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Unhappy days

By WordWomit

Hi. This is WordWomit here . I thank Devil’s Paradise for providing me a platform. I plan to share more of my work with y’all soon. 204 fler ord



I’m writing again. I’m hoping it goes well.

I still have feelings, but don’t want to tear myself apart. I’m hoping I’m understood.

If I can release the emotion after I write it out, I should be alright. 15 fler ord


On Trust

I decided to write twice today! :)

The other day I wrote a bit on my naive self. It doesn’t mean I’m overly cautious, just that I get let down more than I think I should. 98 fler ord



I think of how easily steerable I am, every so often. Maybe that’s why I miss being with someone I trust. I’m so swayed and influenced by the world, I don’t always know what’s exactly I should be doing. 167 fler ord


It’s a Challenge

It’s hard for me to say goodbye. I tend to put it off, until it gets awkward.

Funny though, sometimes if I wait long enough, the need goes away. 151 fler ord


I’m trying to find outlets for my thoughts...

Some days I just don’t have the words to explain what I’m thinking or feeling. Other days I may find that I have too many words, including some I should keep to myself! 373 fler ord


Welcome to My Mind

It’s impressive how the act of taking a moment to express behind my mind has settled me.

Still fraught with dilemmas, yet there’s a more tangible sense or feeling surrounding them, with an observational presence, rather than fleeting thoughts, building toward the inevitable train wreck. 160 fler ord