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London's prettiest spot: Notting Hill vs Neal's Yard

I think it’s important not to be afraid of the big issues. Like, which is prettier – Notting Hill or Neal’s Yard? London isn’t necessarily known for looking whimsical or cute, but these two areas provide welcome relief from the huge shiny buildings and crazy traffic. 71 fler ord


Essential Oils - Bergamot

I didn’t know a lot about Bergamot until a few years ago when I started to crave it. Strange, I know and I wasn’t pregnant! 217 fler ord


My Skincare Routine

This is a terrible confession for a blogger, I know. But I can’t say I have a religious, or even comprehensive, skincare routine.

When I was a teenager I suffered from terrible acne and tried every product under the sun to try to fix it. 931 fler ord


Postcard from London. ♡

This past week I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time in my nation’s Capital London. And what a wonderful week ! Our trip was all in aid of celebrating my baby sister’s upcoming 40th Birthday. 708 fler ord

Places To Visit

Afternoon tea with two under two...

With two under two meals out are a rareity and if we do dare to dine it’s a military operation. A sharp intake of breath on my part is also required and you have to learn not to give a damn about what other people think, especially when the toddler decides that he would very much like his voice to be heard. 600 fler ord


Essential Oils: Jasmine

I love Jasmine. I love it’s delicate and pretty flowers, it’s warm, heady yet floral scent and versatility.

It is a native of north-west India and has been highly valued for it’s scent for thousands of years and was known as the… 259 fler ord


Neal's Yard

As you already know, I have been to London and I tried to see some of the things on my bucket list. One of these was Neal’s Yard, a very nice little corner not far from Covent Garden. 158 fler ord