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Saturday Night Excitement!

The Long-Suffering Wife: ”If you feel like taking a walk, there’s garbage.”

Me: ”I love it when you talk sexy!” (Goes to take out the trash.) 26 fler ord


Wittenberg 360 Luther 1517

Today a gigantic 360 degree panorama was opened to the public in Wittenberg, Germany.

The panorama shows Wittenberg at the time of Martin Luther.

The panorama is the work of Yadegar Asisi who has completed other giant panoramas of both natural and historic themes. 277 fler ord


One day in 2015 - Olympic Village Munich (Part 23 of 33)

”Vegetarianism without spiritual striving leads to disease. It’s not a matter of back to nature, but of through nature to the spirit. It’s true that meditation and concentration exercises will be the main thing for our spiritual striving, but when the elaboration of the astral body begins, the food that an esoteric eats will be of some importance. 211 fler ord

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