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Stigande spirar i himlens mörka hav. Klättrande, steg för steg lämnar jag marken och markens gröna sav.

Sökandes något som inte finns vid bottnen, som det gamla rikets slav. 13 fler ord


Awaiting the Slow Revival

The rain eases down slowly

Outside this old villa

The creaking of the wooden floor

The sleeping dogs by the sofa

A box of tobacco on the table… 85 fler ord


“Our Secret” By The Blue Eyed Barbarian.

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When Moonlights I show you my demons, when Moonlights I show you my dance, when Moonlights I show you my death.

14 fler ord

Are you patient?...

‪Remember that most things in life doesn’t happen overnight.‬

‪Time will reward reward your patience.‬

Time will heal your wounds,body and strength your mind.

Love can hurt, but also heal. 17 fler ord


To be home. Att vara hemma.

To be home

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You can be at home
you don’t need to do anything
to have the right to exist… 447 fler ord

Jesus Kristus

Dead End Future..

We need to understand that I has chosen to live forever and thus I live as they expected me to,

He taugth me in 4 years if you like. 167 fler ord



Your breath is like

wasp in the night

gloomy down town lights

imaginary bottle rocket intifada

overdosing on prescription pills

in a glass jar for bumblebees… 39 fler ord