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It is with sincere sadness and gratitude that I write this post because if there’s one thing I hate when it comes to work, it’s quitting something. 213 fler ord

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Review : Escape From Tomorrow (2013/NR)

With today’s technology you can pretty much do anything on your iPhone (hell we run a damn website/blog/Facebook page on our phone) however we’re going to award this movie points just for sheer creativity is that it was primarily shot with handheld cameras and scripted on iPhones and on top of that shot in the Walt Disney World resort complex without the permission of the park. 137 fler ord

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John Hopoate Coaching Move Blocked

The NRL has blocked the move for John Hopoate to coach the Manly Sea Eagle’s SG Ball Cup side.

”He’s being judged for things that happened 14 or 15 years ago,” said the source who declined to be named.  52 fler ord


Nashville 4x06 "Please Help Me, I'm Fallin'" Recap

Spoilers Ahead


Episode Summary: Juliette’s spiral leads to a dangerous place where Jeff pays the price. Scarlett and Deacon spend their last night celebrating Beverly at the local bar she’d always play in. 1 158 fler ord