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One-Night Stand

Druids one night stand with a tree

Seems like a gamble to me

Lust, sex, and insanity

Rumors are the same to me

How is it supposed to be? 16 fler ord


0 subhour

exploratory canon fire /

The erection topples over avantgarde prison gates.

/ pedestals




.invisible hedgehogs

of hegemony

scramble /

having lost

their rules_… 6 fler ord


Secret Place

In the summer’s snow You found me, waiting for Your Heart somehow.

Here I am weeping in the dungeon of forever’s glow.

Eternal Spirit, rise! Let die that exterior… 164 fler ord


do what makes you happy

Peace and love, beautiful people!

Today I did something that brings much happiness into my life. I streamed on twitch. Though it wasn’t perfect, I still put myself out there. 165 fler ord


Dark Gray

The changing has slowed for Alexa. She pulls up her over-sized sweatpants and plops on her mother’s bed. These are the dark gray sweats. A gift to herself so she could feel more comfortable cleaning her and Steve’s home while she was pregnant. 225 fler ord


Cost of Fur Babies

We can’t really blame the natural instincts of a dog to destroy a toy, as they are only living out the deep seeded generations of wolves gone by. 174 fler ord



To all my scars I hated most,

I’m sorry if I tried so hard to hide you.

I’m sorry if I didn’t care much about you. 43 fler ord