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A balanced Monday

So you know that detailed schedule that I started recently where I break down my day in half hour intervals, keeping a Pomodoro timer to keep me on track? 140 fler ord


Secret "Medicines" to Deal with Procrastination

Living in the world surrounded with technology, students and teenagers tend to exhibit symptoms of procrastination such as staying up until midnight to finish their essay or crumbling everything into their brain a night before their tests. 709 fler ord


Old Dog, New Tricks

Synaptogenesis…ever heard of it? I hadn’t either until recently. While listening to a podcast on my MP3 player while out walking Vivvy, I discovered that… 357 fler ord


Language exchange apps

I continued with my detailed schedule today, working in half hour blocks, and using Pomodoro to keep me from going overtime with any one particular task, and making sure I take short breaks along the way. 346 fler ord


You say tomato and I say pomodoro...

“A different language is a different version of life.”

Federico Fellini

Today marks the end of my third week at my Italian language school, Torre di Babele.

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Class, Tues, 3/12

Revision One (R1)


  • Work intensively for 25 minutes on the piece you’re writing. No distractions. Then take a 5-minute break. Do anything you want: go for a walk, chat with friend, eat a snack, check your phone (if you must) .
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