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A Series of Unfortunate Thoughts

They all say that, to have a healthy pregnancy, you must be well in body as well as mind: rest often, exercise well, eat right, be happy. 659 fler ord


The Valdichiana Outlet Village

The Valdichiana Outlet Village is located in one of the loveliest spots in Tuscany, between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, at the intersection of main routes such as the A1 highway (exit Valdichiana) and the Siena – Perugia State Road (exit Bettolle). 401 fler ord

I’m not afraid to

Go on vacation from myself without leaving my body.


Cheap WiFi Outlets Reflashed; Found to Use ESP8266

There’s a bunch of simple WiFi-enabled outlets on the market today, and all of these blister-pack goodies seem to have something in common – crappy software. 195 fler ord

Wireless Hacks

Sometimes I am...

I am sometimes no more than a stroke of polish being rubbed on a shoe by a subtle bitterness, waning from a human with small numbers in his head. 117 fler ord



Hello, it’s m–psych! I almost started this post with yet ANOTHER Adele reference. I was just one letter away! Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from having the song stuck in your head for probably the hundredth time. 257 fler ord


Ever get that feeling of explosion inside your head? Of course.

The past few weeks has been twisting my patience to its limit, and I hate it. 190 fler ord