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Government Demands Fraudulent Bonus Money Back From Soldiers Who Served

A contention that I have made over and over is that the government doesn’t actually give a shit about the soldiers.  We have all the Republicans who are all about the troops and how they are protecting and serving.  862 fler ord


At the Pentagon, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

W.J. Astore

When it comes to the Pentagon, nothing succeeds like failure. That is the message of William Hartung’s latest article at TomDispatch.com. The Pentagon, Hartung notes, continues to receive massive funding from the American taxpayer, even as its various wars drag on, seemingly without end. 596 fler ord

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Pentagon video warns of "unavoidable" dystopian future for megacities

from Nick Turse’s October 13, 2016 piece in the Intercept

According to a startling Pentagon video obtained by The Intercept, the future of global cities will be an amalgam of the settings of “

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US cyber force teams achieve "initial operating capability:" Pentagon

The U.S. Department of Defense said Monday that all 133 of its Cyber Command’s Cyber Mission Force teams have achieved what it called ”initial operating capability.” 309 fler ord


Bleeding Our Vets

Thousands of Army National Guard members are facing the burden of returning money promised to them by their recruiters.

Thousands of veterans from California, and many in others states, are being punished for the mistakes made by their superiors who gave them enlistment bonuses. 266 fler ord

The Pentagon Forces Thousands Of U.S. Soldiers To Repay Their Signing Bonuses

A decade after thousands of soldiers reenlisted for combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re receiving terrible news. Recruiters wooed these soldiers into continuing their service with bonuses of up to $15,000, and now the Pentagon… 371 fler ord

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