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Pandan leaf, blue algae and the other ingredients coming soon to a dinner party near you

She can transform the sales of an ingredient with a single affirmation, and now the queen of cookery has hailed pandan, an Asian green, as the one to watch. 591 fler ord


Cinnamon Almond cake (#26)

So this one went down a treat. The office deemed this potentially my best cake yet, which I consider not just a compliment to me but my absolute favourite TV chef Nigella. 569 fler ord

Nigella Lawson

Pineapple Upside Down Bundt.

Who remembers having Pineapple Upside Down Cake as a child?  Did you have it for school dinners? I did, although when I was little I didn’t like the pineapple and left it. 424 fler ord

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Cherry & Dark Chocolate Brownies

Written by Georgie Baker

Now the cat is out of the bag. Chrissie is by far the superior baker. But I hope that what I lack in skill and craftsmanship, I make up for in frequency of posts. 801 fler ord

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Nigella's new book provides my husband's favourite home-cooked meal - ever!

Ah the bliss of the autumnal and pre-Christmas foodie book releases! This year is a particular treat: not only is there a new Nigel Slater, but Ottolenghi’s Sweet is just FAB and of course, Nigella Lawson has released At My Table. 515 fler ord

On the menu - more Hugh, Nigella and Ed Smith plus some John Whaite


I am trying to increase the number of different types of veg I eat, I’m not good with root vegetables, unless it’s potatoes, carrots, beetroot or at a push, parsnip. 534 fler ord


Pecan and Maple Bundt Cake- Nigella's Kitchen.

Once again I’ve lost my way a bit with my blogging.  I have all these posts in draft on my laptop but that’s as far as they’ve gone during the last month. 879 fler ord

Cakes And Muffins