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A Song & A Book #21

Today’s Song Is;

Call out a warning (and try not to sound panicked)
but my hammering heart hears the voices
of spirits that tempt us, the scorn that they’ve spoken… 141 fler ord

A Song & A Book

Percy Jackson and the characters i fell in love with

Author : Rick Riordan
Rating: 5/5

I started and finished this series through the month of February because I literally could not get enough. The Percy Jackson series is about a 12 year old boy who finds out he is a demigod (half god, half human). 625 fler ord

Book Review

Characters That Steal Your Heart: The Percy Jackson Series

First things first, I would just like to say how happy I am that Beauty and the Beast got remade! And to top the present off with a bow, Emma Watson is playing Belle(please know who that is!). 601 fler ord

Top Ten Books I've Read in One Sitting

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Top 5 Wednesday - March 22nd

Hello everyone and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday. This weeks top 5 is your top 5 angsty romance. 629 fler ord

DC Comics

Rick Riordan: The Trials of Apollo - Review

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Book Review