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Restaurants: Mildred's, Wild Food Cafe and Nama

London is one of the best cities in the world for the ecclectic mix of wondrous restaurants and cafes. We are so lucky to have such a culturally rich and vibrant capital city. 1 402 fler ord


My beauty routine

From the first time we go through our mother’s make-up cases, trying to apply a green eyeliner as a fabulous lipstick, I think it’s safe to say all females are curious about each other’s make-up bags and beauty routines. 749 fler ord

Natural Beauty

The Review - Neal's Yard Bee Lovely lip balm


Bit of a random one today. I found this as I was going through my old makeup at home home, and found I had 2. 313 fler ord


Mix your own mask - Coffee scrub

I came home today from an interview and I wanted to give my skin a treat! I got some coffee grind left over from this morning, so I decided to use it as the base of my face scrub. 137 fler ord


26 Grains - Neal's Yard.

This morning myself and a couple of the girls from the office took a trip to 26 grains –  at Neal’s Yard. Porridge galore. I’d love to say you heard it here first but you’ve probably heard that grains of all kinds have rocketed through the ‘clean eating’ food scene in the last year or so. 161 fler ord


 So for Dan’s 20th birthday I surprised him with a day trip to London, where we spent our time being typical tourists and going round all the sites, I thought I’d share with you some of the places we went to. 209 fler ord

It's Okay Not To Be Perfect - Say Goodbye To The Pressure


It’s okay not to be Wonder Woman but you know, it’s a matter of course to feel we aren’t quite good enough and it seems second nature to pile on the pressure.  919 fler ord