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Why Virgil Abloh Collaborated With Nike Instead of Adidas

Virgil Abloh has done it again.  Abloh, the head of menswear fashion, or American fashion in general, has teamed up with Nike to recreate 10 of Nike’s most iconic designs.   593 fler ord

Nike Zoom Speed Lite ST+ 3 Review

Hot pink or fuchsia? I didn’t know the difference between the two so I looked this site up. Before we get into the review, a public service announcement: This is a ‘loud’ shoe. 1 097 fler ord


Nike Flyknit Racer Review

The Nike Flyknit Racer is an intriguing shoe. Let me rephrase that: It’s a mind-boggling shoe. The way the the upper is put together sees a dramatic departure from what we runners know of how shoes are made of. 1 328 fler ord


Quick Look: Nike Lunar Glide+ 4 & Structure+ 16 Shield

While my preference for running shoes skews towards the lightweight and performance training models, I realize that not everyone is on the less is more boat when it comes to shoes. 830 fler ord


Nike, Bikini Berlin Event in Berlin, Germany

The floor of the future: Our grip resistant ASB LumiFlex glass floor in action with @nikefootball staging a football competition with the likes of @ronaldo… 27 fler ord


WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: My 5 Workout Essentials

So I’m pretty new to gyming. Still. I reckon its been about 8 weeks since I’ve started taking exercise seriously and having a proper routine. That’s 2 months. 768 fler ord

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