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Lecture: "The Reformation and Law: 500th Anniversary Perspectives" (Apr. 3-4)

In April,  The Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University will host a lecture titled ”The Reformation and Law: 500th Anniversary Perspectives.” A brief description of the lecture follows: 81 fler ord

Scholarship Roundup

Doctor Who-ther

To my Catholic friends: no harm intended. I love a lot of things about Catholicism and many of y’all are the best people I know. I just had this weird dream where I had this particular idea and I was going to pitch it to Stephen Colbert…who is Catholic so I don’t know why he would like this in the first place.


Quakers and persecution

Today we bring you a guest blog post from the Amazing Dr Rosalind Johnson, who is also a visiting fellow at the university of Winchester! Her subject of specialty is the Quakers, so we have asked her kindly if she would mind sharing her outstanding work on the area with us, and she accepted. 2 138 fler ord

17th Century

But Am I?

I had a job interview a couple of days ago. As the potential job involved a Christian website, I was asked about my theology during the interview. 579 fler ord


Dominion over the works of your hand

The eighth psalm says this about God’s creation of human beings:

You have given them dominion over the works of your hands; you have put all things under their feet (Ps 8:6).

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