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It is a well-known fact that the Negro is, in the South, a second class citizen. But even in the rest of the United States, in the land of Whitman, Emerson, Lincoln, and Susan P.

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Several of Lyon’s major publishers – Luxemburg de Gabiano, Jacopo Giunta, Hugues de la Porte, Vincent de Portonaris and Antoine Vincent – formed a major cartel around 1540, known as the…

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The 'Faith' of Christopher Hitchens

Perhaps no better wordsmith have we seen in many a decade than have we seen in the late Christopher Hitchens. I am fascinated by the premise of this  405 fler ord

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Connecting the Dots

So, why would I write about the Cardinal anyway? For one, he helped to found Montreal through the Compagnie des Cents Associes and supported Samuel de Champlain in establishing colonies there. 328 fler ord


Catholic and Reformed

It’s common for Episcopalians and other Anglicans to speak of our Church as being both “Catholic and Reformed.” Is this just a cute slogan? Does it mean, in the expression of some of our friends in the Catholic Church, that we offer “Catholic-lite?” Catholicism without the guilt? 955 fler ord

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