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Dear Diary,

While I sat in disbelief, ”Cleopatra” checked her phone for more news about the Mayor’s wife’s arrest.  Then I wondered where my boss was.  She’s rarely ever more than 5 minutes late… 268 fler ord


Contadina X Nigella Lawson

I personally can’t wait for October when Contadina products are finally out in the Philippine market. I first started using Contadina through the loot basket I got from the media event with Nigella Lawson. 373 fler ord

Filipino Food Blog

Chocolate Fruit Cake (UK)

Nigella Lawson Recipe

Makes: about 10 slices

350 grams prunes
250 grams raisins
125 grams currants
50 grams piece candied orange peel
175 grams soft unsalted butter… 518 fler ord


Nigella's Vegan Chocolate Cake

I guess the word ”vegan” attached to something as decadent as chocolate cake can seem like an oxymoron and even be downright off-putting to some but that’s not the case here at all so stay don’t leave meeeee. 1 043 fler ord


African Drumsticks

This was quite a quick one, from Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen. The recipe is here and it was quite popular.

You essentially mix a lot of condiments together, apricot jam and chicken was a new one on me however! 21 fler ord



Today is a special day as ‘plateituprecipes’ celebrate its 1st Blog Anniversary. A big thank you to all my subscribers, followers, readers who take time in visiting and motivating me for further progress. 511 fler ord

From The Oven

Easiest Brownies, Ever...

To mark the one year anniversary of my ankle trauma and surgery, and celebrate that I am still standing, walking, running, and dancing, we decided we needed chocolate! 150 fler ord