the band put in their debut LP. 10 fler ord

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Smykker fra Nordik light


Jeg har fått noen nydelige smykker fra Nordik light. Selskapet Nordik Light ble laget i 2005 av Mari-Ann Pesula, hun er svensk men etablert i Storbritannia. 53 fler ord


JBEAUTY | Mote Liquid Liner in Brown

^wow you really see your flaws exacerbated in these kinds of photos (thanks iPhone XS)

The tip is really fine so I’ve accidentally drawn some pretty nice lines with this. 121 fler ord



– ”Skriv ärligt”, säger han och jag blir genast misstänksam.


– ”Men ärligt?”, säger jag och suckar. ”Ska jag skriva ärligt? Det går ju inte.” 385 fler ord


Cultural Insight 7: Food

Have you ever considered how important food was in the ministry of Jesus? We see that the context of many of Christ’s interactions involved food. What does our Holy God incarnate have in common with sinners? 97 fler ord


Protokoll fört vid styrelsemöte i Oppmanna, 2018-11-12

Närvarande: Jan Isaksson, Britt-Marie Eriksson, Agneta Johansson, Katarina Olsson och Viktor Persson.

1. Mötet öppnades av ordföranden Jan Isaksson.

2. Föreslagen dagordning godkändes, se bilaga 1. 903 fler ord


#61: The Mote in God's Eye: Niven & Pournelle

The first time i read this book i was a sophomore in high school. It was the recommendation of a close friend of mine, who had it recommended to him by his father. 632 fler ord