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Washington’s Secret Wars

The Trump White House Monday issued a so-called “War Powers” letter addressed to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the president pro tempore of the Senate, Orin Hatch, to “keep the Congress informed about deployments of United States Armed Forces equipped for combat.” 1 205 fler ord


Did German Astronaut Pretend to be from Venus during Adamski 1952 Encounter?

Part one in this series raised the possibility that George Adamski was fooled into believing that Venus was the origin of Orthon, the flying saucer occupant he met in December 1952. 907 fler ord

Exopolitics Research

Yeo One of Pentagon To Have A Leading Role In Upcoming New KBS Musical Drama

Yeo One to be main cast in upcoming musical drama of KBS Chosun Beauty Competition character name is Kyuheon. The said drama is about the first ever beauty contest held in… 49 fler ord


2017 Anyang Cheer Up For You Concert A Fun Experience [Review]

On Saturday, Dec. 9, I traveled from Daegu to Seoul, South Korea, to experience my first concert in the country. As a new temporary resident with an invested interest in Korea’s music scene, I was excited and, more likely than not, going to be out of place. 515 fler ord

Hallyu Wave

One Place to Cut Defense Spending - Dependents

Should tax-payers be footing the bill to send dependents and their belongings over-seas to join their active-duty spouses on two-years assignments? This paper examines the question and demands the pentagon audit release the figures. 576 fler ord


Russia not withdrawing forces from Syria, Pentagon says


Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2nd left, and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, chat with Russian military pilots at the Hemeimeem air base in Syria, on Monday, Dec. 128 fler ord

Russia not withdrawing forces from Syria, Pentagon says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States said on Tuesday it has not observed any meaningful withdrawal of Russian combat forces from Syria, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on Monday of a significant pullout.