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Beauty Advent Calendar Openings - Day 7

Week 1 of calendar openings done, I hope you are enjoying seeing the items as much I am.

I didn’t really know what to expect from Paul & Joe today I am not going to lie but I was quite confused by this one…. 457 fler ord


Beauty Advent Calendar Openings - Day 6

Why hello Day 6 advent calendar opening!

Today from Paul & Joe brings an empty eyeshadow container which can only mean one thing…… Somewhere behind one of those doors is an eyeshadow to pop inside let’s take a guess at which day will reveal the eyeshadow? 136 fler ord


Beauty Advent Calendar Openings - Day 3

Welcome to another day of openings, I am pleased to say that today was much better on the Paul & Joe front but I am prepared for tomorrow to not have a little something behind the door. 303 fler ord


Holiday 2016 Advent Calendars - Follow Along Each Day As I Open My Calendars!

Living in Canada, today is officially December 1 for me, although I’ve been in Christmas mode pretty much since early November, today means I can finally open my advent calendars! 435 fler ord