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Dress Black don't step back

Hi guys,

The sun finally decided to show its face in Paris probably to welcome the Fashion Week. For this day I decided to wear: 21 fler ord

Non Classé

Behind The Scenes Of Nike Basketball's Astounding 'Zoom City' Training Month

We’re not a professional basketball player, but throughout the month of February we pretended to train like one. Once a week, except for a respite in the days before All-Star, we dragged our beaten body out of bed at an ungodly hour to take part in Nike’s Zoom City training. 1 121 fler ord


Scottsdale Chaparral signs Nike sponsorship deal for football

Now that Scottsdale Chaparral football players will be decked out in Nike apparel starting next season, Chandler Hamilton, which has had a Nike sponsorship for nine years, is hoping to play them. 315 fler ord


Something Worth Motivating Yourself For

It’s March. The third month of the year. How are those New Year Resolutions working for ya?

Yea, that’s what I thought. Well, here’s some motivation for you to get back to the track, on the bike or in the gym this spring! 85 fler ord


What color are your balls?

Here is the deal, I think the type of ball you choose speaks a lot about your personality. Do you like the pink and pastel girly style? 236 fler ord


Bordow: AIA leaves door open to massive transfers

Attention, parents of high school athletes. You are now free to move about the state.

Want to switch schools once, twice, or even three or four times during your child’s athletic career? 560 fler ord