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Week 41: Autumn


Autumn in Brisbane means it’s safe to go outside again without fear of heatstroke, it means you can turn the aircon off finally, it means lovely nights on the river like this one. 139 fler ord


Olympia Sunshine Life

I wore monochrome
Since it was grey outside
Until I found red sunglasses

Breaking down the walls
That cast long shadows
Through the streets
And down the beat… 524 fler ord


Street Photography Italia 13

Here’s some more images taken on the streets of Italy last year when I traveled around the country. These are all taken in Torino on Ilford FP4 125 using my Olympus OM-1. 48 fler ord


O = Olympia

A to Z Ports = Olympia’s Katakalon

Katakalon, Greece is a very small port and resembles a sleepy town, until a cruise ship enters the port and can more than triple the number of people. 93 fler ord

Travel Notes

The A (D) Team

This time next week I’ll be in Italy. What a glorious sentence to put into existence. It hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m mere moments away from embarking on what is a life goal I’ve had set for some years now. 348 fler ord