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Photo Essay: Trinity University in Monochrome

Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

My son just started his college career at Trinity University in San Antonio. I was there with my wife, over the weekend, to help with the move-in and to attend the festivities and… 323 fler ord


The Olympus E-M10 Mark III will only have 16MP?

According to the rumors guy, it’s true.

Being the shameful pixel-peeper that I am, even though it’s wrong to be a pixel-peeper, I was excited about the possibility of a new Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera with 4 MP more resolution the 16MP Olympus camera that I currently use, and maybe getting rid of the anti-aliasing filter, thus being that much better able to appreciate the sharpness of sharp lenses like my recently acquired 12-40mm f/2.8 “PRO” lens. 101 fler ord


Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party, Thinkery – Austin, Texas

The solar eclipse shadow coverage was a modest 65% in Austin. But with the first solar eclipse in the U.S. 543 fler ord


Olympus PEN-F: Mono jpegs and processed raw compared

I wanted to see if the jpeg output from the PEN-F would be as good as could be obtained by using raw. In order to do this, I shot a whole day on the Mono 1 setting for my Superfine Jpegs (its a hidden menu option, more on that… 1 108 fler ord


Convocation at Trinity University

Convocation, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

It was the start of my older son’s college career this weekend. My wife and I drove south to move my son in at Trinity University in San Antonio. 302 fler ord