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La Vallée Village

I used to love Bicester Village when I lived in Oxford. Just 40 mins away on the bus, and perfect for a wander on a Sunday afternoon if I had some money to spare burning a hole in my pocket ( 184 fler ord


Digital Footprints

There is not a ton to be said about YouTube besides the fact that it’s just another form of Internet that is used to transfer media between people. 421 fler ord


Max is a Punk

Max is a punk.

This last time I moved, I looked specifically for a house with a backyard that Max could enjoy. I was excited for Max to have a backyard for many reasons – he could spend more time outside, he could run around more, I could leave him alone longer when the weather’s nice. 690 fler ord


I saw Darkness lurking around the corner. Perhaps Darkness thought she was sneaky, but it’s hard to miss her. It’s impossible to ignore the stench of misery looking for company. 170 fler ord


Things are Changing.

I wanted an outlet. I wanted to do it right and not pull out right off the bat. I wanted to be able to say what I wanted and let it be heard. 517 fler ord


Kith Cafe @ Marina Square is giving away free coffee in their new outlet opening

(Source: www.greatdeals.com.sg)

Check out their pizzas and pastries too

Looking for good coffee and simple hearty food in town? Kith Cafe is now opened in Marina Square, located on level two in the new wing right above Emporium Shokuhin. 98 fler ord