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Description From Photographer if Any:

I love this plant and its symmetry. 23 fler ord


Freedom of Panorama in Europe 2015

{ Image; Screenshot of the Wikipedia public announcement of the ‘Freedom of Panorama in Europe‘ }

” The reason Wikipedia can freely depict public spaces in most of the countries in the European Union is that we enjoy full  340 fler ord


Tomori Nao (友利奈緒)

My first panorama of Charlotte. New Key anime, new panoramas to be made. Seems like I will get busier soon~!


Stick to the plan, Julia!

Sunday 29th June 2015

This afternoon I took Jez for a walk at Lychett Bay. It was the newest walk that I had taken Max on a couple of weeks ago, so Jez hadn’t been there before. 372 fler ord


Welcome to Woolville - Oundle

Hello again!

Today I want to show you full gallery from Oundle’s Market Place. We were there yesterday and that’s what suprised us! Enjoy!

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Sandra Kluskiewicz

My neighborhood in Pano no no no

Having some fun with Panoramic photography.

Check out below link for interactive 360 degree view…

Interactive 360 degree