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Tremors in Bavaria, War in the Palatine

The internal squabble in the Hapsburg family came at the worst possible time. The Dutch and Spanish had both exhausted themselves and in 1609 had agreed to a 12 year peace so they could take a few years and pick up their teeth from the gutter. 1 144 fler ord


Did Luther commit suicide?

While many know of the great spiritual suicide Martin Luther committed in commencing the great Protestant Revolt, very few are aware that he may certainly have taken his physical life as well.   1 962 fler ord

The Charismatic Movement—Renewal or Apostasy?

Movements in the Roman Catholic Church now number over a hundred. This proliferation has happened since Vatican II. You might have heard of the Neocatechumenal Way, Sant’Egidio, Focolare. 2 396 fler ord


Protestant Disunity An Incurable Disease

Protestants in general believes that the Bible alone is the only rule of faith in which each and every doctrine must be found within the pages of Scripture. 659 fler ord


Bible Alone A Doctrine Without Foundation

One of the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism is the belief that the Bible Alone is the sole rule of faith. In other words everything that a Christian must believe and practice must be found within the pages of Scriptures. 836 fler ord