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Christmas Spirit

It is that time of year that all the beautiful, festive Christmas lights and other decorations go up. I truly love this time of year (the cold and snow notwithstanding). 684 fler ord

Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti

Hello again! I seemed to get a few more likes on my post for the Date & Pecan Flapjacks so I thought I’d share another recipe I’ve tried recently. 474 fler ord

Mince Pies

Ah, mince pies. Is there anything more quintessentially British, Christmassy and fundamentally brilliant? I think not. They’re odd, that’s not worth debating, but they’re wonderful too. 520 fler ord


This strapatsada was the appetizer to the meal detailed in this post.  This was another recipe from Simply Nigella.

The toast points and the creamy tomato egg custard are a delightful balanced appetizer that is savory. 15 fler ord

Brandon C. Hovey

Chicken Shawarma and Thai Drunken Noodles

For an early birthday present I picked up a signed copy of Nigella Lawson’s cookbook: Simply Nigella. The thin chicken breasts with the tahini sauce and the Thai drunken noodles were exceptional. 34 fler ord

Brandon C. Hovey

The Christmas Pudding Hunt with Nigella Lawson

This week I wanted to share a very cool contest Nigella Lawson is hosting at her site.

You need to sign up (it’s free) and in addition to having access to her stories and amazing recipes you can participate in the Christmas Pudding Hunt… 246 fler ord