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Desiigner - "Holy Ghost"

G.O.O.D Music’s very own Desiigner released his latest track titled ”Holy Ghost” just as of yesterday. Coming fresh off his latest single titled, ”Outlet,” he comes back with something a little more mellow than his usual high-octane tracks. 19 fler ord


Happy Anniversary to Me (Triple Haiku)

It has been six years
Through many toils, trials and tears
And not a few fears

And since we first met
Blogging has been an outlet… 119 fler ord


Writing as an Escape

Whenever I feel angry or completely hopeless, I’m always in need of an outlet. Talking to someone would be option 1, but that’s not always possible. 566 fler ord


A Brief History of this Corner of the Universe

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve decided to pop by! Whether you’re visiting because you were a reader of my eight-year-old blog or just happened to find the name Mistral Spirit around the interwebs, it’s great to have you here! 483 fler ord


Poetry - The Puzzle Man

I’m so in love with what kills me
I’ve become the scarecrow of my own muse
As I command armies which bow to me
I feel sorry so I let them loose… 185 fler ord


ANXTY: unrefilled happy tank

I havent written anything for a while because I was doing okay until last week. It was because I got pissed with my boyfriend as I felt rejected when he disagreed of my plans to bring packed lunch during our trip. 183 fler ord