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Top 5 Contemporaries

OK so guys today I am going to be talking about cute contemporaries. Yeah I love contemporaries especially those books that make you feel like you are reading a chick flick that you really enjoy! 329 fler ord

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson & the Olympians | Book Suggestion for the Week

Hello and welcome! I’m Merrill Collins, and this is my book suggestion for this week.


Percy Jackson is a good kid, but he can’t seem to focus on his schoolwork or control his temper. 320 fler ord


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Felt Differently About After Time Had Passed

May 24: Top Ten Books I Felt Differently About After Time Had Passed
Generally speaking, the opinion I have about a book the second I finish it is the opinion I hold for years to come, though there are a few exceptions. 556 fler ord

General Musings

Book Review: "The Titan's Curse" by Rick Riordan

Hello! Today I will be discussing the third book in the Percy Jackson series, The Titan’s Curse. If you are unaware, I have been making my way through this series and I have been really enjoying it. 2 202 fler ord



Harry Potter

Let’s talk about the Boy Who Lived! A series of seven books that are good for all ages! J.K Rowling demonstrates every emotion through these books. 371 fler ord


A-Z About Me Tag

So I was tagged to do this by the amazing v_geekyfangirls thanks so much I loved reading all your answers! So let’s get into it! … 428 fler ord

Percy Jackson