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Fusion At My Table: Sriracha Tuna Melt Tortilla Pie

As you’d expect, I have slavishly followed the TV series and cooked numerous recipes from Nigella Lawson’s latest book, At My Table, which for my reckoning, is superior to its predecessor Simply. 469 fler ord


A Christmas Like Nigella's?

I love Nigella 😂 she is all aspirational and shiz! I mean she uses a brand new pan every time she cooks, so what’s not to love 😜?! 106 fler ord

Gemma Bray

People are worried for Nigella's dinner guests after over-enthusiastic seasoning on BBC Christmas special

You know it’s Christmas when the festive food programmes start on television – and none more so that Nigella Lawson‘s BBC special Nigella’s Christmas Table. 368 fler ord


Travel Gourmet's Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

Most people are fairly traditional when it comes to food at Christmas. The wonderful and great late cookery writer Jane Grigson wrote: ‘In my experience, clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. 2 040 fler ord

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On the menu - The Magic Fridge plus some Nigella and Lorraine Pascale


This is the Sorrento Pizza from The Magic Fridge, a lovely book that has a collection of recipes that you can make in bulk, stick in the fridge or freezer and then use as a base for other recipes in the book. 1 044 fler ord


Our Verdict: At My Table

Maureen: Using one of my favourite British expressions, this was a bit of a damp squid.

Kirstin: I agree. Does that make it damp squid squared? 320 fler ord

Nigella Lawson

What's in my Trolley: November 2017

Well, it’s the 30th of November, which means not only is it time for this month’s What’s in my Trolley, it’s also officially acceptable to be excited about CHRISTMAS!!! 514 fler ord

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