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Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

After some time investigating various companies and products, I’ve decided to stock products from NYR Organic. This has meant becoming an independent consultant. Primarily, I’d like to extend the range of massage oils I use, and Neals’ Yard has both unfragranced oils and a range of aromatherapy essential oils. 65 fler ord

Neal's Yard

Stocking Filler No 1, Zoya Nails & Aromatherpy Facials

Stocking Filler No 1, Zoya Nails & Aromatherapy Facials

Time to celebrate with Zoya the wonderful long lasting toxin-free nail polish & blissful aromatherapy treats for your skin. 188 fler ord


Neals Yard 20% off products, Monday 4th December to Wednesday 6th December

Neals Yard 20% off products, Monday 4th December to Wednesday 6th December

Great news and this shows exactly how happy I am to be posting this! 179 fler ord


Neal's Yard Remedies BF Haul

Neal’s Yard Remedies. If you’re like how I was you probably just summarised it as expensive skin shop and girl yes, it is but oh my goodness so worth it. 1 137 fler ord


Between Lisbon and London – A Travel Shelfie

I’ve been trying to nail down this lovely lady for weeks and weeks, and one would think that family members would drop everything for one another, but this gal is so so busy with work and being a busy traveling lawyer that I was scooted to second place. 694 fler ord


仿當地人的London觀光兩日遊 Day 1



Day 1
Notting Hill + Portobello Market
→ Kingley Court + Carnaby Street (Soho一帶)
→ Seven Dials + Neal’s Yard
→ Covent Garden (吃晚餐) 75 fler ord


Skincare tag pt 3

Final part of the skincare tag! Part 1 is here, and part 2 here.

If you had to stick to only one skincare brand, what would it be? 675 fler ord