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EXCLUSIVE: Read the messages Candice, an ex-bot with Forever Living, received after the Daily Mail article.

Read the original article in the Daily Mail here.

We were aware some weeks before the DM article came out that Candice was going public with her story and we’ve been keeping tabs on her ever since – mainly because we weren’t sure what kind of reaction she was going to get, and we wanted her to know we supported her 100%. 234 fler ord

Losing People To An MLM

An Open Letter to Netmums about all the MLM recruiting on their site

Dear Netmums,

Thank you for providing a space for mums and especially new mums to share and support each other.   We think what you are doing is great. 518 fler ord

Losing People To An MLM

"I"m £400 down and can't see how on earth to make it back.."- An Ex-Bot from Neal's Yard speaks

I was swayed by the promises of zero commitment, no sales targets and simply getting a bargain

NO MONEY in profit.  None.  The system is so complicated it’s near impossible to work out your incomings and outgoings…

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Losing People To An MLM

Neal's Yard

This yard is near Covent Garden but was, for us, a bit difficult to find. We actually just stumbled upon it in the end. I knew where we were because I’d seen pictures of it. 32 fler ord

Londons Buildings

homeslice - neal's yard

I was left to pick ”something to do” by my boyfriend which let me tell you, is no mean feat. He is always the one in charge of picking. 573 fler ord


Natural Face Scrub

Yesterday, I purchased the Bare Minerals Bareskin Serum Foundation, and I really want to like it – not least because it cost £26. However, I found it really highlights my dry skin patches like scales, even after moisturising and priming. 404 fler ord

Natural Recipe