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Hi everyone! I was looking for inspiration for my post when I found this lovely tag on YouTube. I thought it sounded fun and interesting, so why not give it a go? 537 fler ord

Day 121/188: Geek or Greek (Myth)?

”What are you guys talking about?”
”We’re getting our geek on and talking about Greek Mythology. We were just talking about Aphrodite and how–”
”Wait, afro-what-now?” 62 fler ord


The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus - Book Review

The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus – Book Review

I read the last book in the Percy Jackson series back in February and it was with a heavy heart that I bid goodbye to Percy and his friends, especially Nico who I’d come to love. 746 fler ord


World Book Day: Books I've Read :)


Hari Buku sedunia bertepatan dengan hari ulang tahun saya. Pantas saja, saya suka sekali membaca buku. Di sini sudah ada beberapa buku yang menjadi spotlight dan primadona sejak Hari Buku tahun lalu. 56 fler ord


Second Chance, huh?

I open my Facebook account less frequently than before what with more important things to do like watching movies and The Big Bang Theory and… 352 fler ord


book recommendations: series I love.

I thought that this would be an interesting one to do, because it isn’t restricted by genre, in fact I have fallen in love with series right across the board, and really want to pass them on to you guys. 520 fler ord

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The Titan's Curse - By Rick Riordan

Dad’s Grade: A
Age: 4th grade and up

Backdrop: The story begins with Anabeth, Percy, Thalia and Grover going to a school in Maine to get a couple of half-bloods and take them to summer camp. 191 fler ord