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#KeepCalm... and Get Your Life together

Written by: Jahnavi Roy

In my mind, a rut can happen in two ways – either by procrastinating on the couch and binge-watching mindless YouTube videos for days, or running around like a headless chicken trying to get your life together. 946 fler ord


Organise With Me! | Beauty Shelf

In today’s post, I wanted to organise something I’ve been procrastinating for about 6 months (oops). I have a small shelf that is dedicated to makeup, body, face and hair products. 670 fler ord


QQ: Do you, and if you do ... how much?


QQ: Do you, and if you do … how much?

Okay, how much planning goes into your blog on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? 445 fler ord


Complex but organised

My cutlery drawer is not very well organised, but it works fine. That’s because it’s a simple system. Schools and organisations are not. They are highly complex. 101 fler ord


It's Time to Declutter

Decluttering is a very simple concept; one that allows you to remove anything in your life that is causing discomfort or stopping you from enjoying yourself. 546 fler ord


Organising your Emails

Emails may seem like an old-fashioned tool to the younger generation who spend most of their time snapping, tweeting, and communicating through emoticons, but for those in the workign world they are incredibly useful. 357 fler ord


Learning And Following Business Standards

Today I started realising how beneficial it is to follow a set of standards in your work, especially when there have been some company standards set (even if your manager doesn’t insist on you following them). 339 fler ord

Self Improvement