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Although Ant Man is bestowed by great performances from Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, it is ultimately a flawed film that for Marvel fans might prove to be an interesting watch. 100 fler ord


Movie Review: Sausage Party

That’s right, I saw this film. My first sentence after walking out of the theater, ”Well, that was exactly what I thought it was going to be” followed by ”That one scene went on for a while.” If you have seen the film, you, know exactly what I mean by the second sentence. 243 fler ord


Paul Rudd's '90s Super Nintendo Commercial Is Yet More Proof That He Hasn't Aged In Decades

Where were you during the great console wars, grandpa? Well, grandchild, I was roaming the streets in search of my next 16-bit fix. You see, back in those days gaming systems were so powerful you had to slam the cartridges *ahem* little computer chips, into the system so you could exhume the lightning from its chunky plastic frame. 169 fler ord


#ThrowbackThursday: SNES turns 25

On Aug. 23, 1991, Nintendo released a little known system called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North American, so we decided we’d celebrate the ol’ SNES with a little Paul Rudd. 23 fler ord


Ruddy for Rudd: The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) Review

My Rating – 5/10 (Personal 2.5/5, Production – 0.5, Plot-1, People – 1)

Perhaps through no fault of its own, The Fundamentals of Caring suffers from unavoidable comparisons to two  other similar films I’ve watched relatively recently.  190 fler ord