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The tension between Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’Captain America has been building for quite some time and that tension will officially come to a head in the next installment of the… 99 fler ord


Ant-Man: More Brainless Than Any Insect

You’ve got to hand it to Marvel for playing the long game. Nobody’s ever tried what they’re doing with their Cinematic Universe. DC had their Animated Universe in the 90s, but those were half-hour cartoons, not massive blockbuster movies running parallel but interconnected narratives. 1 234 fler ord


Craig Wedren: Wet Hot American Soundtrack

It’s pretty easy talking to Craig Wedren. Equal parts friendly and jovial, the 46-year-old singer-songwriter and film composer likes to chat, which not only makes interviewing him easy, but also an enjoyable experience. 6 297 fler ord

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I Broke Wet Hot: A Review

Editor’s Note: Welcome our newest ICBIS team member: Ryan Brooks! 

So Netflix is slowly buying up real estate on the pop culture landscape. I for one welcome our new streaming overlords- and it wasn’t this year’s excellent made-for-Netflix Daredevil show that won me over. 510 fler ord

Amy Poehler

Ant Man Review

Have you noticed the running trend of superhero movies facing massive production problems? If you catched my Deadpool trailer reaction post you’ll remember that it’s been in production for close to a decade and the journey for Ant Man has not been any smoother. 939 fler ord


Ant-Man (2015)

Well I loved it, let’s get that straight.
It doesn’t have the appeal of an Avengers or Iron Man movie, definitely not as popular as other Marvel characters and surely didn’t have too much of an epicness factor, but it most certainly succeeds as a superhero movie. 457 fler ord


Occasionally small man

Yet another installment of the Marvel film franchise came out this summer. One of the most controversial so far, with Edgar Wright originally down to direct but pulling out for ”not following the Marvel template”. 433 fler ord

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