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LISTEN TO: OVO Sound Radio Show (Episode 7)

After debuting Drake and Future’s What a Time To Be Alive on their last show, Episode 7 turned into an extended show with nearly 3 hours of music. 410 fler ord


@Drake and @Beyonce "Can I"

Leaked back in May but now being officially played on the  OVO Sound Wave by Oliver. I’m not apologizing for saying that it wasn’t worth the hype or wait. 40 fler ord


What A Time To Be Alive...

So after Future & Drizzy tag teamed a project and delivered it to us in amazing fashion, their finally hitting us with some inside access. Get a glimpse of the work they put in inside the studio to create this project… #WhatATimeToBeAlive


Excuse me, may I have the check please? (What A Time To Be Alive)

Everyone knows that when you’re finished eating, whether you’re satisfied or not, you ask for the check. On a good day, you form these 8 words with a loosened belt, through a smile brimming with contentment. 485 fler ord

Drake Scores 100th Billboard Hot 100 HIT! 

Look up WINNING in the dictionary and Drake picture will appear!!!

The 6 God had eight new song debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, bringing his total from 92 to 100. 94 fler ord

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Live From The Gutter T-Shirt

Live From The Gutter is a track from the highly anticipated mixtape What a Time to be Alive by Drake and Future.

Drake and Future used this track to explain how life has been hard and how they started from the bottom. 21 fler ord

Dirty South