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The Forgotten American Missionaries of Pyongyang 

It may be difficult to imagine from the perspective of the 21st century, but the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang once had at its center a community of Americans—Christian missionaries who lived there from 1895 to 1942.

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Religion: Unites and Divides

Martin McGuinness’ recent funeral shone a light on the relatively resolved Northern Irish Troubles and the religious divisions that came into play. Are religious differences inherently divisive though? 9 fler ord

The Witness of Martin Luther to the Catholic Church of Today

As an introduction to this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Catholic Church, under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU), prepared and published the following statement [ 1 366 fler ord

Protestant Theology

2017: The Year to Put the Protest Back into Protestant.

I’m writing this in April 2017, just a little over six months before the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses and what is generally considered to be the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. 2 000 fler ord

Roman Catholicism

Interaction with a Prominent Evangelical on Eastern Orthodoxy

I recently had a brief interaction with a prominent Evangelical on Eastern Orthodoxy. We discuss the atonement, scripture, intercession of the saints, works and baptismal regeneration. 1 393 fler ord