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The Pomodoro Technique

Named for a tomato shaped timer that the inventor of the technique used, the Pomodoro Technique is a simple time management technique to quickly raise your productivity while studying. 440 fler ord



So your stuck at home self isolating, or perhaps you are working from home or have a home based business and there are sooooo many distractions. 355 fler ord


The Pomodoro technique

The last days, I have experienced former calm and mellow people exploding. This is I believe the effect of the collective pressure of the Corona – the not knowing, the fricken map is upside down, nothing is ”as usual.” I usually have a period between 3pm-6pm where my energy gets wildly chaotic with urges to DO something – and there is nothing we can DO to change what is. 235 fler ord


How to maintain productivity by working from home?

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Productivity is a matter of habit. That’s why getting out of our usual office or job routine and starting to work at home is a problem in itself. 22 fler ord

Benefits of Meditation

Since the pandemic has been in full force, I have noticed that my meditation practice remains instrumental to me and my well-being. Prior to the existence of COVID-19, I only meditated when I was having trouble sleeping. 808 fler ord

Practical Tips on Getting Time Efficient in Quarantine.

I’ve been circuit training in the past couple of weeks at an alarming rate.
And I’m not any fitter coz it’s in the apps in my phone.

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Forest Pomodoro timer

An app I often use for studying in the forest app. Forest is a Pomodoro app that encourages you to stay focused on the growth of a tree. 376 fler ord