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Nordstrom Rack

After hearing many great things about Nordstrom Rack, I decided to stop by the nearest one before heading to a concert last night. I was surprised at everything I found, but only picked up three items. 364 fler ord

Bargains & Sales

Surviving the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Part 2.

So my strategy for this sale was not to have a strategy.  I went in, not looking for anything specific and that worked out well.  If you want something in particular, in a particular pattern, I’m sure your experience will be much more stressful. 463 fler ord

Surfing outlet: Hossegor

Thousands of people meeting at one place, for one reason, during one specific period of time every year: the huge surf brands outlet in Hossegor, France taking place during the Easter holiday weekend. 444 fler ord


What IS Public Relations?

When it comes to public relations, many people don’t know exactly what it entails.  Some people think it’s building social media followers…but PR existed before social media.   145 fler ord

Public Relations

Hello world!

So, like many on this crazy amazing site, I have decided to start blogging. I didn’t choose to do this very light-heartedly. I understand that in order to become a ”good” blogger you have to be somewhat consistent with posting and putting content out there. 152 fler ord


Photo: Festive Outlet

An old ChristmXXX wow better not say that word  it’s only April ! Anyway a nice shot of the sunset at the erm shopping place in Ashford, hmmm. 30 fler ord

Kenny Freeland



Slow down, they say.

I can’t keep it all inside………NO

This needs a way out… or the sediment will grow,

killing the oxygenation inside -life-…I will not be a dead sea– 33 fler ord