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Listen And Hear

When God shows you something or speaks to you – you never forget it. People record details of their encounters with God all the time. Sometimes people mock you when you describe details of your encounter with God, even ”Christians” will mock you. 514 fler ord

Spirit, Soul & Body

Lenten Madness: Day 4

Matt Walsh posted a rather funny and negative review of Noah, the movie, on his blog awhile ago. The following line elicited more than a few laughs from me, and because I was drinking a beverage, I may need to get a new computer screen… 511 fler ord

Lenten Madness

Merciful God

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 202 fler ord


Flood Legends

On Monday I claimed that every culture had a flood legend. Now I also told any who was reading that post that I had no source and to take it as an opinion. 855 fler ord


We can choose our sins but not the consequences.

Am caught up in the moment; that’s all I know, that’s all I see. To be honest this is what I have chosen.

I have heard of Christ, I believe in Him, I know he died for my sins and rose to heaven. 1 528 fler ord


GENESIS 7 - NOAH (Part 2)

Read Genesis 7
1. What reason does God give Noah for inviting him into the ark?

2. Who else is invited with Noah?

3. Why did God tell Noah to take 7 of the clean animals but only 2 of each of the unclean? 81 fler ord


Flood deniers

The Bible tells us that the human race grew so wicked that God sent a worldwide flood to destroy it.  He only found one righteous man, Noah, and he warned him to build an ark to save himself and his family from the flood.   781 fler ord

Bible Study