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New year, new project...

I’ve been toying with an idea for the last month or so and I’ve been putting off writing about it.

Because once I do, I’ve put it out there and once it’s out there, so is the shiny new possibility of failure. 922 fler ord

Starting Out

Malaysian red-cooked chicken with rice (#2)

After delaying until the 10th to start this journey, I’ve used the 11th to catch up and cook my second brand new dish of the new year. 915 fler ord


Chicken and leek pasta bake (#1)

Nigella is my joy. Posh boy goes in for successful older woman with nice houses in West London and an aura of fragile infallibility – I know, cliche. 984 fler ord



Since the winter started I’ve been thinking of one thing and thats mincepies. People around my social media have been mentioning it or making some even buy and post a few pictures.   498 fler ord


Quote of the day

It sounds like something on a very trite T-shirt, but life is what happens. –  Nigella Lawson who celebrates her 57th birthday today.

She also said: 34 fler ord


January 6 in history

1367 – Richard II of England, was born (d. 1400).

1412  Joan of Arc, Roman Catholic Saint and national heroine of France, was born – legendary date, some scholars think it was January 7-  (d. 431 fler ord


better than Christmas cake (better-than-Christmas cake?)

Technically speaking, we’re still within the 12 days of Christmas, so I don’t think this quick throwback to the 22nd or so of December is entirely inappropriate. 302 fler ord