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My daily skincare routine❤️🌹


Hello lovely readers❤️

Today I have decided to post a piece on my updated daily skincare routine, it has changed since I did a blog post on it a couple of months ago. 91 fler ord

Go Native in Neal's Yard

London is many things, busy, bustling, full of people, polluted, beautiful and what I perhaps love most of all, it has something for everyone. Me, I like, no I love food and I can’t imagine there being a better place to get authentic food from all corners of the world. 505 fler ord

Restaurant Review

Neal's Yard Review

The first time I heard about Neal’s Yard was when I received an invite to a “Neal’s Yard Party” a few months ago. Being the cynic I am I presumed this was another party where you’re guilt tripped into buying a product that A) you really didn’t need and B) was probably overpriced. 485 fler ord

10 Awesome Coffee Spots Around Covent Garden

Give the Starbucks a miss and head to these fantastic places for a caffeine hit in central London.

1: For books and brunch: Drury 188-189… 887 fler ord

Covent Garden

DO THEY KNOW? Do you think the top MLM reps know what they're doing when they suck others into their team?

It’s the question we often ask ourselves at TVHQ and it’s been the source of some heated debates. 

Do the uplines, the top bots, the high-flyers in MLM, know what they’re doing when they pull people into their downline?  689 fler ord

Losing People To An MLM