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Unfinished Business

Making lemonade out of lemons in downtown Lexington, KY.

The pathetic story of these cranes goes back over 5 years when some misguided developers bought up and tore down a historic city block downtown with the grand notion of building a boring skyscraper. 57 fler ord


Olympus: Minos

The fourth episode of Olympus puts its focus back where it belongs: Sonya Cassidy as The Oracle. It would actually be safe to assume Cassidy’s the lead character of the show, instead of Tom ‘Hero’ York.  416 fler ord


Hello Hera!

Never mind your cute baby pics and super awkward high school yearbook photos. How’s this for a #FlashbackFriday – the Winnipeg Art Gallery they’re flashing back to the 7th Century BC – 2nd Century AD with the… 163 fler ord