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Dos semanas con la Olympus #7 Boston

Entonces Daniel me ofreció ser parte de un proyecto que desarrolló en conjunto con la cervecería y pues claro que me apunté. En resumen era conocer y entrevistar a varios ticos que están viviendo en Estados y dar un conciertico en cada ciudad con buena jama y di, birra. 962 fler ord

Raindrops & Thorns

Another shot taken with Kodak UltraMax 400 and the Olympus XA4.  I don’t know if it is me, or the camera, or the film, or a combination, but I don’t think the sharpness is quite where I would like it to be.   66 fler ord


Project 52: Week 43; Portrait - The Elderly

As you can probably tell from the amount I post on here the subject for this week’s 52 week project is a subject I do photograph a lot, although inexplicably I couldn’t find as many images as I thought I had. 101 fler ord


Week 28: 9:15am

Below the images you can read our thoughts about each.

Sunday morning: (yes, I’ll admit I’ve left this to the last minute). This is how willing I am to get out of bed, BUT! 248 fler ord

52 Weeks

Στον Όλυμπο ο Κύπριος παραπληγικός

Ο Γιώργος μας απέδειξε πως όλα μπορούν να γίνουν

Για άλλη μια φορά ο 27χρονος Γιώργος Τίρρης συγκίνησε το Παγκύπριο , αφού αυτή τη φορά κατάφερε να ανεβεί στην κορυφή του Ολύμπου στην Ελλάδα με τροχοκάθισμα.


- Lukang - Deer Port

鹿港 – Lukang – Deer Port (from now on just Deer Port because it sounds awesome) is a small town near Taichung. It’s a township that kept its own ”old look”, and many tourists visit it all year long. 168 fler ord


Facebook's Glass VR Room

Facebook’s Glass VR Room, 2016 Fan Fest – Austin, Texas

As a followup to yesterday’s Facebook portrait post, here’s a closer look at the Glass VR Room, setup for the 2016 F1 Fan Fest. 153 fler ord