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Welcome To The Exciting World Of Celery!

Even celery’s biggest fans would have to admit its’s one of the most boring vegetables on Earth. Despite its bland taste and general pointlessness in salads, it’s mega good for you. 337 fler ord


Week 81: African Drumsticks

The eagle-eyed amoungst you will notice that rather than drumsticks, these are actually thighs… lest we forget that my lover has a perculiar aversion to eating meat off the bone, so here we are with thighs! 411 fler ord

New Recipe Night

Nigella Lawson is back - and she's dropping her sexy image for something more 'pared-down'

Nigella Lawson is set to return to TV screens for her first new BBC show since 2012 – but this time she’s taking a very different approach to her kitchen antics. 226 fler ord



Har du spist den deilige sjokoladefudgekaken til Deli DeLuca? Det har jeg, og sist tenkte jeg at jeg skulle lage noe lignende selv. Men jeg ville unngå at kaken ble liggende i en søt, deigete klump i ganen. 405 fler ord


Playlist: Cookery shows that leave you satisfied

MasterChef is almost over for another year. This week the final five will be going in for a last grilling, before the winner is announced on Friday. 204 fler ord


Chocolate lime pie

I really don’t know what to write as a precursor to this recipe.

I started typing a sentence about how our lime tree is laden with fruit at the moment, but deleted it because it wasn’t exactly attention-grabbing. 457 fler ord


Two chocolate cakes

I only just recently happened upon these two chocolate cakes, and already they are indispensable.

Until now I had little need for chocolate cake. I rarely make it, because I rarely crave it; when, about once a year, I do long for a chocolate dessert, I bake these really good… 561 fler ord