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Resolution Bells

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Time for new year parties and resolutions!.

Literally, a New Year’s resolution is an idea, most popular in the Western Hemisphere but also noticed in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which an individual determines to change an undesired trait or behavior, to carry out a particular objective to enhance their way of life. 745 fler ord


Episode 89: Nine Sons Of The Dragon

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I know we haven’t really talked about dragon yet. Since there are so much about the dragon in Chinese mythology, today I decide to talk about the nine sons of the dragon. 673 fler ord

Muke in Rochester Hills, MI on 09/11/18 (x)

No Bones About It!

Hi there! My name is Mo. Like everyone, I have multiple roles in my life.  I’m a daughter to my two hardworking parents.  Sister to two kind and caring brothers.  1 359 fler ord