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Sunday inspiration for the week ahead

This week I’m thinking top knots, leather jackets, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Preferably New Balance, Adidas or Nike SB.

At the moment I am loving the clash between harsh traditionally tough items of clothing such as leather jackets and ripped boyfriend jeans and sporty pieces like sneakers and workout tees. 274 fler ord


Boys Fashion Guide:The Perfect Shoes

Boys of the time are a bit aside in choosing shoes as compred to the previous decade.There are a lots of styles trending on the stores that are a very different from the styles previously used.Here are some of the new styles that are in the trend- 160 fler ord

Wearing the correct clothes and footwear while working out.

Wearing the proper attire while working out can increase the performance and outcome of the workout. Before you begin your workout start with wearing shoes that are flexible, have good support, and are the right size for your feet. 154 fler ord

Working Out