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The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

Stumble into the London district of Shoreditch and you will discover a world of artisan restaurants, each serving organic bloody Mary’s to a throng of vintage clothing clad twenty-something’s, who happen to be debating the latest indie rock band to have silently surfaced in Hipsterland. 916 fler ord


First 'Mute' Images Reveal Duncan Jones' 'Warcraft' Follow-Up

The first images for Duncan Jones’ upcoming sci-fi thriller Mute have been released. Mute acts as the director’s Warcraft follow-up, and from the look of the new images, it will be a far different film from the filmmaker’s most recent fantasy adventure. 347 fler ord


First look at the sci fi thriller from Netflix ‘Mute’

A couple day ago Netflix released the first images from their new original movie MUTE. Directed by the extraordinary Duncan Jones MUTE is the story of a speechless man looking for his lost love. 225 fler ord

Horror News

The first look at Duncan Jones' Berlin-set neo-noir 'Mute'

Duncan Jones is the wonderful directorial mind behind the Sam Rockwell-starring Moon (2009) and then Jake Gyllenhaal vehicle Source Code (2011). Next up is his new Netflix series… 191 fler ord


Movies that make me cry: Fundamentals of Caring

Not all movies make me cry. I’m not necessarily a major weeper, but if a movie or a TV show strikes just the right chord, then my tears are a melody of all my feels. 397 fler ord

Movies That Make Me Cry

Top 10 Paul Rudd Films

So it appears I have ”man crush” on Paul Rudd. I am okay with this. I understand he’s not a critically acclaimed actor but there’s something about him, other than his looks and lack of ageing, that appeals to me. 475 fler ord


Jennifer Lawrence Says She Knew She Made It When Paul Rudd Wanted to Be BFFs

There was a point when acclaimed actor Jennifer Lawrence knew she was a star, but it wasn’t because of fame, fortune, or the string of paparazzi that followed her around. 212 fler ord