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Losing a Best Friend

I remember the way it felt, us being together.
For a few blissful moments nothing else existed. No matter what was going on you were always there, with no judgement, no words, and just the small amount of comfort that you could offer, that you always offered. 511 fler ord


Locals Divided Over Plans To Demo Irwindale Speedway For Shopping Center

IRWINDALE ( — On Thursday nights you’ll find Dave Davenport, 65 years young, burning rubber and time at the Irwindale Speedway.

Dave’s got thousands of dollars and hours invested in his ’63 Nova. 239 fler ord


I think. A lot.

I don’t have many life-changing ideas to share with the world. I don’t even have great advice. I have some experiences, but I’m not sure they’re noteworthy. 291 fler ord

Are you running stores and buildings, or are you shaping a Place Brand?

IS PHYSICAL location a key factor in your business offering?
Whether you’re running a corner store, a skyscraper, or even a city—owning a ”brand” concerns a lot more than just ”standing out” loud and shiny. 109 fler ord


I am a dancer.

Dance, this is the dictionary definition.

verb (used without object), danced, dancing.

  1. to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.
  2. 441 fler ord