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Beauty Favourites

Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to buying beauty stuff, and mine is to try and keep things as natural as possible on a reasonable budget. 734 fler ord


Helping Hands

I was always that person who never used hand creams and ended up with dry, flaky skin. It really wasn’t pretty. I know, I know what you’re thinking: why didn’t I just slap on some lotion and show my hands some well needed TLC? 285 fler ord


Reed Diffusers

First you’ll need to source a suitable bottle. Old spice bottles are very good as well as decent sized alcohol miniatures. Then you just add the… 107 fler ord


Neal's Yard Remedies Rejuvinating Frankincense Facial Wash

Hi lovelies! For years I’ve searched high and low for a face wash that cleanses without drying. The ones from the drugstore tended to have the abrasive scrubs, and a lot of the higher end ones are usually the foaming type (bad for the skin as skin guru Caroline Hirons explained -google her, shes fab). 378 fler ord


Training day tomorrow

Tomorrow is my training for setting up the rest of the website by myself.
After items have gradually been getting put on the site, we are now on page 2 on Google results out of thousands!! 20 fler ord


South London Photographer: Another birthday and a yearning for some kind of calm or at least less noise!

It’s birthday season in our house, which has meant another busy weekend for us. I’m currently surrounded by various noisy gadgets and a TV that is way too loud – what is it with children – why must everything be so very, very loud with them? 744 fler ord