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Street Signs

Street Signs, 6th Street – Austin, Texas

Continuing with my ROT Rally street photography, I happened upon this portrait. And while it looks straight forward, it’s something I haven’t done previously. 206 fler ord



Bartenders, 6th Street – Austin, Texas

I suppose the ROT Rally weekend is a boon for 6th Street businesses, particularly the bars. But there’s a lot of competition in this entertainment packed street. 114 fler ord


Harley Owners United

Rolling Down 6th Street, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

I really have no clue about the Harley biker culture, only observing it from the periphery, once a year at the ROT Rally. 138 fler ord


The Olympus OM-2000 - not a true blood Olympus, but a cheap and convenient bearer of Zuiko lenses

Nobody’s going to argue that in the hands of a reasonably  competent photographer, and in most situations, a recent ”pro-level” digital SLR is going to deliver much better pictures than an amateur dSLR released 10 years ago. 1 129 fler ord