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Chocolate Key Lime Pie

Nicole made this really, I was just in the kitchen really. It’s from Nigella Kitchen and the recipe is here.

I like condensed milk as an ingredient, it tastes wonderful and makes this light and almost foamy mixed with the cream (almost like an aero yoghurt). 34 fler ord

Nigella Lawson

Getting some cooking on...

It’s Nigella Lawson week all this week on Master Chef Australia and I’m loving it!

I have always enjoy Nigella’s cooking style and the food she cooks, it’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s food you want to try to cook yourself whenever you watch her on tv (not that she’s doing any cooking this week but rather watching and offering advice to the contestants on Master Chef Australia, all of who are home cooks hoping to make cooking their future career in owning their own restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, whatever). 127 fler ord


Merguez Meatballs

I was very pleased to find Merguez sausages at Kaya Food Centre in Radford, I’ve never had them in Britain and they were always an excellent part of holidays to France (which weirdly is where I thought they were from). 59 fler ord


A Day at the Fete - Nigella Lawson Week, Masterchef 2016

It is not everyday where you walk into work and your friend brings up a Masterchef adorned invitation on their computer screen which is usually the home to spreadsheets and mid-drafted emails that briefly outlines the details of a day spent at a Fete, Masterchef style. 760 fler ord


Cooking 101...

Here I am watching TV, or more to the point, watching Nigella Lawson week on Master Chef Australia.

Say what you like about the lady but she really knows how to cook and she is a real inspiration to the contestants, all of whom are home cooks. 132 fler ord


My Cookbook Collection

Last year we had to move twice in the space of 6 months. You know what my partner’s biggest grumble was? Not the extortionate fees we had to pay for a removal company. 1 216 fler ord

#87 Making scones with baby girl

I haven’t made them in years. Don’t get me wrong, I love making sweet stuff, but scones have just evaded me. I think I made them once, something like 5 years ago. 226 fler ord