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How I ruined my roux (and subsequently, my lasagne)

When I started my How to Eat cooking project I fully prepared myself for many kitchen disasters.

I anticipated failure and I knew things would go wrong. 825 fler ord

How To Cook

The World's best boozy chocolate cake.

Behold, cake lovers of the world, I present to you what I believe to be the King of chocolate cake:

If cakes could be sexy this one would be up there with the likes of Sonny Bill Williams, so it comes as no surprise that this mind-blowing recipe can be attributed to our nation’s favourite sultry chef, Nigella Lawson.   667 fler ord

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Yoghurt Pot Cake Without the Yoghurt Pot

This is a yoghurt pot cake from Nigella Lawson’s very lovely site. It’s called a yoghurt pot cake because you’re meant to use a yoghurt pot to measure everything out. 444 fler ord


Nutella cheesecake (#11)

Dieters and nut allergy suffers need not apply. For the rest of you, however, this one will be an indulgence you won’t forget. It took me ages to get round to making this one. 544 fler ord

Nigella Lawson

Nigella’s dairy free olive oil chocolate cake

These are the things I haven’t given up for Lent.

Cake, coffee and a good book.

How can I not be happy with those marvellous things still in my life? 378 fler ord

The Quickest Salad Ever

The importance of eating healthy is undisputed. Nutritionists would always tell you to ”eat the colors of the rainbow” every single day.
Of course I know it’s good, but I must admit it is much easier said than done. 521 fler ord

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I recently attended the christening of a gorgeous little boy and the guests all received a beautiful jungle-themed cupcake after the service. They had fantastic sugar paste animals on top, but underneath was the tried-and-true red velvet cupcake. 178 fler ord