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Sex, Drugs, & Rock'n'Roll

As a part of my re-launch, I promised a little more rouge. In my true personal style, I’m not dipping my toes in first; I’m diving head first into three topics that I feel strongly about. 2 451 fler ord


Seeing The Sea

I would love to have these refreshing paintings hanging on my wall.

Its panoramic view gives you a sense of stepping out and being at the seashore. 14 fler ord


ARD/Panorama: Grundstücksspekulanten verschärfen Wohnungsnot

Dirk Löhr

Am 20.4.2016 strahlte das ARD-Magazin ”Panorama” einen interessanten Beitrag (von Johannes Edelhoff und Christian Salewski) aus, wie Grundstücksspekulanten die Wohnungsnot verschärfen:

Grundstücksspekulanten verschärfen Wohnungsnot… 203 fler ord


Chicago Skyline

Here’s a picture of the chicago skyline as seen from the shedd aquarium lakefront.