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5 Questions Obama Should Have Been Asked About the Islamic State Fight -- but Wasn't

President Barack Obama made a rare trip to the Pentagon to huddle with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and top brass about the war against the Islamic State. 1 201 fler ord

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After a meeting with Pentagon officials, the cowardly, scared little boy named Barack Obama, the one promising much, delivering nothing but repeated failure, indicated that ISIS is a global threat and the ability to defeat them exists, but, would be a long process over generations—what? 83 fler ord

Compelling vision...

From the Pentagon today, POTUS commented that ”Ideologies are not defeated with guns but better ideas and more attracting and more compelling vision.” It’s a nice sound bite. 310 fler ord


Touting progress, Barack Obama says Islamic State is losing ground

WATCH ABOVE: President Obama updated the ongoing military campaign against ISIS emphasizing that this will be a long-term effort.

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama portrayed the U.S.-led coalition Monday as gaining ground against the Islamic State amid an expanded U.S. 500 fler ord


The Lives of Defense Secretaries

Defense Secretary Ash Carter hasn’t exactly gone out of his way to make the Pentagon briefing room his home, having appeared there only a handful of times since taking the job in mid-February, each visit just a quick dash to issue a short statement or a have a session with reporters. 172 fler ord

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Head of POW-MIA office favors closer links to private groups

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Pentagon’s new agency in charge of recovering and identifying remains of U.S. war dead said he will push for more partnering with private groups that have resources and interest to help reinvigorate a troubled POW-MIA accounting mission. 644 fler ord


The Pentagon’s “2015 Strategy” for Ruling the World

On Wednesday, the Pentagon released its 2015 National Military Strategy, a 24-page blueprint for ruling the world through military force. While the language in the report is subtler and less incendiary than similar documents in the past, the determination to unilaterally pursue US interests through extreme violence remains the cornerstone of the new strategy.

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