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Theater Thursdays- ABCs of Deaths pt 2.

The ABCs of Death is an anthology movie of 26 mini movies showcasing death in all a manner. They are all horror but many sub-genres, funny, others serious and the formats vary as well, from live-action to what seems as clay-mation, one even in the form of a commercial! 746 fler ord


Hello NR

I’ve just returned from a trip to Norfolk. To be more precise, the North Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – staying at Stiffkey (pronounced as ‘Stewkey‘), near Wells-next-the-Sea, and exploring the area with… 919 fler ord

Monkey Puzzle

Winter RL

”Runner logic” (RL) is the most difficult aspect of running for NRs to comprehend. It can only be taught through years of long runs and workouts. 758 fler ord


On Dating & Running

Handsome fella: I saw you running the other day.

Me: Are you sure it was me? There are a lot of blonde runners in this town.

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it's furrrreezing

because every fashion girl needs a fur coat for their inner diva.. i thought i’d share my birthday outfit (yes i’m 22 now.. and yes i’m crying about it)… so, you can either wear this for dinner in atl or go galavanting through some trees.. 212 fler ord



If you haven’t been to this round of Totally Top Shelf yet you should really go and check it out. You can find this amazing body by May’s Soul in several colours at the event as well as this chestplate by Zibska and fun accessories by . 62 fler ord

Back To The Future!

Hey guys!

Some amazing events started this week. Check out the stuff I have in this post for some of the good ones!

Hair   Kokolores – Hayden   … 37 fler ord