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little old italian lady in training 

I became a bit of an Italian cliché today, or a little old Italian lady in training, take your pick.

I made sauce, I made gnocchi, and I made a ricotta pie. 249 fler ord

Home Front

Cheesy Biscuits Please

My housemate is working from home today, her ankle is currently the size of a large sweet potato (very specific I know but I felt the shape was particularly similar). 325 fler ord


Guest Post: Mexican Lasagne *New Series - Nigella's Eats (and cooks)*

It was only a matter of time before there was a dedicated (online) shrine from me to mine and your ultimate domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson. Welcome to the first of a very new series on the blog, as my bestie and I cook and eat our way through Nigella Lawson’s recipes. 1 155 fler ord

Nigella Lawson

Post 109 - Vietnamese Chicken and Cabbage

Following a few days of eating that mac and cheese, which was delicious, I opted for a lighter recipe. This one comes from Nigella Lawson and her seductive book… 372 fler ord


Week 76: Scallops with Thai-scented pea puree

I have no idea what a baby leek is. I’m assuming it’s a really really young one, but I can’t seem to be able to buy one. 327 fler ord

New Recipe Night

Nicola Humble's Culinary Pleasures

I missed Nicola Humble’s cookbook phase because she published the results of her seven years of research on the history of the British cookbook outside the academic cabbage patch, with a mainstream publisher, and somehow I’ve only just now (ten years later) got hold of a copy of… 642 fler ord

Non-fiction: History

My Performance Enhancing Shame

Earlier this week the Cycling Independent Reform Commission reported, amongst other less important things, that doping in the amateur sport was endemic.  Yes, I needed to read it twice as well – the… 432 fler ord