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Food Crush Friday…

I looooove pavlovas! There is something about a meringue with a soft, goey centre that immediately makes you lick your lips in dessert satisfaction. Having tested multiple pavlova recipes over the years, this Nigella Lawson recipe is my favourite and has never let me down. 321 fler ord


Week 74: Flash-Fried Steak with White Bean Mash

I won’t lie to you, last week was a long, hard and tiring to make.  I also had Moussaka three times.  When it came to actually getting the pans out at the end of the week for some… 563 fler ord

New Recipe Night

"Tick! Smiley Face!" - With Marcella #106 & #107 (of 466)

It all began with Nigella and Anna.

As I began to work through Nigella Lawson’s ‘Kitchen’ and Anna Del Conte’s ‘Classic Italian Recipes’, I would tick the recipe I had completed and if I felt it deserved it, I’d give it a smiley face. 325 fler ord

Marcella Hazan

Not quite Nigella's Library.

I have always wanted a built-in bookcase. In fact, I have suffered from bookcase envy for some time, which has been fuelled by sites such Pinterest or Buzzfeed’s list of 10 amazing libraries and glossy magazines that take you into homes featuring bespoke cabinetry.   332 fler ord


Coconut Macaroons - Nigella's Recipe

Now, before I try and fight my insomnia and get some sleep I thought I’d share a tried and tested recipe I use for coconut macaroons. 292 fler ord

Last week's eats - From British beef and tradition to Thai treats

Loving to cook and bake, and having just recently moved in with my boyfriend, I have decided to get back to planning ahead when it comes to the week’s meals, and also to use that as an opportunity to try out new meals each week from the various cookbooks I own (as well as the internet). 612 fler ord

In The Kitchen


My aunt Barb is a baker. Not just a home baker; she owned a bakery and can recite a recipe for a cake without blinking an eye. 216 fler ord