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The Outlet! Our Grand Opening Celebration continues!

We are still celebrating the Grand Opening of Kathryn’s Outlet! Hurry in this weekend for limited time special discounts:

Prom starting at $75, Short 8th Grade dresses from $50, Shoes at $15, plus Bridal beginning at $350! 63 fler ord



My senior year was getting ready to start back up so I wanted to do it big. I saw that T was going to raves, and shows and big events all the time and yeah, I missed the shit out of her, but I didn’t want to be the weirdo begging ex-boyfriend. 492 fler ord

How to feel better in just 3 minutes

You just accidentally hit yourself in the fibula, and you’re furious.

You’re overstressed over things you have 0 control over. Like that awkward sentence you said to a colleague thinking it was cool. 255 fler ord

An Old Draft

”You could meet somebody tomorrow who would have better intentions for you than someone you’ve known forever. Time means nothing; character does.”

This quote was the anthem that helped me realize that sometimes, people don’t deserve you. 285 fler ord


Car crashes into Sundance Catalog Outlet in Sugar House

Gephardt Daily Car crashes into Sundance Catalog Outlet in Sugar House A car crashed into Sundance Catalog Outlet in Sugar House Thursday morning, hitting a customer, officials said. 21 fler ord

Outlet Ray Ban - Ray Ban Sunglasses Wayfarer Sale

Woman eye glasses may be the most popular style designed for 2011 in respect to industry experts Cat eyeball sunglasses had been apopular development since the 50s and 60s when performers like Audrey Hepburn andMarilyn Monroe initial wore all of them. 587 fler ord

Wang Cafe & Heavenly Wang: 1-for-1 Hot Kopi / Teh beverages all-day on 18 Apr 2018


Grab a friend and enjoy a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE (1-for-1) hot kopi / teh at any Wang Cafe and Heavenly Wang outlet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month… 141 fler ord