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Bellamy in Orange

Bellamy Harbor Park, Rome, NY

After spending a few days in California for work (without my camera) I needed to get my photography fix on. Saturday morning was looking like I might be able to find a sunrise. 70 fler ord


Blackfriars @ night #2

Blackfriars @ night #2

Given that the blue lights were the first thing that I noticed before I took this shot, I felt that they should have more prominence. 52 fler ord


Panorama at Willy's

All the establishments in the background are in the ‘demolition zone!

Blackfriars @ night #1

Blackfriars @ night #1

Out for a late evening stroll – without my camera – I noticed the blue lighting in/on Blackfriars railway bridge. Then I noticed St Paul’s and The Shard in the background. 35 fler ord


White Wine in Wien

On my way back from the Kirche Am Steinhof I stopped for a summery white wine spritza at the Grosses Schutzhaus Rosental.

I was not dressed for the drop in temperature but the alcohol soon warmed me up as I gazed down on a panorama of Vienna. 36 fler ord