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Cappuccino Meringue

My cappuccino meringue – sooooo good I’m making it again this Sunday. Nigella Lawson rocks.



We don’t actually know why it’s called a fool. Some bad translation of French, maybe, or an obscure joke, or a local word that got passed along some 400+ years ago. 628 fler ord

Gluten Free

The Cookbook | Six Of My Favourites

Since moving out of home and becoming a proper adult almost ten years ago, I’ve amassed quite the collection of cookbooks in my Expedit shelves – some have been gifts from others, most have been gifts to myself, and… 1 054 fler ord


New York cheesecake

I’ve been using a Mary Berry recipe for baked vanilla cheesecake for years and I’ve always been perfectly happy with it. Last week though I decided on a whim to try Nigella’s New York version instead and my goodness it was so much better. 395 fler ord

Homemade Fudge

I remember my Mum standing in the kitchen making fudge, for what seemed like forever at the time. Testing it every so often in cool water to see if it was ready, with us all waiting nearby for when it was set and ready to eat! 272 fler ord


Fathers love icecream - butterscotch ripple this time

So Father’s day is only days away. Should Father have a capital ‘f’ in this instance? It shall here. Fathers love ice cream. I’m saying this with utter confidence based on evidence from my father and my husband. 785 fler ord