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Thought for Today - The Evidence of Grace

Thought for Today

The Evidence of Grace

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”
Genesis 6:8

Within the pervading darkness of Noah’s day, God’s grace found a resting place. 298 fler ord

A Word In Season

Who was Noah?

Generations after Adam and Eve, people began to forget who God really was. God actually felt sorry that he had even made the world. He was going to destroy all the earth. 300 fler ord

Doing Everything God Commands Us to Do

He walked the streets surrounded by wicked people. It seemed evil thoughts dominated everything in the community all the time. Corruption was everywhere, yet he chose to remain faithful to God. 320 fler ord

Commitment To Christ

Boatshit crazy

Noah let fly a raven through an access hatch he had installed before the flood, but the waters continued to swell for another five months. The raven found no place to land. 315 fler ord


Sharp Top, Peaks VA (pt. 2)

Once, I said I’d write a follow up on Sharp Top Mountain featuring Buzzard’s Roost. I don’t really know why I didn’t just include Buzzard’s Roost into the Sharp Top Mountain post because it’s not like they’re two separate hikes. 145 fler ord

Hard reboot

In the days of Noah, the average human life span extended hundreds of years, and the race propagated with vigor across the earth. Because of rebellion’s dominant gene, the increasing population engendered a crescendo of violence and corruption. 288 fler ord


Zimbabwe Presidential Candidate Dr. Noah Manyika - Stand Up and Vote - YouTube

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