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5 AWESOME Anti-villains (And What Those Are)

Writers are fascinated by anti-heroes- people who fight for the good guys without being a great person themselves. If they’re intrigued by a sliding scale of heroes’ morality, it only follows that they should be just as interested in many shades of villain. 579 fler ord

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BOOK REVIEW: Ragnarok by Kai Mjaanes is about grandparents

This book was a DNF for me, because I’m just not the reader for it. What first attracted me to it was the Norse myth the book is based on, but it didn’t seem to be an interpretation I could really champion theologically. 224 fler ord

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The Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag

I know that everyone and their dog is saying this but…

Oh. My. God. How is it already June?! I feel like I haven’t read anything (and my Goodreads challenge would agree). 704 fler ord

Game Of Thrones

"The Lightning Thief" by Rick Riordan

”…the fact is that immortal means immortal.  Can you imagine that for a moment, never dying?  Never fading?  Existing, just as you are, for all time?”  … 941 fler ord

"If Books Were Movies" Tag

I saw this tag a long time ago (can’t remember where), and basically I’m going to list five books I really love that I wish were either a movie or a tv series.  548 fler ord

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Baywatch the Movie

Yesterday I went to the movies with two of my friends to watch Baywatch. The truth is, we didn’t have many expectations, and to be honest, the ones we had, the movie lived up to. 515 fler ord


Review: Camp Half-Blood Confidential

4 Stars

A lot of people (and part of me) at this point are screaming at Rick to stop milking our dear Percy for all he’s worth…but here I am buying everything related to and about this universe. 143 fler ord

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