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Biblical Defense of Icons

By: Jay Dyer

The standard charge of classical Protestantism is that the Orthodoxy is “idolatrous” because of the tradition  of reverencing icons, images, relics and shrines.  2 036 fler ord


Location Location Location

You don’t write a story based on a location, or do you?

I’ll never forget the day I was having bagels with two friends, one a producer and one a director, and talking about story ideas. 324 fler ord

History, Empathy, and Race in America

At the Anxious Bench, historian Kristin Du Mez (who did her undergraduate work down the road a short way from here) cogently discusses a case of how history fosters empathy, and why Christians in America need more of both. 7 fler ord


Led by the Spirit?

A friend of mine once embarked on a missions trip to Honduras with a few church members to perform building repairs on a local church. He told me a sad story about one of the men he worked with on his missionary team. 1 766 fler ord