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Roy Wood$ - Only You (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & 24Hrs)

Here’s a brand new release from OVO’s Roy Wood$ called ‘Only You’. It features Ty Dolla $ign and newcomer 24Hrs. Roy Wood$ 41 fler ord


Is This Proof That Meek And Nicki Are Done?

So the war of the words or should I say tweets is on as Meek Mill and girlfriend Nicki Minaj are now going at it. Allegedly. 132 fler ord

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#bigbinkshow 67 Percent of Women Like Drake Better With His Beard


Now this is for the ladies only!!  In a recent poll, 67 percent of ladies said Drake is  sexier with a full beard.  The remaining 33 percent felt that his music was better when he didn’t have a beard.   24 fler ord

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Drake Teases A Seemingly Random Collaboration With Formula One Champ Lewis Hamilton

In a world where socialites moonlight as high fashion models, every A-list singer is also an actor, and even former reality stars can be serious contenders for POTUS, it shouldn’t be so surprising that Lewis Hamilton has music on the agenda. 294 fler ord


Some kind of Vegetarian

The definition of a vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, fish, fowl, or any food that comes from animals. There are several different types of vegetarians some who follow a strict adherence to this definition and others who choose more relaxed choices. 246 fler ord