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Neal's yard almond moisturiser for sensitive skin - nourish dehydrated skin

I remember the days when I would awake every morning with plump skin, which looked rested and felt smooth. Those were the days. When skin was easy. 170 fler ord

Skin Care

26 Grains

This morning, I headed down to Neals Yard to grab myself a delicious bowl of porridge from 26 Grains. I’m absolutely obsessed with porridge, and I eat some variation of oats pretty much every day. 501 fler ord

Eating Out

Organic Natural Skincare

When it comes to skincare I am a firm believer in natural, organic, cold pressed ‘basically the whole holistic approach.’ The benefits of natural oils are just undeniable, they have completely changed my skin like nothing else, needless to say like most others i have been sucked into trusting miracle do it all products… this 95% of the time has ended up in my highly sensitive skin becoming enraged, hating me and leaving severe long term scarring. 378 fler ord

Argan Oil

Cheeky Post About Being Chuffed

I have actually made it to England! All of the trials and tribulations did not matter in the end because I am here, my luggage is here, and for whatever reason I am not jet lagged at all! 172 fler ord

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Fromage Friday: Stawley

Quick: if I told you the best European cheese I’d tasted in the past few weeks was a lovely little cylinder of goat’s milk, which country would you guess was its home? 333 fler ord

Cheese Love

26 Grains

To say that I am a breakfast person is somewhat misleading. More accurately, I am a porridge person and my consumption is by no means limited to the morning hours. 391 fler ord