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I don’t quite understand why people track their lives, write down all their personal feelings on a blog and throw it out to cyberspace. I mean, why is it comforting to throw your personal thoughts and feelings out there, for any random person to read? 201 fler ord


Dog-Friendly: Downtown Freeport, Maine

Downtown Freeport is known for its outlet shopping, and of course, the flagship store of L.L. Bean. But what’s less known is that the area is incredibly dog-friendly! 412 fler ord

In the Shadows of Defeat

Today marks the first month of the second semester of my fifth year in college, and I have to be honest; this month hasn’t been filled with productivity. 708 fler ord


Lotte Mart Outlet

Panic shopping is always reserved on the last day. We only wanted to fill our luggages with Korean food so we headed to the Lotte Mart Outlet at the Seoul station. 229 fler ord

The Green-Eyed Monster

All my life, I have done nothing but compare myself to others.. I’ve compared myself to those who are smarter than me, to those who are more blessed with riches, to those who are more popular or sociable, to those who have wonderful talents; even to those who have the time to enjoy their lives. 293 fler ord


Blue Turned Black

Have you ever felt blue? Have you ever felt sadness or loneliness hit you, like in a split of a second? Then this feeling grows and flourishes deep inside you, until you can no longer help but wish for the warmth of a hug or any other source of happiness.. 113 fler ord


Second day of Christmas Deals!

On the second day of Christmas I got a beautiful holiday stoneware piece!


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