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CrossTalk: Rumors of war

Wars and rumors of wars: The Pentagon has requested an unprecedented budget. What threatens the United States and its allies the most? Is Russia one of those threats, or is it more failed military interventions? 15 fler ord

World At War

Washington - Day 3

Today was all about getting completely and utterly lost. We’d done quite well not getting lost on our holiday, but that all changed today.

We’d found a nice little spot online where we intended to go for breakfast. 576 fler ord


REORG: How Not to Fix American Intelligence

With an unusual degree of public fanfare, the super-secret National Security Agency has just announced its first significant reorganization since the 1990s. While NSA’s core missions, which include providing Washington, D.C. 1 345 fler ord


Pentagon considering ‘arsenal plane’ program to assist less-armed stealth planes

A semi-secret Pentagon plan to convert old war planes into “flying launchpads” or “arsenal planes” to aid stealthier, less weapons-capable planes was mentioned by Defense Secretary Ash Carter in a speech outlining a $583 billion military budget for 2017. 81 fler ord


 My interest in the classic works of Christianity was whetted by reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost and On His Blindness in a literature course at the Air Force Academy around 1960. 352 fler ord

Pentagon chooses science over Know-Nothing politics on climate change

Click to enlarge — Republican conference on climate change in 2100

A bit over a year after identifying climate change as a ”significant challenge” for the US military, the US Department of Defense has given its top officials orders for handling the hazards posed by a warming world.

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