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it's rough

being a 1 year old named Noah;

Your nose is constantly running,

or stuffed.

At school you pick up new viruses every month.

You got rashes in all those places. 99 fler ord


Noah, the ark, and the Flood

Noah, the ark, and the Flood are familiar to almost every person living in western culture. Efforts to recreate this account for movies inevitably bring new details into the story; the description in the Bible does not provide nearly enough material for a feature-length movie. 957 fler ord

Jesus Christ

Purpose On A Mission

Blooming where you are planted is not easy when you don’t know where your buds are.

In school, my guidance counselors reviewed my testing, scores and results. 1 007 fler ord

Spirit, Soul & Body

Everything Flood Out

Hi Guys,

So there I was minding my business when I came across a phrase that tantalised my brain and lead me to spend time studying Noah & the Flood in the Old Testament (more will be revealed in the video) 104 fler ord


The Walking Dead: My Top 5 Deaths | Emily Rebecca

Now we all know that in The Walking Dead not everyone goes out with a quiet, peaceful death. In fact has anyone? One of the things that I love the most about the show is the scale of it, especially when it comes to deaths, they really go all out! 604 fler ord


Sleep, sleep

sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Noahs fever continued today although a little lower. We stayed home from church and took it easy. Noah slept any chance he got (and I did too!) hehe. 42 fler ord