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The US is ditching its troubled plan to train Syrian rebels for something even less ambitious

Acknowledging its failure to produce any tangible results on the ground, the Obama administration has ended its $500 million program to train Syrian rebels to fight against Islamic State militants. 246 fler ord

Obama Administration Will End $500 Million Syrian Rebel Training Program

Defense officials say the Obama administration will end the program to train and equip Syrian rebels in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS). 129 fler ord

Aiming for Syria, Russian cruise missiles hit Iran — Pentagon

WASHINGTON — Several of the long-range cruise missiles that Russia fired at Syrian targets landed instead in Iran, Pentagon officials said Thursday.

Two officials said it’s unclear whether the errant missiles caused any significant damage in Iran. 321 fler ord

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By cutting costs, Pentagon’s acquisition chief says U.S. is losing its technological edge

There’s some good news and bad news in this year’s annual assessment about the way the Pentagon spends its hundreds of billions of dollars. The good news, according to Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall, is that a range of measures put in place over the last half-decade have made a positive impact on the Pentagon’s buying power while trimming costs across a range of major defense programs. 737 fler ord


The Pentagon Says That North Korea Is Capable of a Nuclear Strike on the U.S.

Officials in Washington are of the opinion that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal holds missiles that could reach the mainland U.S.A. — but stress that it is a threat that the Pentagon is adequately prepared to face, … 179 fler ord

Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders But Is Silent on Independent Probe

President Barack Obama apologized to the president of Doctors Without Borders for the deadly U.S. attack on a hospital in Afghanistan that killed at least 22 people. 35 fler ord