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Bigger is better. At least, that’s what they say. After all, aren’t more explosions, more danger and bigger stakes always more exciting? I mean, the world being destroyed if our heroes lose is the biggest stakes of all isn’t it? 899 fler ord

Ant-Man - Film Review

Honestly, I wasn’t massively excited about Ant-Man. Especially after Edgar Wright left the project. But I very much enjoyed the final product. Even more so than a good portion of the other Marvel films and superhero films in general. 441 fler ord


A Look Back: Clueless

In the movie, ”Anywhere But Here,” there’s a scene (one out of long line of many) in which Susan Sarandon’s flaky divorced mom character mortifies the heck out of Natalie Portman, who’s playing her daughter and has her friends over to study, by urging Natalie to go on an acting audition. 756 fler ord

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Encantadora adaptación de un gran clásico

por Cristina Rojas

El clásico relato del Principito, escrito en 1943 por Antoine de Saint – Exupéry, es mundialmente conocido y ha sido llevado a la pantalla grande en numerosas ocasiones. 748 fler ord


'The Little Prince' Trailer: New Spin On Classic Tale With Big Names

Jeff Lebowski notwithstanding, here’s the role that Jeff Bridges was born to voice. He’s the Aviator in The Little Prince, Paramount’s adaptation of the classic French story. 211 fler ord


Review of "Ant Man"

* * * B

Ant Man exceeded my expectations. It was a good, entertaining film. Paul Rudd was excellent as the ant man, as was Michael Douglas as mentor and inventor Hank Pym. 132 fler ord


New Trailer for Captain America: Civil War!

A new trailer for the upcoming Marvel epic, Captain America: Civil War, was just released on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and it looks awesome!

It stars… 25 fler ord

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