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Military Recruiting in the United States - a book by Pat Elder

A must read for those concerned with the increasingly heavy presence of military recruiters in our schools and at community events. This should be particularly interesting to parents of school-age youth, who are offered minimal information on how much the military is targeting their students. 416 fler ord

Truth In Recruiting

Trump's defence chief, in Iraq, says - We're not here for your oil

 Reuters International

FEB 20, 2017 –

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (L) receives a gift from Iraq’s Defence Minister Erfan al-Hiyali during a visit to Baghdad, Iraq February 20, 2017. 192 fler ord

The Muslim Times

Russian Actions Are a 'Test of the New Administration': Pentagon Officials

Some Pentagon officials believe Russia is testing President Donald Trump with aggressive moves across the globe.

Moscow recently deployed a banned land-based cruise missile, dispatched a spy ship up the Atlantic coast and buzzed an American warship in the Black Sea. 926 fler ord


The U.S. Military is in Really Bad Shape

Last week on Capitol Hill, several top U.S. military leaders from across the armed services presented a sobering case to Congress: U.S. military readiness is the lowest it has been in decades, leaving it unprepared to defend America’s interests at home and abroad. 835 fler ord


The Pentagon Reports Evidence That ISIS May Soon Flee Its Syrian Stronghold Of Raqqa

A recent report from the Pentagon suggests ISIS may soon evacuate its stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, as relayed by The New York Times. Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis says one reason that the Islamic State may want to leave Syria is because of cracks in its infrastructure. 196 fler ord

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How to Lose the War in Afghanistan

It is now official beyond question. The senior ranks of the U.S. military and foreign-policy leadership have now fully succumbed to the belief that all problems in the Middle East and South Asia must include, at their core, the application of lethal military power. 1 340 fler ord