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Nigella’s Chocolate Brownies

Now, I can’t for one minute take credit for these brownies. They happen to be the creation of the Goddess of the kitchen and all round general babe; Ms Nigella Lawson. 330 fler ord


#795 Strawberry crumble

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

When life gives you a kilo of strawberries for $2, you make Strawberry Crumble

The above is the result of a stallholder packing up from Main St market day yesterday, and trying to offload his last two punnets of strawberries to someone, … 231 fler ord


Tiger Mothers as Cultural Historians: A Response to Nigella Lawson's "Home Cooking Can Be a Feminist Act"

Recently, I came across this post by Kilt in the Kitchen investigating a conversation about home cooking, respect, and feminism in response to Nigella Lawson’s post for Lenny Letter. 1 354 fler ord

Serious Stuff

Azzy's Kitchen: No-bake (3-ingredient) express choc-cheesecake ! - inspired by Nigella

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe post cos I keep meaning to take pictures as I make my recipes but oops… sometimes I forget! 892 fler ord

Getting my zest back

It’s been a while. In fact it’s been almost half a year! Shocking and inexcusable I know. For the first three months at least I did have a crazy work life as a robust reason for simply not having the time to post. 532 fler ord

Blog Posts

In Style: Skirts and Dresses (March 2018) Batch 1

From interesting to alluring skirts and dresses for March.. 29 fler ord

Chocolate Cheesecake

One of my favourite desserts is a baked Cheesecake. So for a scrumptious Easter dessert I decided to make a chocolate version. I didn’t want anything too rich so I opted for this version from Nigella Lawson. 498 fler ord