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Beef Massaman Curry

This is one of the first recipes I noticed in Simply Nigella and there is a recipe here. There are a few stages to it, it was made a lot easier by having a pot with a tight-fitting heavy lid (a present from an impossibly generous friend). 147 fler ord


Lazy fish tacos

It has been far too hot this week for extravagant cooking.

I never lose my appetite in the heat (this only ever happens when I’m really, really poorly) but I do change the way that I eat – grazing lazily on smaller dishes throughout the day rather than wanting big, hot food. 450 fler ord

Nigella's Lemon Pavlova

One thing I really love about Brunswick (and living near it!) is the multitude of abundant lemon trees in front and back yards alike, laying temptingly close to front fences! 920 fler ord


Recipe - Chocolate Cloud Cake

As promised, here is a cake recipe that I watched on Food Network some time ago. The cake isn’t too sweet when I made it so it seems great for anyone that isn’t a big sweets person. 254 fler ord


Dog sitting, Dutch Baby, & longing for Lagman noodles.

We’re dog sitting for my parents, who are currently in Kirchensittenbach, Germany.  Shallie is sitting next to me in bed as I write this, while Piper is watching cartoons on TV (we finally have one!). 372 fler ord

Blue Januly

The term ”Januly” was recently coined by Cliff Mass, the weather blogger and University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences. We, the soaking chosen, are accustomed to Junuary but this is beyond the pale. 520 fler ord

Afternoon Tea Party in preparation

Slowly but surely we are getting closer to our Summerholiday! We are so ready for this holiday! We had a few (nasty) surprises this week with Juliette suffering a mild form of pneumonia (oh the joy of a sick child. 427 fler ord

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