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NP Caboose Kit: In Service

After completing assembly it was off to the Weathering station. And while I’d built the models from prototype photos and had prototype weathering to follow, there was a hitch. 766 fler ord


NP Caboose Kit: Roofs Again

After putting on the ends, the next step was to mount the trucks. I had to re-mount and do a bit of filing to a couple of the center sill inserts, but everything was level. 399 fler ord


Design patterns: Prototype

This is a creational pattern, the prototype pattern is designed to instantiate a class by copying, or cloning, the properties of an existing object. The new object is an exact copy of the prototype but permits modification without altering the original. 410 fler ord


#MLB Team Name Tiles for the #RallyBird #Baseball #BoardGame--Update (#Mets)

This graphic design is a work in progress–and I think this current design is better. I’m trying to convey the feeling of a ballpark’s electronic billboard. 150 fler ord


#RallyBird #Baseball #BoardGame Playtest pics: 2018 #Dodgers v #Giants

I have been play testing my add-on rules for applying the 2018 MLB season to the RallyBird Baseball Board Game. This requires the larger array of Glove tiles than the standard board game includes. 241 fler ord