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Smoked mackerel pate

I am feeling in a lazy and self-indulgent mood today so made smoked mackerel pate with melba toast and a crunchy peppery green salad. The recipe is basically from Nigella Lawson’s ‘Express’ cookbook, but she has it as smoked trout pate. 255 fler ord


Spicy Meatballs!

This recipe is originally based on a recipe by Nigella Lawson for meatballs but has been adapted to suit my personal tastes and also my budget! 489 fler ord


Chocolate. Pistachio. Buns. (Or, the Anti-Cinnamon Roll)

The New York Times Cooking section has been killing it lately. I have saved dozens of recipes they’ve posted in recent weeks. Not sure if it’s  my Thanksgiving prep excitement setting in or my general nesting at our new house, but I’m having fun experimenting.  214 fler ord

the bread of life

My favourite Urban Dictionary definition of ‘hipster toast’ is by a bloke called park_chop, who on Xmas Eve 2015 called it ”putting random shit on toast like avocado, goat cheese, or other nasty things, as in: Bro, wanna go get hipster toast? 616 fler ord


Our mate?

My mum once wrote a notebook of recipes for one of my brothers when he went to university. One of these recipes was entitled: Marmite on toast. 410 fler ord


But first coffee...and cake.

Coffee, for most is what carries us through the day, living from cup to cup a day. I am a coffee and cake enthusiast, thus this recipe is the very best of both worlds. 317 fler ord

Cape Town