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"Woe Unto the World Because of Offenses": The Wartime Theology of Abraham Lincoln (Installment 3)

Chapter 3: Lincoln and Northern Millennialism

Following his refusal to recant at the Diet of Worms Luther withdrew to the Wartburg, a castle in the modern German state of Thuringia. 9 928 fler ord

Why I'm Catholic

By Tom Quiner

What is the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism?


Who is your authority on interpreting the Bible?

For the record, I’ve been both. 366 fler ord


The Moral Issues

Long before I even considered becoming Catholic, I found that on moral issues I was in the Catholic camp more often than not.  For some reason, in my own Protestant churches, I could not find a lot of common ground on some things I considered very important. 422 fler ord


The Siege of Haarlem (1572)

Posted at Beacon of Truth/ Our Christian Heritage:

When Alva and his son, Toledo, learned that rather than opening its gates, Haarlem had decided upon a course of resistance, they were infuriated and immediately set out to humble the little city that had presumed to resist the power of Spain. 433 fler ord

Church History

Schleiermacher in Brief: On Religion, Introduction

I don’t believe I really knew how to read before I entered college. This is not to say that I was illiterate, nor that I struggled to comprehend the words and sentences on a particular page. 970 fler ord

Historical Theology

What in God’s Name is an Arminian? Nine Dank Memes Found While Googling a Christological Controversy

That’s what I wanted to know after I came across the term in a reading for a history class. I made the mistake of using the research function in Google docs, which shows both web and image results. 446 fler ord