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A rainy day in Cape Town

Fly me to the moon is ever so appropriate when sitting on a plane waiting for take-off with the setting moon greeting the dawn of a new day. 647 fler ord


Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 111

On to the images taken across May, yup we’re that far behind in terms of the archive of images I have of the streets of Cardiff. 66 fler ord


The Boat Ride

The Boat Ride – Kurashiki, Japan

This is the second in my mini-series of black and white, film-ish images from Kurashiki. It’s also my favorite photo I shot there. 174 fler ord


The Flowers of Brunswick East (8)

A very strange plant, this one. I have to call upon my lovely gardening friends to help me out!

Actually, I don’t know what most of the flowers I post are… Would you believe I did a Botany class at University? LOL.

x desleyjane



I don’t often swear, but when I do I mean it … so WTF were these Olympus engineers thinking to use GLUE to attach the front plate on this SP !!! 134 fler ord


Special G ... Olympus-35 SP

Hmm, I buy broken cameras … just because they are cheap, and they need help. I find out about what they are after the fact. Sometimes I get surprised, like the Minolta Autocord … and it appears this new camera is also a surprise. 294 fler ord