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dvsn shares Morning After (Trailer #3)

Yesterday, OVO duo dvsn, added ‘Morning After’ trailer #3 to their catalog, which is not only a song title from their recently released sophomore album, it’s also the name of the album. 99 fler ord


Morning After: Album Review

The mysterious duo, dvsn, has emerged from the OVO caves with their second project, Morning After, and it’s no sophomore slump!

When it comes to R&B, the golden age is largely considered to be the 90’s. 304 fler ord

Pep Rally

DVSN Drops New Album

DVSN is an R&B OVO duo from Canada of course! They just dropped another album titled, ”Morning After.” I sense some dope vibes, I’ll be listening to the album immediately. 71 fler ord


Is A Cap On Energy Prices A Good Idea?

All political parties including the Motherhood and Apple Pie Tendency think this is a good idea, but I’m not sure.

I changed to OVO Energy, one of the smaller companies a couple of years ago, so I looked up on a comparison site to see if I could make a big saving by changing supplier. 444 fler ord


OVO Offers Solar Panels And A Battery

There are a couple of reports on the Internet, that the smaller energy supplier; Ovo Energy, is now offering deals on solar panels and a battery. 448 fler ord


Have you tried it yet?

Congrats to @champagnepapi on a record 13 Billboard Music Awards.

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Who is Aubrey Drake Graham and why do YOU guys need to know about him?

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