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The Ark

So BBC 1’s The Ark is it’s latest adaption of a biblical story (why is it always so soon after the Hollywood Blockbuster? And why does that seem to always be the case with television dramas now?). 798 fler ord

Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural!

The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago. L. A. 707 fler ord

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Defining with My Senses - Researching Life on Noah's Ark

The ark was how big? The biblical accounts state the ark as three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high. This translates to four hundred fifty feet long by seventy five feet wide by forty five feet high. 633 fler ord


The Ark

this evening (monday 30th), 8.30-10.00pm, on bbc 2
the ark, starring david threlfall and written by east enders scriptwriter tony jordan 74 fler ord

John 1:5

Do you enjoy history? Do you ever think back to previous times and wonder what it must have been like? Some people like imagining life during the Civil or Revolutionary Wars, or even further back to the days of the Ancient Romans, Greeks, or Egyptians. 1 419 fler ord

Adam n Eve; Beginning of human race

First of all, everything written below are not meant to harm any religious belief or whatever. Whatever I say, comes from the collective memory of my brain. 538 fler ord


Yet another flood account uncovered -- and they entered an ark two by two

Irvin Finkel works at the British Museum based in London. He is also an expert on the ancient scripts used by the Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians. 696 fler ord