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5 months.

It’s been that long since Laki has passed. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of him. I’m quite sentimental so I tend to recall lots of memories. 159 fler ord


Album of the Day: Nemui PJ, “Pumpkin EP”

The debut EP from like-minded artists Kidkanevil and Noah—who together form Nemui PJ—is the result of a U.K.-Japan connection cemented through a mutual love for creating music in their pajamas (“Nemui PJ” roughly translates to mean “sleepy pajamas”). 238 fler ord

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Shut In By the Lord

And the Lord shut him in.
Genesis 7:16b

I have two scars on my face. One is in my right eyebrow and the other is below my left eyebrow in the top of my left eyesocket. 628 fler ord


Noah "HUMAN RIGHTS" Charlottesville Pocket Knife Release

Brendon Babenzian of Noah, to reflect on the events in Charlottesville last week by posting an anti-nazi patch alongside his thoughts on the cataclysmic white nationalist rally that occurred. 85 fler ord


The Capability to Follow God

We know the story of Noah all too well. We know that God told Noah to make an ark because God was going to flood the entire earth and give it a new beginning, for God saw there were too much wickedness on earth. 204 fler ord