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Movie Review: The Fundamentals of Caring

Please note: I wrote this review several months ago and it was originally published in my university’s newspaper.

I have a fairly dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and movies, though they often try, rarely appeal to that humor. 342 fler ord

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Plot: Although the Avengers have proven to be defenders of mankind, their actions have led to massive damages, intentional or not and of course, there is concern over the chance of a rogue superhero. 628 fler ord

MUTE [2018]

Mute takes an old noir concept and throws in into a tumble drier. The basic plot is one we all know: Leo loves woman, woman disappears, Leo looks for woman. 588 fler ord


Don't be a 40 Year Old Virgin Virgin

My favourite comedy of all time is 40 Year Old Virgin. It’s that one film I’ll put on if I have a bad day and need to forget about the world. 494 fler ord

'The Catcher Was a Spy' Trailer Debuts Paul Rudd as Moe Berg, a Professional Baseball Played Turned WWII Spy

IFC Films has released the first trailer for their upcoming film The Catcher Was a Spy. The biopic stars Paul Rudd as Moe Berg, a professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox who, in 1944, was recruited by the US government to go behind enemy lines as a WWII spy. 403 fler ord


The Catcher was a Spy

Do you know the story of Moe Berg? This summer, Paul Rudd will teach you in the movie The Catcher was a Spy from IFC Films. 207 fler ord


THE CATCHER WAS A SPY (2018): New Trailer From Paul Rudd, Mark Strong, Paul Giamatti, Sienna Miller...

The Catcher Was A Spy is the story of a man in the midst of a double life; working both as a major league baseball player and a spy… 146 fler ord