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Panorama Design Concept – Low-impact stairs that will allow vegetation to grow beneath them

Landscape Style Idea – Low impact stairways that enable plants to develop below all of them | CONTEMPORIST

Photography simply by Nelson Kon
With the purpose of having very little impact on the surroundings and e…

Pearly archive - On that day (21 September)

  • In 2010 I went to Bratislava to participate at a kinokabaret organised by some people I met in the Kinodynamique in Vienna earlier on that year.
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Revisiting Arches National Park Landmarks

Courthouse Towers, Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, Tower of Babel and The Organ Landscape Landmarks Panorama
Near the Entrance of Arches National Park (June 12, 2014) — Image by kenne… 11 fler ord


White Calf Mountain

White Calf Mountain on a beautiful fall afternoon in Montana…