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(NR) Liêm Rossi


”โอ้ย สมัยอยู่เวียดนามลูกค้าก็พอๆ กันล่ะ เท่านี้ป้าทำได้”

ชื่อ – นามสกุล : เลียม รอสซี (Liêm Rossi)

อายุ : 43                                  วันเกิด : 15 พฤษภา 19XX

เพศ : หญิง                                เชื้อชาติ : เวียดนาม – นอร์เวย์ … 9 fler ord


Week in Review[For CPAC]

Hey Night Rebels!

This week we took it to a whole new level. Quadrupling our activity in the army and increasing our sizes by a bit along with building a strong stable force. 505 fler ord

Night Rebels Army

US - Tactic Training on Frosty[RESULTS]

Hey Night Rebels!

Today, we maxed 15 and averaged 14 on our server, Frosty. Our goal was to practice our tactics and ultimately, we managed to get near perfect tactics. 28 fler ord

Night Rebels Army

[NR] Ugo Albano

This entry is a part of Thai RP community ‘Nel Ristorante’


ชื่อ-นามสกุล: อูโก อัลบาโน (Ugo Albano)

อายุ: 24ปี

วันเกิด: 2 พฤศจิกายน

เพศ: ชาย

เชื้อชาติ: อิตาลี 21 fler ord


NRNC: Club Penguin Project Super Secret Artwork Found, Confirmed To Be Mobile Only?

Hey Night Rebels,

North Pole, Club Penguin NRNC HQ~

Different sprites for Club Penguin’s 3D overhaul have been found, and based on the description the artist put for these images, it sounds like Project Super Secret is confirmed to be mobile only, a rumor that has been swirling around for a while now, which Club Penguin responded to by saying they are exploring all possibilities, not confirming but not denying it, either. 113 fler ord

Night Rebels Army


Yo Night Rebels

Today, we had a training session that was made up to test our sizes and we actually did fairly good with sizes of… 69 fler ord

Night Rebels Army

NRNC: May 19, 2016, New Pin Hidden On Club Penguin & Soccer Pitch Makes a Return

Hey Night Rebels,

Two weeks have passed since Club Penguin released the Sasquatch Pin so a new pin has been hidden on the island! + The Soccer Pitch makes a return to the Club Penguin island! 88 fler ord

Night Rebels Army