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A bird flew into my window

& scared the be-Jesus out of me. It was a robin, I think. My name is Robin. Maybe it is a manifestation of myself telling myself to snap out of it. 313 fler ord


About Last Night...

True Stories from Last Night: I’m DD and everyone else is drunk in downtown Flagstaff. Except ”everyone” now includes some of our adult children who may resemble college versions of our former selves, much to my dismay and wonder. 160 fler ord

Random Theme Haiku No 3 - Words

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Meaning nothing the
words hung in the air, waiting,
for the right response.

©The🦊Vixen of Verse, 2020

4 Foods That Are Proven Coronavirus Carriers | News Break

One of this year’s most debated food safety issues brings into question whether coronavirus can be transmitted by food or its packaging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health Organization (WHO) have both been firm in their stance that the chances of this type of contamination are virtually nonexistent. 55 fler ord


Isn't my assistant adorable?

My awesome photography assistant – Pepper

She doesn’t hold or carry anything for me, although she will fetch any toys I happen to throw. But no matter where I go, she wants to come with me and patiently waits while I’m shooting. 85 fler ord



A beautiful use of type here, spotted in Montreal this past winter.


Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

The Fourth Air Bud Movie

 Josh, the usual caretaker of Bud, is now away at college.

Andrea misses him terribly. She is now beginning junior high school is in trying to make new friends. 81 fler ord

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