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Moving out

Day 28

Today was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I packed up 5 years of my life and moved it all back to my Grandparents. 130 fler ord

Break Up

Scarred Wench

Scarred wench, approaches my bench

Wounds superficial, emotions artificial

At 16 years old, she knows so little

Departs with a wave, and a catchya later… 36 fler ord


Never again

Never again will I question the depth of the burden

From the one that ultimately hurt them

She has no desire

To escape the fire – 8 fler ord


Finding ESP8266 Inside Big-Box Store IoT Plugs

When we buy new shiny toys, we usually open them up to at least have a look. does the same, apparently. He found an ESP8266 module… 203 fler ord

Home Hacks

Creative Outlets

So there’s this thing people like to talk about called ”writer’s block.”

I don’t really want to talk about it, because I think it’s kind of like fear. 493 fler ord


Sopranos failure

Powerful vibes no match for looming depths of obsidian

Sopranos voice unable to assist in refusing oblivion

Nor the hoarse baritone

My failure to atone… 12 fler ord


To Florida

I have not been touching my blog for a month. I am glad to be back to my blog and would like to share my holiday last week. 223 fler ord